So Long Travers City, Good Morning Grand Rapids MI

Traverse City
Wallyeye, salads
Deb Brown, Kelly, Scott
and all the staff there
“off the hook fabulous”
Professionals that came to the
PESI/CMI seminar
just the best ever!
What a lovely welcome
absolutely awesome day was had
as they worked and dug deep
to restore the passion
that fuels them in the hard work being done
4 of these wonderful people drove
DROVE 4 HOURS to be there at 8 am
to spend the day
I was honored by all.
Thank you
Professional psychologists, nurses, therapists,
trauma workers, Hospice workers
of Michigan
for all you bring every day
to those you provide care for!
I was on the road at 4:15pm
for Grand Rapids
in that sweet red Mercury
as I reflected on the powerful day that we had spent together,
the sights, sounds and loveliness of
Traverse City, the home of the cherry!
yep, and
I bought me some!
Don’t have a clue what to do with it,
I now have some!
One last look at the waters,
off I go!
Grand Rapids bound I was…
US 131
Beautiful scenery, and I was thinking it was 2 lanes all the way,
all of a sudden it opened to 4!
I arrived at the Radisson about 6:30pm
checked in to a riverfront room
with a big ole’ bed that was calling my name!
had to go check out this river first
Grand Rapids
My view for today!
Then it was off to the restaurant
that two hour drive had me weary, hungry
ready to see what they are known for here
and to my surprise the
filet/lobster was their signature and on special!
Yippee I am thinking
and while waiting,
I decided…
and a few texts, return a couple of phone calls,
while talking to EE in Colorado
with my earpiece in
as I sipped the first of my drink…
She told me a story
that tickled me soooo good
that I burst into laughter
almost choking to death!
As I realized that folks turned and looked at me as I became hysterical
looking as though I was talking to myself
and was lauging so hard I had tears running down my face,
“now that is just wrong”!!!
The waitress ran over and asked me
“what is wrong Dr Showalter”!
I then just completely lost control,
and assured her I was talking to a real person and showed her my ear piece…
But I must tell you,
EE, you really got me on that one!
Still grinning as I recall  both your story
sitting alone in a restaurant spitting my drink
and howling at the same time!
Guess sometimes it just pays to have a real phone in hand!
laughter is the best medicine and the best sound in the world
and nothin like a good friend to make you laugh
and ease the stress of a long day
or anyday!
After a great meal, a fabulous day, and a long drive
it was time
for a good nite’s rest
and that bed was just awesome.
The only problem was this:
I was awake every two hours because of the temperature in the room! Try as I might to make the proper adjustments, it just did not seem to work. I tell ya, what a bed, but what a rotten night with the “ups and downs” as the temps just kept me from a bone crushing sleep!
I am most blessed to have had a bed to sleep in, a place to lay my head
free from threat, in safe surroundings
thanks to those
men and women who are in uniform
who are fighting to maintain
our freedoms in lands we cannot understand
the value of them being in.
Cuz Angie’s friend Matt is on his way home from yet another tour and we all hope he will return safely, and that he will embrace his children, his wife and family, friends and will be healed by their loving care and laughter.
Thank you Matt for your service
We want you home safely,
blessings to all of you
the families and friends
who are loving them at a distance.
It is now time for me to roll, it is time to set up the room with the hopes of another great opportunity to speak to folks
here as I look and see the sun has risen
it’s time to get
Swagga ON
The sage is lit, prayers on the winds today to all who gather here,
to Mom who is having some outpatient surgery today, please hold her up,
along with the many who are walking difficult paths out there,
and those who are doing some hard work.
Walk In Beauty
YOU are all that you need to be to do more!
Enjoy each breath…

3 comments on “So Long Travers City, Good Morning Grand Rapids MI

  1. helloooooo.another day of pounding rain and thunder beings here… sounds like you are having a great time and thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery…made me choke on my coffee with the visual of you on the phone, a great way to begin the day with laughter.. absolutely the best medicine you can get without a prescription.I will be holding your dear COB close in my thoughts today.. warrior strentgh on the breeze !have a great day all., sign mehugging my angels here, ♥ ♥A.

  2. Dr. Sherry, what great words today. I am happy you are seeing some of the beauty of Michigan. I have also spent time in Grand Rapids and the area. I have driven and traveled US 131 from end to end many times and it is a lovely drive. Grand Rapids is about 2.5 hours from where I sit at work this day. I pray your day is a fantabulous one and all those who are within the sound of your voice and meet you will be touched by your presence. Too bad about the room temperature last night. I hope you will still feel rested today. I am happy you had such a good time in Traverse City. It is surely a beautiful place. Hmm Cherry Garlic butter, can't imagine it but might be good on chicken or some kind of meat. I was thinking Cherry preserves – they are my favorite or cherry salsa and chips – Yummo! I do love cherries and have had a lot of them lately as this is a good season for them. Prayers today for you Mom that her oupatient surgery will all go well and she will be feeling better really soon. Prayers for Angie's friend Matt that he arrives home safely. I know family is waiting and watching for his arrival. Thank yo and God Bless you Matt for your service and all those brave men and women standing up for our freedom. Thinking about those who have been mentioned in prayers lately and hope things are coming along. Sandy and Stewart working on their home and pray they are getting closer to a finish. Sending thoughts and Blessing for your day for all those who are here and for this place where we can come and be uplifted for the day. Be well and Blessed this day – Sandy♥

  3. Dr. SES Wednesday update very interesting and visual. We are having record rainfall x 2 days here in not-so-sunny Fla. Good luck COB on your medical issue. Blessings to all those here and not on the page. Thinking of everyone. Chris, where you been ?Safe travels, good eats, better sleep, I remainyour truely, FIRM

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