Thank you Grand Rapids, Hello Lansing Michigan!

Let me begin by saying;
it is currently 3am, and I am sitting outside the hotel, with a glass of ice water after once again, doing the
toss and turn and look at the clock!
So, I figured, might as well come on down, and feel the city of Lansing and talk to my readers~
First things first:
I recieved a text from cuz Angie yesterday during a break in Grand Rapids letting me know that mom, aka *(COB) was out of surgery, and was fine… She was released from the hospital as planned and being watched over by her nephew Tony, and was in “la la land” doing fine!
Sure wish cuz Angie, aka “my chauffer” was here on this tour to drive me, and to see first hand and experience the beauty of Michigan and her peeps!
Thank you all for “holding Cob” up yesterday…
I held her up as well and even ordered a delicious
COBB salad for lunch in her honor and it was
Bet she will be hungry today!
Hello COB, time to get your feeling better on,
to stay out of docs’ offices and be well!
Oh boy are u in trouble by the way, for not letting folks know early about what was happening with YOU.
Oh what a day was had
Grand Rapids MI
at the Radisson Hotel!
The clouds of the day welcomed me
there after just a remarkable time
and welcome to Michigan
in Traverse City
where the hospitality of the
Holiday INN,
the Director and her staff,
the views of Lake Michigan, the FOOD,
and the atmosphere
the “cherry” and the “Wallyeye”
were just stunning
then those I had the honor to be with
just had me overjoyed!
then the trip to
Grand Rapids
well, er, ehem… I didn’t meet the GM, nor the staff,
but the meal was great…
The view from my bed was of the TV
and the waking each two hours was rather disturbing, but then again,
I was in a comfy bed, so it served as a great reminder each time I woke up,
that I could enjoy the benefits of the bed all over again!
Grand Rapids
when I woke and got my coffee I met a lovely coordinator who drove from
“Lansing Michigan” to Grand Rapids to coordinate and be there for the day!
And set up, got my coffee and went and found the great view of the river, and then
looked up and saw those great clouds above that magnificent weeping willow!
I then said my morning prayer
*which I forgot to share with the
absolutely bombdiggedity professionals of
GRand RAPIDS during the day*
so maybe they are reading this and will now know it!
[Creator, this is a new city, a brand new day. I am filled with gratitude today, and so very excited… Thank you, for the many gifts that you have given me here in Michigan, thank you to PESI/CMI…
Now let’s get this day going,
use me UP…
*wisper*, just take you time!
Wado, *thank you* for all our relations,
I am tickled to life, to be here!
So with grand memories of a day spent in
Grand Rapids,
I arrived safely in
Lansing, after signing copies of
Healing Heartaches,
after a great day with so many
who participated and shared openly with each other as they
dug deep within addresssing issues of
Compassion Fatigue
while exploring tools
that will help them to restore
the passion for their work in their lives.
A few krumpled kleenexes were found
many laughs were shared
and the sounds of group laughter
during profound stories of the horrors and traumas and hard work being done by so many was welcomed into the hearts and brains of each that were there.
And oh such beautiful people were there;
those who are social workers, psychologists, nurses, those working in probations, with troubled teens, abused women and children, those working in trauma, in the schools, in hospice, and in homes…
One was pregnant and going to have her baby in four weeks, and oh how we tried to “induce” her and entice her to have that precious baby during the day,
just so we could “spring into action”
“we did it”
Now wouldn’t that have just been a hoot???
We laughed and said, can’t you just hear it now,
those who would scream and say,
“oh lawd, I don’t know nuthin bout birthin no babies”,
but not to fear, she was sitting right behind three nurses,
we had social workers, psychologists,
more than 670 years of collective experience
in the
professional helping professions in the room ~!~
We had her covered
in my way of thinkin~!
I was again honored as
several folks told me they were tempted to show up here in Lansing today
just to spend the day
doing this all over again,
hearing me speak again
and taking it in, knowing that it would further help them
empower them
in their work.
I am just over the top
feeling the love of Michigan and
those who care for so many !!!
that babe is still within the Mama, 4 weeks til the birthin!
Sure hope she sends me a note to let me know that the babe was born with a dimple,
as she allowed me to bless the babe
by touching her belly,
I told her I was giving the little one a dimple
in the process!
Thank you, all of you
Traverse City
Grand Rapids,
it was truly an honor
to be with you,
I hope our paths will cross again!
The home of
Michigan STate…
Just think, the place where Magic Johson played basketball and captured the eyes and the admiration of basketball fans!
Needless to say, Kamryn (the next MJ)
will be insane
when he gets this jersey
“da Godmother”!
Here we are again…
The Radisson at the Capital
at Lansing MI
I’m getting pretty good at taking you along
on these virtual trips aren’t I?
hang on to your coffee, cos once I got here
it was not too long after that when I gazed out my window at the river
and a statue wondering what I was looking at,
I soon became
weak in my knees!
I’m on the 5th floor
oops my pic only shows the three floors!
I think there are 11!
I am facing this side
it is the “river view”
and behind is
Capital View!
Quite a lovely city from what I can tell as I set out in hot pursuit of Kamryn a
Michigan State jersey!
That has become our “tradition” now on my travels
as he is quite the athelete and is jersey crazy!
The jerseys are “real” if the Godmother can get them in the actual state,
if by chance I should encounter a real player
or have access to an autographed football
or similar
oh boy am I really  somebody then!!!
needless to say
I am on the look out for
MIchael Jordon #23
“the man”
at all times
all cost!!!
Anyone out there with connections to him
any football/basketball players and autographs
please let me know!
*signed a desperate Godmother”!
So now I can tell you,
here I sit at 3am
now I will share with you
remarkable power of
Lansing Michigan
this place that I now am again staring at
across the street from where I now sit.
As I speak across the country,
I let folks know of that day
September 11,2011
the day that forever changed our lives.
I was a first responder at the Pentagon,
and proudly served, lives forever changed,
as soon we will again find ourselves
standing on the anniversary of that day
that the world stood still.
Just yesterday
we talked about the vicarious trauma
secondary traumatic stress that was suffered when folks could not remember to turn their televisions off
during 9/11
the scenes of that horrid day were played over and over and over
and then played in the nervous systems of those who witnessed it from distances across the globe.
Many of us continue to remember the sights, the sounds, the smells… and there are times when those times may be triggered.
A prime example was that of Sandy and Stuarts recent fire of their home as a result of arson, and the sights, sounds, smells
and seeing the street blocked off when I returned home from a speaking tour on May 21st at midnight and my street was closed.
I immediately flashed back to 9/11 with the sights and smells and the darkness and the soot!
It is remarkable the gifts that Michigan has brought, and the great and most
amazing gift of this day of arriving here.
I looked out my 5th floor window and
saw the river, then saw what looked like a sculpture.
I could not tell what it was…
So after my getting lost in Lansing,
my grand find of the
Michigan State Jersey..
I returned, meeting the most kind
Valet fellow named Jason!
So far the kindest of the folks here at the
Radisson I might just add!
And then I wandered across the street.
Here’s where you hold tight to your coffee, grab a kleenex and prepare to “krumple” as Granny would…
There in front of me, was the most
incredible sight…
And I felt myself go
weak in the knees,
I have no idea of how long I was there,
I was lost in time.
Tears were falling on my face
and I was filled with
Amazing Grace
I was alone
in Lansing Michigan
and filled with
such memories
filled with the grace of the Creator
It was truly amazing
IT IS amazing now
A huge Steel Girder
that fell from
The Twin Tower
in New York
September 11, 2001
here in
Lansing Michigan
in Memory
right here
across the street from where I am staying,
as I prepare to speak
Compassion Fatigue
at 0800.
I finally just went and touched it,
and then found my way to sit and place my back
against it, and the tears fell
for the 3,000 lives lost
the many many first responders,
the thousands of loved ones;
the families, children, friends, communites
those who ran
to enlist.
The tears fell
for those who have returned in flag draped caskets
who gave all,
for those who have returned with images seared in their hearts wounded warriors
and the families and friends and communites
as they worry
and have sleepless nights.
The tears flowed
in great gratitude
that we are free because our
That we are a people who gather
in the face of crisis
stand UNITED
in times of threat and sorrow.
My tears flowed
in sorrow that we do not do that when the sky is blue
and that we do not back whoever it is sitting in that White House in DC
no matter what,
out of respect,
in order for other countries to see us as
Knowing that the
in times of great threat
great times
Perhaps that is why I am awake at this ungodly hour when the rest of Lansing is sleeping,
although I have watched and heard a young man pull up to check in with his stereo blaring, and he had his “drunk on”!
He was rather funny and tried to say hello,
but then had to apologize to me
and let me know
(guess I looked like his priest)
that he was checking in cos’ he had been to a stip joint and needed to sleep!!!
Then apologized when telling me
“I love strip joints”!!!
Almost lost it lauging, and told him
no aplogy needed
*I do love your music pal, get some sleep*
With great gratitude,
I thank you Lansing
for remembering.
Wherever you are today,
whatever you are doing
Go buy yourself a flag,
those who served,
are serving
those who were lost on that day,
those who responded.
And please know:
“I’ll STand by YOU”
Just sayin… turn up the volume please~
Don’t blink friend
*sure hope I can get my swagga on for this day, cos’ I got a feelin, it’s goin to be outstanding*
“keep walkin Dr Showalter, keep walking”!
The sage just got lit, prayers goin up for all
with blessings to all… “won’t let nobody hurt U”
I’ll stand by YOU.
I’ll be here til’ Friday early morning when I board Delta to Detroit and lay there for an hour then headed home to Tampa!
Should arrive home about 1pm to hug me some four leggeds … by then maybe the sun will be shining since the liquid sunshine is there now!
*Final note:
I too have been wondering where our Breast Cancer Survivor warrior Chris is… We have missed her ..
So given that our Warrior here Irene, aka “Firm/EyeScream has asked…
How bout it FIRM?
I think you need to seek her out, check on her for us, and get her back on this page!!!
You have her number dearheart, call her and roust her out of hiding for us!
Tell her WE MISS HER
Blessings to all of you
gentle warriors here!
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches


4 comments on “Thank you Grand Rapids, Hello Lansing Michigan!

  1. Dr. Sherry, what moving words today as I sit here at my desk with wet eyes and prayers for you. It is 8:11 a.m. and you are probably just getting going and my prayers are being sent that God will continue to Bless you with all that you have to offer. I sure do wish I could be there listening to you. With the trials and loss of my Father, my Brother and my precious dear Mother in the last 3.5 years has taken a tole. I work in the trauma department of a Level I Trauma Hospital in Detroit for the past 29 years, have not had a vacation since July 2007 and I am weary and tired. Your daily words continue to be uplifting. My heart is heavy thinking on that day in history 9/11. Each of us relate to it differently but mostly with sadness and broken hearts for those who were lost or had lost that day in this great country we live in. The memories of that day are strong and heavy for most. I am happy you were able to experience a little bit of Michigan – my Michigan, where I have lived all of my life. I do wish Lansing was closer, and I could get the day off, because I would surely be on my way. I have been to Lansing, our capital, several times. It is a lovely city with a lot of things to see and do. Perhpas tonight you will see a little more if you have some plans. I belong to a clown alley out of Lansing and have done some "clowning around" there also. I do hope you get some much needed sleep tonight though before you leave in the morning. I know you will be happy to be home.I am happy to hear that COB did well through her surgery and is recovering and doing well now. Still praying for her, Stewart and Sandy and the others mentioned here. Wishing you and all those here a wonderful and Blessed day wherever you are. Hope your weather is good. It has really cooled down here in SE Michigan – was only in the losw 60s and going to the 80s today. Take care friends – Sandy♥

  2. Oh, such a great blog this morning, doc, you sure have a way with words, expressions, perception, just everything imaginable as described on your travels. We will never forget 9-11. So, I have my assignment contacting Chris. Stay safe, travel well, get some sleep, knock em out speaking, as I know you will. I miss listening to you and watching you pace back & forth. I am FIRM today.

  3. Wow how amazing that felt and the beauty of it all. I'm sure it did bring you to tears and thought from 9/11 emerged~~ You will def need a real vacation soon. To do YOU~~ rest, relax and unwind. Thats what Cuz Angie will b ordering for you!! :)Yes Kam loves his jerseys and u r so right, they r not real unless they come from that state! Wonder where he got that from? I will go by and check on Auntie Dot today. still feeling the hurt of not being told but I am a big girl and I will be okay~~I love you cuzzie! I hope u have an amazing day~ Also hope you get some sleep tonight~~Love youAngie~~

  4. Sad and wonderful at the same time that there are so many memorials throughout the country honoring the lives of those lost to unbeleivable tragedies. For many people the memory is short lived. For some, "we will never forget." Soglad your travels bring us to such diverse places in this country, and allow us to experience the sights and sounds of Americans all over. Places I am sur that most of have not been to and may never otherwise see. Speaking of tossing and twirling around in bed…. I somehow "lost" the remote and could not for the lif of me reach the ceiling mounted power switch to turn off the TV. As a result,I had the privledge of waking up to infomercials on product that surely no one could possibly ever want. No wonder they all give you 2 if you order one. How else will they ever get rid of any of the junkk they sell. Thank god for insomniacs with credit cards. One last comment on that… Why is it the volume goes up a thousand decibles during these shows? Are insomniacs all hard of hearing? If so, why don't they turn off the sound and use closed captioning? Just sayin.And now doc, go get um! Do you get refund if you don't sleep much in their wonderful bed? Grab some java and get your zen in order. I too am sure that this day will be another GREAT one.

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