Here we Go: Customer Service Week!

Monday Morning
Time to dance into your Monday
like our warrior
Joey Graff!
 I just don’t think I’ll ever see a Monday
that I don’t imagine visualizing
the excitement of Joey Graff
telling me of his excitement of looking forward
to Monday’s, and how he used to
“jump on desks at work”
and his thrill of starting off a brand new week
of possibilities!
So are you ready?
LEFT<left< </left

Left, Right Left!
That’s it,
dancing into Monday
that attitude of gratitude
for all that is to come!
Kick your heels friends,
it’s yours to determine how you jump into it
just like my pal Joey,
Dance on!
Might as well “kick it off with a dance”
as we start with that lovely
Michigan Hibiscus that was a big as a dinner plate just tucked away among plants that I discovered on a walk.
I had to stop and admire it,
beautiful and HUGE
that it was.
Here we are in the middle of August
so let’s go now.
Left< Left< Left RIGHT LEFT
dancin into our week!
I’m kickin the week off with a few words of
as most know
I am big on
“kindness and believing what folks tout as their promise or their words”
in these days and times
we have choices
we are after all consumers.
The word of one, can and will affect the business that folks are doing out there,
so, I think we need to stand UP
be counted
I am just tickled to life that our warrior here
found our warrior Chris!
Chris has been a long time warrior of this page;
and she is well and she is here, just quietly here after her computer was “hacked” it appears she is fearful of commenting here for the idea of being hacked again!
Chris welcome back, and just so you know,
I cannot imagine that commenting or visiting here will get your computer infected or hacked in…
we are delighted to know you are with us,
want you to know
many have asked about you,
and all think of you always.
one who looked Cancer in the eye
and told Breast Cancer,
“you suck and I am going to fight you head on”.
she has always had the loving support and kindness of others here and after a double mastectomy has beaten Cancer down.
Dear Chris, We continue to hold you up!
I hope many saw yesterday’s Sunday
Prayer Bowl Blog thoughts.
The list of names continues to grow as we are growing here, and those who want to be included certainly are. The energy of others is there, always and this is your page.
Much more than a “blog”
but a page of
gentle warriors who are coming together with a remarkable energy of thoughts, prayers and the desire to step out of self and into each other at times of need and times of care.
Today I will share a story of
customer service
or lack thereof.
This last trip I used
in Michigan.
I picked up a sweet red Mercury SUV that was assigned to me
in Traverse City
and was informed I needed to have it returned to Lansing by 0600 on Friday at the airport.
I filled the car with gas, and was there at 545 just to be on the safe side; parked the car,
found my pen and recorded the mileage, the number of the place I parked it, and
then got my luggage together and made my way into the airport and to the counter.
I stood for 15 or so minutes at an empty counter before realizing that there was a box with instructions for these early returns…
And through my bleary eyes read that
if the counter was empty to just
leave the keys and documents
in the “slot”.
Of course it did NOT say where to leave the
GPS unit.
So as I searched for the mysterious slot, I soon realized that the slot was “TAPED SHUT”.
Now it was well after 6am
and a bit of a stressful feeling was setting in,
and I noticed that it also said
if “we are closed please visit the BUDGET counter, which I did (three closed counters down), and the sign said,
“If we are closed please visit AVIS”.
Once back at Avis,
I then called the 800 number and after two transfers and the time clicking away,
I spoke with a man who then had to transfer my call, before reaching a representative who informed me to put the keys and document in the box slot on the counter!!
I told him my tale of woe, that indeed the slot was taped SHUT…
and if it was open there was no place for the
GPS system.
I also reminded him I had yet to check through security and after all had a flight that I was there to get ON?
He then told me this:
“Oh I understand so just leave the keys and document on the counter. (are you kidding me).
I asked : “shall I also leave the GPS on the counter as well sir?”
He said, “Not unless you would like to be responsible for it!!!”
I then reminded him that I was told to have this car back by six o’clock in the morning and it was now six twenty and we were on the phone and no agent was available.
He said, “I would suggest that you take the GPS back to the car you rented, lock it in the car, return to the airport counter, AND THEN leave the keys and documents on the counter. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
No where in your contract or rental pick up did you tell me of any of this… Had you told me of this, I would have left your GPS in the car in the beginning, had dropped your keys, documents (how will I get my receipt) and been through security and at my gate already I might just happily add.
But ohhh no, now you are telling me of this inconvienience as if you are telling me the weather in Lansing?
AVIS you are not making this easy for your folks who chose you of the many car rental choices that are out there in rental land…
I have yet to receive my e-receipt, I did however make it through security, and to my gate, after returning to the lot; locking up the GPS, returning to the airport, the closed and taped up box that instructs you to drop off the keys and the documents at the closed counter of the AVIS car rental counter.
I was not however the most of the satisfied nor happy at that hour on that particular day.
And had anyone wanted to give me a years worth of Avis rentals free, I would have happily declined I’m thinkin!
I have now managed to let readers across the globe know that
AVIS is not what one would call
“tops in customer service”
I ask you here…
Would it not be better to let folks know truthfully the expectations in the front part of the deal, in order not to frustrate them
as they leave a car off in their attempts to start their day and then to make a flight?
Just sayin, being a “preferred customer” of AVIS
may just not be all that it is cracked up to be
I’m thinkin.
Next trip,
Enterprise is lookin real good to me right now.
My favorite parts/people:
Valet Jason, >>> think he should go for manager of the desk, he was personable, all about the customers, pleasant, courteous, professional.
Never saw the General Manager, or if I did they did NOT introduce themselves!
Bartender MIKE >> Kind, personable, friendly, full of promise and future Michigan State student; and all about customer satisfaction. Wanted to know if the food was cooked properly, if you liked it or wanted something else. Was appalled when he learned that the room service tray from two days before continued to sit outside my door on the floor! (as was I)
Waiter: a delighful young man (I forgot his name though) with a smile and a desire to keep his customers happy and be sure that all was well.
This Radisson sat two blocks from the Capital building, charged 14.00 a day for valet parking, was well appointed in their lobby,
yet there was very little in the way of hotel staff interactions or “friendliness”.
What’s up with that?
Customer Service
Brighthouse Networks
I have had Brighthouse for my phone, internet, and cable television since moving to Florida.
Last night my cable was not working, and after a lengthy phone call realized on the phone I am paying outrageous bills.
While on the phone, they could NOT fix my t.v. by phone and had to schedule a “real live person to arrive today between 10 and noon”. Should be interesting. So while on the phone, I canceled the movie channel I had to conserve money and then realized that my bill was still what I consider a lot of money. I informed the young woman that Verizon is trying to get my business and had recently offered me a substantial savings that would include a premium movie channel and 5 DVR boxes for 109.00
and then asked if Brighthouse could compete with that to keep a loyal customer!
She of course said no,
was able to lower my bill with the basic service I now have, by 30.00 at the end of the conversation, only because they are running a
So in other words, had I not spent 40 minutes on the phone since the TV was out, and brought up the competition, I would not have saved this 30.00 in my bill?
I cannot understand that… still can’t understand that.
Will probably soon become a Verizon FIOS customer I’m thinking.
so the moral of the story, is this:
call your cable company and see if they have a promotion going that will in fact lower your montly bill and then ask if you can take advantage of it!
YOU may save yourself some money in the process if you can stand to have the conversation and become rather confused by it all!!!\
COB is doing great after her surgery, she is off those pain pills now, and feeling much better. She thanks all for the prayers and thoughts, and ready now to return to her life full throttle and with much more vim and vigor!
Sandy and Stuart returned from NC and a respite with their grandkids and now last night was the first night they both have stayed in their home last night. It was empty nest syndrome here… as we adjust to the fact that it seems they have now moved back to their own digs…
Sandy wants all to know of their appreciation and thanks for the ongoing support and care… they continue to work to restore their home and their spirits in all ways.
The fire is burning and the sage is lit, with thoughts on the wind to all today and always.
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


4 comments on “Here we Go: Customer Service Week!

  1. Great blog on Customer service. Dont you love to hold on and then be transferred, wait forever and then all of the sudden the line goes dead. Oh my, ugly words flo. I am having some trouble with cancer insurance, thought I had it all together, never used it since 1983 policy in effect. Seems I did not get all of the pathology reports. I did, I had my friend to check it good and now I have to start all over. Oh well, only have 2 dr. appts. this week and nothing else exciting happening so guess I will have plenty of time. Irene, you are the bomb, I knew you could find Chris. Welcome back Chris we missed you so much. Glad Sandy and Stu had a good vacation and back in their home. My mom always said I love to go visit but there is no place like home and my bed. Glad you are home Dr. SES and you will rest up and go for the next exciting adventure. Blessings to all especially our soldiers and their families.

  2. EYEscream, here ! Dancin' on the desk, lol.A great read today,customer service MIA in USASandy and Stuart once again in the home, great to hear that news. You, go, COB !Not much else happening here, just glad each day, I can visit the page, read, comment, smile and / or cry DYS, whatever the topic.TTFN FIRM

  3. Yes indeed -good Customer Service is quite rare these days. I have a stressful job in a busy hospital and deal with the public daily. Some are going through the most difficult time in their life by the time they get to me. I try to always be the most helpful and caring with those I deal with. I try to remember that I can help someone be lifted up as long as I treat them the way I would want to be treated. I have actually been told by coworkers that I go to far, and at times, and I may, but when I go home at night and lay my head down to sleep I don't want to regret not being as helpful as I possibly could that day. I have had some horrible customer service experiences also. I do not hesitate to go to the top via telephone or letter, if I have a complaint but I also do not hesitated to go to the top to commend an employee or service either. I am so happy to hear that Sandy and Stewart are back in their home as they continue to work.Also happy to hear COB it doing so much better. Prayers for all of them. I am happy that Chris is doing well. Stay healthy Chris☺ I am so grateful for you Dr. Sherry and this great place to come and sit for a while each day and take in the thoughts and words expressed by you and all those who stop by. I can take a minute and just sit back at peace and breathe. Blessings to each of you this day. Sandy♥I

  4. Customer Service, don't EVEN get me started. Great when you find it, but, rare and special. Everybody preaches it yet few even know what it is. Guess with everybody electronically wired in they forget how to communicate, smile… in person. Wonder what it will be like in 20 years? Yipees!!! Just glad you are home, that Sandy and Stewart are back, refreshed and well. That Chris is still here with us, and hope everyone is dancing this morning.

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