Just Imagine this!

A lake in
“The Mermaid”
that is there to watch over you!
Thought I would laugh myself silly wondering what this fellow in the kayak was thinking as he paddled by her!
Now that Lake does have some style don’t you think?
Lake Aster, Germany
I cannot imagine visiting there on a lovely evening;
taking a stroll and gazing out over the lake…
And then…
Seeing the
just “kicked back and enjoying the view she is”
because it would probably be at that very moment
people would hear the
“kerplunk” of
Dr Showalter as I fell in!
Isn’t that a remarkable sculpture?
As if whispering>>> “who loves ya baby, and watch the foot below will ya“!!!
I’m thinking I should ask
Tarpon Springs to find a sculptur
to create something so wonderful
at Lake Tarpon!
It would soothe;
and just tickle folks
as they got out there on the water
then were greeted by
such a sight to behold!
She is indeed lovely I’m thinking.
It is a lovely morning here,
as I got word that one of the friends we have held up in the prayer bowl is goin under the knife to have his tonsils removed today; after being told those tonsils were holding the possiblity of Cancer.
The fear that filled the hearts of the family
and the ability to hold ones’ breath through this time
is rather remarkable while the thoughts of what might be
course through the veins.
They will remove the tonsils
he will not rest until he hears whether or not
this is the source of whatever is going on
reflected Cancer cells on a PET scan.
He will then utilize all the magic arts he can muster through resources to get another opinion and
to find his way
to a leading cancer center;
I now have learned by traveling on a plane with a brilliant woman
Detroit Medical Center
is the place to go if you live in Michigan!
Isn’t it amazing how the Creator puts one where they need to be to access information and support for others in need of that information?
I will ask all to hold Rod up today,
his family as he goes through surgery
together we will send energy for a good resolve
hope in healing ways for him and strength for his family who waits.
Perhaps Rod will discover
that had he had those tonsils out as a kid
he would have had all the popcicles he could stand while freezing his tongue and brain back then,
perhaps his wife will cover him with love
ICE CREAM and popcicles
he will just have a party of colors like rainbows in his nervous system
while we pray for a wonderful outcome
he will re-visit the world of
popcicles and ice cream as he soothes his throat
his spirits.
Let’s all show him some love
Pick me
I love
an ole fashioned banana split
and will eat one for
while he sucks on popcicle!

Blessings and all the best Warrior Rod,
we’re here for you dear one.

Perhaps the visual of the mermaid
will bring a smile to their faces
will give hope in healing
while changing the focus
and giving respite
to the minds
of everyone who is fighting battles or issues
of stress or hurtful words or actions
Just sit back, and imagine…
Being a stranger at Lake Aster,
enjoying the sights, sounds, smells
and allow yourself to enjoy it all for the moment.
And then you see her!
is just layin back in the middle of the lake,
beckoning you to join and to swim, to boat,
to relax!
How often we take for granted that wonderful thing that gives us life; our breath and ability to breathe in deeply
and exhale our fears and worries,
while regaining control of our moments
“self regulation and choice”
of our next thoughts and steps we make!
So friends,
for this moment,
take a look at the lady in the lake,
stretch your imagine
Be The Mermaid!
Just lay back and take a couple of breaths today;
imagine the water, and know that you are all that you need to be
to razzle others with your dazzle
to star in your own show
“it is your moment”
It is your day!
Choose wisely,
breathe deeply
and remember the sage words
Winnie the POOOOOH:

“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. i’ll always be with you.”

EE in Colorado is traveling for a long overdue appt. to see a cardiologist today, (thanks to the incompetence of the social worker out there who has just about killed her with taking away her benefits, taking away her abilities to get out and about by not repairing her jazzy 1750 scooter with the broken arm on it so that she can be mobile. She now has her benefits reinstated only because she was a warrior and insisted on a hearing and only then a
You must advocate for yourself people,
cos’ some of those professionals out there can do harm;
not all are the fabulous folks I have met along the journey…
Prayers goin UP for our
warrior EE today, may she now get the care she needs to restore her health…
The fire is burning and the sage is lit, with hope in healing ways to all who enter here.
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
Ohhhh Oprah?
Still waiting on ya babe! Your next great read is waiting!


9 comments on “Just Imagine this!

  1. Dear Shannon, sure been thinking about Rod and your family since Dr. Sherry mentioned it yesterday. Just wanted you to know the you are all in my prayers. Remember to think good and positive thoughts and like Dr. Sherry reminds us – remember to breathe. God Bless you all and stay strong. I am also wishing all of our friends that stop by here today a very Happy Wednesday and Blessings for your day. Sandy♥

  2. Thank you Sherry for all your prayers, support and friendship. Thank you from my family and myself to all of you that are praying for my brother Rod. Age 46 is too young for the demon of cancer. He's healthy and strong to fight! Sherry, thank you for reminding me to breathe and for all you have done! You are the best!!

  3. My kind of woman that mermaid is awesome, she has on that beautiful red lipstick. I think she is wonderful, that would be a sight to behold in some of our lakes and rivers. Who thinks of all of this? It is wonderful and our lives become so happy and more smiles to see the Mermaid. Thanks for sharing. Rod and family our thoughts and prayers are with you here and everywhere. Glad Chris is back on the block and will not go away without telling us. I would eat ice cream tonight but had a dentist appt. and my nephew and I went for a great lunch with steak, lobster, salad and the works. That boy is a growing boy, he ate 2 big salads at the salad bar plus his steak and some kind of mac and cheese with lobster in it. Good to see someone love and appreciate good food. Needless to say, no dinner for me tonight. Thank you for sharing your mermaid and blessings to all who enter here on this page. Blessings to DR. SES

  4. Wow, that Mermaid put me in a laughing mood.Quite spectacular to place her in such a spot.Hey, ROD, I am planning a big ICESCREAM for tonite's treat in honor of you and the tonsilsEE: may the cardio apt go smooth and the tires on your scooter never stop rollin' along.OPRAH, what's the delay, huh ?Big storm on my errands this A.M., BIG storm.Keepin' it real……. & FIRM

  5. LOVE THE SCULPTURE! Would like to see it in person. Best to ROD, will send good energy to him and his family today. Good luck to EE with her appt, and best to all for a fabulous day.

  6. great read today doc, and LOVED loved LOVED the mermaid with knees … still laughing about that and what a sight to beholdin esp if you didn't know it was there… but i wonder as one reader does, how many don't see the beauty each day,… many many prayers going up for Rod and his loving family today, may they all eat popcicles and the results be wonderful. yes DMC is the best and hope he will seek them out as soon as he can. blessings to EE may she soon find able bodies and skilled ears and hands to help her out there in CO as well as find someone who will get her on that scooter, surely here we can advocate and find ways to help as well… we sure do have some mightly warriors and pwerful prayers here. i was so happy to hear Chris is well and just being cautious but cant imagine anyone would dare try to hack her here!thanks doc for keepin it real here, and giving us this page of so much and of each other…STOMPin here and may we all continue to come here for our place of "real along with pwerful angels" thank u, i reall y do thank u for all that u are, thnk i will have ice cream for Rod today…

  7. I love the Mermaid of Lake Aster Germany. She would be a startling site to see if you were unaware and strolling by in the dusk of the evening and saw her there. She is indeed beautiful! I am trying to remember to take a breath every moment I can and think good thoughts. My prayers for Rod as he goes through the surgery that he will recover quickly and eat plenty of popscicles – cherry are the best☺, and whatever the news all will be well. Yes, the DMC in Michigan is one of the best places to go with a cancer diagnosis. Thank you for mentioning that. I am proud to say I work a short 2 minute walk away from the world known cancer center here in the DMC and have seen miracles happen and lives are forever changed here. Praying for you Rod and your family for comfort and wisdom. Also praying for EE and hope things will be looking up now that you had benefits reinstated – Be well! Dr. Sherry, wishing you a continued beautiful day and all is well. Prayers and Blessing to all those warriors who are here this day. God Bless! Sandy♥

  8. HAHA! What an awesome picture! Expect the unexpected. Think about this: The people who see that every day think it's "normal", and don't even really see it after a while, most likely. Don't be like that! See what is around you every day…don't let it become "normal"…see the beauty that is right at your doorstep and give it some appreciation…and that includes what you see in the mirror every morning!!BBLizzy

  9. thats a hoot, but Mermaids don't have Knees or are those her boobs – HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

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