An Epidemic of Leaving Kids IN Cars? C;mon NOW…

Nana’s Girl
(oh how I  love “the look”)
and how fitting the look for today’s thoughts:
as I think,
We now have an Epidemic of
people leaving kids in the cars
during the HEAT OF SUMMER
and they are dying in a hot minute according to
newspapers and reports across the country…
One of the main reasons this is happening
is reported to be:
get ready for
“the look”
(scroll up if need be)
“People are forgetting that their kids are in the backseat of the car”
as they are more hurried, and often just want/need to run in to the store for something!
Now we are reading that a suggestion for those traveling with children is to put a “post it” note on the dashboard
to serve as a reminder that a child is in
the car or in the back seat!
Are we so addle brained in our driving that we do not know or do not remember placing them there?
Do they not make noise?
What in the world ?
The latest statistics on child deaths is so great that now we are calling it an epidemic?
Not because of a disease,
because of
“recklessness” it appears.
Before Olivia was able to give us
“the look” that the Nana just delights in,
she looked like this:
Who could forget that she was in the backseat buckled in the car?
Even for a quick stop to the store in 100 degree heat?
With the car running the A/C on
and 500 things on your mind…
How do you forget?
Yes, I agree folks are busy these days!
I agree with the article I read about
kids sleep and get quiet;
some I hear put kids in the car and drive them around to soothe them at times,
because a car will put a kid to sleep in a quick second when at home they will just not get settled,
This article I read stated that in 2009
there were 33 children who died in cars with the average age of children being from
5 days to 14 years old!
wouldn’t it stand to reason
that Florida
has ranked second in heat related deaths
for kids and I would suspect animals as well
I see idiots with their four-leggeds out on days that we know those little creatures would prefer staying in their comfortable homes.
Texas is first in child related deaths while
California ranks third.
these are preventable tragedies, and ones that people will live with the rest of their lives
and it just boggles my mind how anyone
could possibly say
“I forgot my child was in the car”.
They did put them in the car, or they were present when someone else did … right?
Did you know that a child’s body temperature climbs three to five times faster than an adults, especially in a hot car? Something to think about when you are out on a hot day, and you have a child; or perhaps know someone with a child.
Good to know if you perhaps see a child
an animal unattended in a vehicle
“wonder” shall I intervene by WALKING into a store and looking for the owner of either, or call the police or 911.
I say
“do NOT waste time, find a way to get in that car
perhaps save a life.”
In less than 30 minutes, the temperature inside a car can increase 35 degrees.
Ever seen an old person sitting inside a car with only a window cracked?
An animal?
Imagine in this age of tinted windows… is there a child in a car seat in the back seat ?
Are they dying as you are wondering whether to intervene?
WAKE UP people,
what are you thinking?
That infant you forgot about while you went in to buy milk and a lottery ticket and oh by the way,
“hello neighbor”
can die in as little as 15 minutes even on a day
of 75 degrees.
Now given that I keep it real,
 have to tell you I almost came out of the chair, as I read this part:
even the most conscientious parents can overlook a sleeping baby in a vehicle”.
Yes, memory experts point out that if you’ve ever forgotten a pot left burning on a stove, you know how easy it is to have a dangerous memory lapse.
we are talking living breathing children, animals and elders in YOUR car here.
Kamryn when he still had sweet smelling feet!
Now Kamryn has always gone to sleep in a car,
still does…
Try as I might to forget him, to not feed him,
to otherwise just ignore him,
to have to put a post it note as advised in the article
Put a picture of your child on your dashboard to serve as a reminder that they are in the backseat?
C’mon now people…
slow your behind down if you are that busy
Check out your car before entering it; kids are notorious for using unlocked cars as forts, as play areas, as whatever they are up to (I cannot imagine them leaving the comforts of the gaming room of home though)
your animals…
See those 4 leggeds in cars out there friends?
See their tongues hanging out and hear their barks?
The window that is open just enough to make them want some air?
Imagine how hot that car gets in a moment of time,
and take a look at how many deaths by heat
animals are suffering
ask yourself…
why is this happening?
Gypsy loves to ride in a car!
you will never ever see her in one unattended.
In this article I read where our wonder Rick Butcher, Tarpon Springs Fire Chief stated that a motor vehicle starts to heat up the minute the engine is turned off.
I LOVE the Tarpon Springs Fire Department,
we bake and send them goodies every once in awhile just because we “get it” as to the work they do;
after all they SAVED our neighbors/friends
home next door,
they are out there as first responders everyday.
But I had to laugh when Rick said that
“many good samaritans” report quickly such cases as children left in unattended cars and that it is
ILLEGAL IN FLORIDA to leave children unattended in a motor vehicle.
Good Samaritans?
I would think that people with a heart, good bad or indifferent would bust a window out of a car in a hot minute if they saw a child, animal or Elder
left unattended in a car in the heat.
Let the chips fall on the person who claims
“I forgot they were there”
“I was only gone a few minutes”.
There is an organization for more information should you need it:
But, it just may be I’ve given you all you need
to be alert to what may be one of the
most outrageous acts that could cause death
of children, animals and Elders
is preventable.
what a thing to have to live with the rest of your life and to think you would have to say;
“memory experts liken this to leaving a pot on a stove, and I left my child in the back seat without putting their picture on the dashboard to remind me they were there.”
Perhaps putting purses there, or cell phones in their car seat would help?
Oh lawd, what a thought…
and now
they SELL alarms for this:
these alarms remind people when they have
There are also devices that “hook” to the car seat or the child restraint seat that sounds an alarm on a key ring if a person walks away from a vehicle with a child still in the seat…
Perhaps the warriors here could have a round table and together we could create or invent
an alarm for
“I’ve lost my mind, and should not have children or transport anyone but myself”.
Creator bless the Child, The animal
and The Elders, keep them from harms way
those behind the wheel.
Remember when ?
You could ride your kids in the front seat, no air bags, no shoulder belts,
drank from the garden hose,
had to be in for supper and you always seemed to know when supper was?
No one forgot you in those times did they?
The fire is burning brightly, the sage is lit.
Prayers going up to all who know who they are, and some that don’t.
I am now on that quest I have let you all know about for EE in Colorado and that power chair that is broken.. I have sent an email to the CEO of a company that works with those things, and asked for his help.
AND, maybe he will be a hero, and one who is talked about here,
maybe he will just be talked about here!!!
EE is recovering from testing in Colorado, still waiting for updates from Shannon In WI on Rod in MI.,
COB is Cancer free we have been told, and she is now ready to rejoin the dance of her life.
Chris, is doing wonderfully, and states that she reads each day the thoughts here and is proudly wearing
PINK our breast cancer survivor is minus the “culprits” but doing great!
Kids are preparing to get back to school,
cuzzie Ang is preparing to put in work at her college classes at night while working F/T and raising those two godsons of mine, both suiting up for some football. Kamryn #15 and D’Vante in his senior year playing varsity #51!
So then,
what are you up to on this fabulous Friday!
I smell the weekend…
Walk In Beauty,
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
still waiting on her we are!

3 comments on “An Epidemic of Leaving Kids IN Cars? C;mon NOW…

  1. There is no cure for stupid! Holy cow they really did not suggest post it notes! Really!! Seriously!! How about you just give me the children instead OMG! I have to be careful with my jynxy in the summer months as my air conditioning in the van doesn't work anymore ! Short trips to town I won't take her if its 70% or above because she could overheat with the windows down!!! Had to transport her once in the summer going to Nth Dakota>> had her in the back of my buddies trck w/camper top, 100% out, No Air conditioning ! Sooo what I did was I froze a number of gallons of water placed those around the back of the truck and bought 4 huge bags of ice and layed her bedding over them she was cool and safe on a 4oo ml trip. I don't care how busy you are, there is NO Excuse !!! Forget Not on your life, I think drivers ed should add this to their class lock each student in a car for 15 min sitting in the hot sun! With a thermometer so they see how fast and hot it gets, That may imprint on them enough to Never leave onyone 2 or 4 legged in a vehicle. Glad to hear everyone else is doing good, sorry I haven't been posting latly Sissy been on the run ! Love and Blessings to all !

  2. Words to think about – It seems so many are way too busy in their lives that they could forget the most precious gift given to them as their child, their elder or their pet in a vehicle. How very sad a life would be if one were responsible for such a horrific outcome. Thank you for the update on our friends here. I continue to hold them in my prayers. Dr. Sherry, I continue to hold you up in my prayers daily as you bring a joyful heart and your wisdom to so many every day. Wishing each one here a Blessed and Happy Friday and a grand start to a fantastic weekend. It is looking pretty sunny outside my work window now so looking forward to 3:00 and getting out there to enjoy the sunshine. Sandy♥

  3. helloooooo.Happy Friday to all ( I will be working all weekend but no problem here ) So, happy to hear all the good news of our warriors.. think about everyone daily as I thank my angels for helping me get thru these crazy times in our world.. I reported to the sheriff a car which had left a little dog… 20 minutes.. I counted frustratingly as I waited for the owner to return.. enough of this, dialed 911.. the owner (apparently shopping at Target), 'lost' track of time… and thankfully the pup was okay but she sure was not happy with me !!! She called me many funny names and went into many hand gestures… LOL.. bet she won't do that again for a while, as I do believe she was fined $$.Many people do not deserve to have either children or pets.. just sayin'Gots to run, glad I stopped by to get my fix of this wonderful page… wishing all that is the best to everyone.. Have a great weekend and think of me as you are jumping off the back of the boat and having fun.. I am with you in spirit !! Hugging my angels, sign me, ♥ ♥ ♥ A.

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