Nothin Like PUppy Love

Patches and Jeepers
A rare moment of
Happy Birthday To
Sandy this morning
to our Warrior here
“sign me A”
All these August Birthdays… I tell ya, it’s hard to keep up with the summer babies indeed,
wishing a spectacular birthday to these
fabulous women today!
May you always stand on the edge
AWE and Wonder
of the many gifts of life!
Here my little tribe is not running race car around the pool,
Jeepers has a serious case of
“trachial bronchitis”
and it is amazing how the other little ones seem to know!
The energy has shifted
and they are being
respectful of his not feeling well,
they are giving him room to be still and to receive the care he needs right now,
even the extra TLC
from his humans;
as they watch from a distance respectfully
and with what looks like a bit of sadness from little Gypsy.
We could learn so much from the
We could learn;
(after all would you lay exposed like that)
We could learn to give, to be absolutely delighted in a moments’ wink
 and look eagerly to each and every encounter with our loved one.
Asking so little: a touch, a treat, a kind word.
We could give much by just being present!
Ah, but to grow up and develop the qualities of a 4 legged,
now that would be quite something wouldn’t it?
They do often also know those
NOT to trust… they seem to have a great sense of that, even when humans do not!
After being with the vet, hearing the seriousness of
Trachial Bronchitis
on a little dog, the possiblities of the trachea collapsing;
the need to watch him,
the things to be on the alert for
then paying the bill.
I laughed as I looked at the receptionist and said,
“why in the world do we have dogs, wouldn’t it had been cheaper to buy a stuffed animal”?
Without missing a beat she told me,
“But it’s for the love and entertainment”!
I cracked up, and told her,
“great I’m reduced to paying for love and couldn’t I be entertained at a play with cocktails somewhere with my stuffed animal?”
We both laughed,
they all raved over Jeepers and his beautiful self
his winning personality even sick,
I came home
what in the world would we do without
Even crazy Patches has our hearts!
Jeepers, aka, (Mr Pister) has the personality, the good looks,
After all>>Sandy swears he is “her dog”; she even has his picture on her cell phone, comes over just to love on him.
Although she says it’s to be with the “wives club”
you can be certain that today on her birthday she will come to check on
her Jeepers!
Sandy will start her day off with Stuart serving her breakfast in BED at 0800!
He was so proud to let us know as we had her
PRE birthday dinner here last night
that he only took
to purchase 10 items at the grocery store for his
cooking needs
that start with “ben and jerry ice cream”!
Oh my “what a man”!
I was planning to sneak in the unlocked pre planned bedroom sliding glass doors and jump in bed with her,
so that when he arrived with breakfast,
I could then as the “wife #3”
“where is MINE”!!!
it’s Sandy’s day,
oh how I hope it is filled with magic for her.
OHHH Jeeepers
is even her favored expression when talking!
yes, Jeepers even got her a birthin day card,
what can I tell ya,
what we would do without those 4 leggeds…
So today, as I work I also will be close at hand
to monitor the little one
to make sure he is breathing right,
just think
“I could have bought me a stuffed animal and had enough money left over to go see a play”
Kamryn and Gypsy
then I would have
“missed this”
opportunity to put
Gypsy in that collar
Kamryn would have missed the chance to love
all three of them
and to have had the relationship that he had and loved with his Magic~
So I guess it is all working out fine, just fine
nothing like puppy love!
Unconditional, fun, entertaining as one could ever imagine, sweet kisses;
while asking for only
kindness in return from their humans
So there you go…
Life in the fast lane
and today it looks like it just might be a quiet one here;
since Jeepers is
drugged, and the others are quietly wondering what is going on,
maybe I will get some work done!
Let the celebrations of birthin days begin!
the fire is burning and the sage is filling the air;
I read all of the comments of yesterday as I see it was a story that hit many in many ways.
I pray all are feeding the right wolf in their lives.
One can always turn a negative situation
a postitive situation.
All it takes is choice, desire, and humility
and mindful purpose.
Be of hopeful heart darlings!
Blessings on the winds friends.
Walk In Beauty,

5 comments on “Nothin Like PUppy Love

  1. Sorry Jeepers has got the blickies! Tell him he needs to stomp, once his throat is open wide! Remember me? Scruffy dog??? Gotta have one! Yes they bring more joy than pain, other than the couple bites I got from her while she was testing her youth.! Jeeps is a strong lil guy, sure he'll be fine with his watchful hand over him! Happy Birthday Andrea and Sandy, hope it was a great day! Sorry to hear our earth did a shift today where you're family is at! Glad they're all ok. Sign me weary!

  2. Jeepers, please get well soon. It is not like you to lay around and be a doggy dopey. You are the life of the party and so loving and trusting. Please hurry and get well. Irene you found Chris, go look for her again, I have not seen any messages from her in a long time. How does it feel to have a storm named after you? Important as you are.lol Happy birthday Sandy. It sounds like the wifes club have set Stewart up for a grand old celebration. Have a great one and will be thinking of you. Thanks DRSES for all you do and say to help us. Blessings to all. Friend just called from Texas to let me know there is a earthquake hit Richmond and Charlottesville. I had no idea, checked the news and she is right. Hope it does not do damage and no one gets hurt. I turned on the news and have not seen any more news about it. Kind of her to think of her dear friend here in Virginia. Blessings.

  3. hellooooo.awww.. jeepers, please be feeling better soon. I hate when the babies are down and out and we can only coddle and luv them.. pets are the best therapy, unconditional love… and expense too,but sooo worth it ! Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart for the birthday wishes.. I will be totally self absorbed today, spoiling myself with my favorite things… coffee with a friend, floating on my purple noodle with my Jaren keeping a watchful eye, playing with the dolphins and thanking the creator for blessing me with all that I have.. dinner with my Marie and hubby and possibly a cocktail or three.. LIFE IS GOOD… STOMP !! Reflections of my life… what else could anyone possibly want other than the love of family , friends and angels ?Wishing Sandy a great day as well, cheers to you and your strentgh and perseverance !Happy Birthday to Kamryn too… to be his age again ? not too sure about that cuz from where I sit… 29 again for the 25th time.. ?? not so sure I could pull it off, with all the hard work it takes to grow up !!Best of life to all, have a great day and remember, " DO NOT BLINK "…love to all who gather here, off and running..hugging my angels, sign me ♥ ♥A.

  4. Oh ! it's 2's day….. Two birthdays, too.Hello there, " sign me A": best wishes for a happy, happy birthday and to Sandy, formerly soot Sandy, happy happy birthday to you, too.The pathetic little 4 legged that is sick, I feel so bad. And, to his friends, sticking by his side, sensing something is wrong, oh how perceptive and devoted they are. I have a stuffed pet, lol. Can go anywhere / anytime.Hurricane IRENE has left the path of Fla.Yippee. The big "eye" is FIRM

  5. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and all our friends here this day. Happy Tuesday to you. It is a beautiful day – sunny and blue sky but a little chilly in the mid 50s this morning. Fall is in the air. Your precious pups are very cute. I love all their pictures and Gypsy's fancy collar. I hope that Jeepers will be feeling much better soon. Prayers for Jeepers today. Take care sweet Jeepers and get plenty of rest and TLC. I don't know what life would be without that unconditional love from a sweet four legged pup or kit. I have three special needs cats that are the love and joy to my life and my home. Their love is indeed unconditional. All three were foster cats from shelters that due to their special needs they stayed with me and made me a foster failure. I could not let them be adopted by anyone else. Many of us are foster failures that work at the shelter or with animal rescue but that is okay. I want to wish Sandy and "A" a very happy birthday today and I hope you have a joyful day celebrating You♥ Wishing Kamryn a very happy birthday tomorrow. I know he is excited.Have a Terrific Tuesday all who stop by here and enjoy the day we were given and the Blessings of life Sandy♥

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