Kamryn Elijah turns 10 in VA TODAY> after the Earthquake shakes VA

Kamryn Elijah
Happy Birthday little Godson
Thanks Cuzzie
Those beautiful eyes on
that little coyote trickster boy
of ours!
He can be the silliest of the silly,
and the funniest of the funny,
the loudest of the loud
heaven knows
he can EAT!
Would that I could count the number of cheeseburgers or milkshakes that have gone into that skinny tall boy!
Would that I could name the number of times we have watched
“Space Jam, The Grinch, dISNEY, I CARLY,
did I mention
and various other titles”,
would that I could have a dollar for each time he and COB/Dot/Mom have watched
“The Wizard of Oz” (I would be richer than rich),
would that I could have a dime for each time
I have heard,
“oh please rewind that one time, so I can see it again” as he is laughing himself silly over a funny part in a movie!
And if you only knew how very often I look up here and see the yard where he and Magic would run like the wind, with Kam saying he can beat Magic in a race, only to get soo tickled that he would fall to his knees laughing,
Magic pounce on him, knocking him down as if to say,
“is that all ya got little brother, let’s go“!!!
he is a funny kid indeed!
I sang a
“off the hook rendition”
then he let me know
I was not first of the callers
DLB had beat me too it!
He let me know
he was still in bed
soon would be
OFF to school
loves his new teacher,
his friends there
plans to make the
then off
to football practice!
He just has plans
for the
“best day of his life” today!!!
there he goes
and ohhh how I turned him into a monster by feeding him crab and lobster
now loving BOTH!
I do love him “this big” and often “this silly”
he is “too fly for a swatter”
“too tight” for jeans
“toooo fresh” for words!
Today he will be
“swagga on, Michael Jordon sneaks “on”
“fresh” I am sure
as he enters his school
with that smile and those eyes!
NOW he
shakes rattles and rolls
the magical
the day after
VA his shaking by the
EARTHQUAKE in over a century
that was felt by more than 12 million people in many states along the EAST COAST.
with a little bitty sponge basketball, ittby bitty hands,
 and a hoop over the door
to now averaging 13 points a game, with beautiful long slender hands.
and still having Michael Jordon as his hero,
from crawling and lauging like
a coyote
and hearing stories of
coyote the trickster
the two wolves
and him laughing since the minute of his birth
to still now, and to the point of having to lean over at the waist to catch his breath;
he still has that passion, that trickster spirit, and funny humor,
now today he turns 10
playing basketball, football,
and still saying
I’m goin to be the nexxt MJ“.
And of course
I have to complete the bragging
by letting all know
“I do have a tight pair of Jordon high tops, cos Kam out grew them, as does Olivia since he gifted her the first pair he out grew”!
So we too look “fly and fresh” like him!
And now:
join me in wishing
Kamryn E
a happy birthin day!
Little “Jumpman Kam”
remember baby boy,
Don’t ever think for a minute
that the sky is the limit baby;
cos’ always remember that their are footprints on the Moon!
OH yea,
he used to be little with sweet smellin feet!
those eyes?
Still the same
even though those feet dont fit mine anymore now that they are a men’s size 8 and he is only 10 years old and I am certain do not smell nearly as good as when the above pic was taken!
I like Kamryn, he has always made me laugh;
he is a good kid of gentle spirit (most of the times)
he is also the “peacemaker”
he just wants everyone to get along,
it pains his heart when there is ugliness or harshness
and others display such things.
I think that is
Granny that comes out in his spirit
the part that hurts him seeing others choose to not love each other and treat each other with such tenderness;
he truly does not understand it.
So for today,
For Kamryn on his young birthday
a “tale of coyote”
for my little trickster
Here’s to you baby boy
and all your wildest dreams,
“shoot the hoops baby,
yOU ARE never “just” ordinary or an anybody!
A legend for the day
a gift for Kamryn
who is
“feeding the right wolf on his 10th year”!
Long ago, when man was newly come into the world, there were days when he was the happiest creature of all. Those were the days when spring brushed across the willow tails, or when his children ripened with the blueberries in the sun of summer, or when the goldenrod bloomed in the autumn haze.

But always the mists of autumn evenings grew more chill, and the sun’s strokes grew shorter. Then man saw winter moving near, and he became fearful and unhappy. He was afraid for his children, and for the grandfathers and grandmothers who carried in their heads the sacred tales of the tribe. Many of these, young and old, would die in the long, ice-bitter months of winter.

Coyote, like the rest of the People, had no need for fire. So he seldom concerned himself with it, until one spring day when he was passing a human village. There the women were singing a song of mourning for the babies and the old ones who had died in the winter. Their voices moaned like the west wind through a buffalo skull, prickling the hairs on Coyote’s neck.

“Feel how the sun is now warm on our backs,” one of the men was saying. “Feel how it warms the earth and makes these stones hot to the touch. If only we could have had a small piece of the sun in our teepees during the winter.”

Coyote, overhearing this, felt sorry for the men and women. He also felt that there was something he could do to help them. He knew of a faraway mountain-top where the three Fire Beings lived. These Beings kept fire to themselves, guarding it carefully for fear that man might somehow acquire it and become as strong as they. Coyote saw that he could do a good turn for man at the expense of these selfish Fire Beings.

So Coyote went to the mountain of the Fire Beings and crept to its top. He watched the way that the Beings guarded their fire. As he approached, the Beings leaped to their feet and gazed searchingly round their camp. Their eyes glinted like bloodstones, and their hands were clawed like the talons of the great black vulture.

“What’s that? What’s that I hear?” hissed one of the Beings.

“A thief, skulking in the bushes!” screeched another.

The third looked more closely, and saw Coyote. But he had gone to the mountain-top on all fours, so the Being thought she saw only an ordinary coyote slinking among the trees.

“It is no one, it is nothing!” she cried, and the other two looked where she pointed and also saw only a grey coyote. They sat down again by their fire and paid Coyote no more attention.

So he watched all day and night as the Fire Beings guarded their fire. He saw how they fed it pine cones and dry branches from the sycamore trees. He saw how they stamped furiously on runaway rivulets of flame that sometimes nibbled outwards on edges of dry grass. He saw also how, at night, the Beings took turns to sit by the fire. Two would sleep while one was on guard; and at certain times the Being by the fire would get up and go into their teepee, and another would come out to sit by the fire.

Coyote saw that the Beings were always jealously watchful of their fire except during one part of the day. That was in the earliest morning, when the first winds of dawn arose on the mountains. Then the Being by the fire would hurry, shivering, into the teepee calling, “Sister, sister, go out and watch the fire.” But the next Being would always be slow to go out for her turn, her head spinning with sleep and the thin dreams of dawn.

Coyote, seeing all this, went down the mountain and spoke to his friends among the People. He told them of hairless man, fearing the cold and death of winter. And he told them of the Fire Beings, and the warmth and brightness of the flame. They all agreed that man should have fire, and they all promised to help Coyote’s undertaking.

Then Coyote sped again to the mountain top. Again the Fire Beings leaped up when he came close, and one cried out, “What’s that? A thief, a thief!”

But again the others looked closely, and saw only a grey coyote hunting among the bushes. So they sat down again and paid him no more attention.
Coyote waited through the day, and watched as night fell and two of the Beings went off to the teepee to sleep. He watched as they changed over at certain times all the night long, until at last the dawn winds rose.

Then the Being on guard called, “Sister, sister, get up and watch the fire.”

And the Being whose turn it was climbed slow and sleepy from her bed, saying, “Yes, yes, I am coming. Do not shout so.”

But before she could come out of the teepee, Coyote lunged from the bushes, snatched up a glowing portion of fire, and sprang away down the mountainside.

Screaming, the Fire Beings flew after him. Swift as Coyote ran, they caught up with him, and one of them reached out a clutching hand. Her fingers touched only the tip of the tail, but the touch was enough to turn the hairs white, and coyote tail tips are white still. Coyote shouted, and flung the fire away from him. But the others of the People had gathered at the mountain’s foot. Squirrel saw the fire falling, and caught it, putting it on her back and fleeing away through the treetops. The fire scorched her back so painfully that her tail curled up and back, as squirrels’ tails still do today.

The Fire Beings then pursued Squirrel, who threw the fire to Chipmunk. Chattering with fear, Chipmunk stood still as if rooted until the Beings were almost upon her. Then, as she turned to run, one Being clawed at her, tearing down the length of her back and leaving three stripes that are to be seen on chipmunks’ backs even today. Chipmunk threw the fire to Frog, and the Beings turned towards him. One of the Beings grasped his tail, but Frog gave a mighty leap and tore himself free, leaving his tail behind in the Being’s hand, which is why frogs have had no tails ever since.

As the Beings came after him again, Frog flung the fire on to Wood. And Wood swallowed it.

The Fire Beings gathered round, but they did not know how to get the fire out of Wood. They promised it gifts, sang to it and shouted at it. They twisted it and struck it and tore it with their knives. But Wood did not give up the fire. In the end, defeated, the Beings went back to their mountaintop and left the People alone.

But Coyote knew how to get fire out of Wood. And he went to the village of men and showed them how. He showed them the trick of rubbing two dry sticks together, and the trick of spinning a sharpened stick in a hole made in another piece of wood. So man was from then on warm and safe through the killing cold of winter.
So there you go… coyote, clever, a trickster, and one who gave of self to others for the benefit of all, and so it is good… with focus, with passion and with purpose!

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

Kam with the coach

now he will suit up today after school as
#15 of the Bobcats football
have the best day evah!

Blessings to all who were affected by the fear of the shaking and quaking
rocking and rolling of yesterday’s quake
the EAst Coast!
Little Olivia had a rude movement when she was “moved from the couch in MD, and the house shook the mama awake as the bed and lamps were moving” there.
can you imagine>
The National Park Service says engineers have found a crack near the top of the Washington Monument presumably caused by a magnitude-5.8 earthquake that shook the East Coast. Park service spokesman Bill Line said Tuesday night that structural engineers found the crack where the 555-foot landmark narrows considerably.
He says the monument will be closed indefinitely to keep the public safe. An outside engineering service will study the crack on Wednesday. The 91,000-ton monument is made of Maryland marble.  I cannot imagine people not getting the opportunity to go into and up to the top of the Washington Monument; I have done that so many times, and my uncle used to carry me on his shoulders when I was little up the steps more than once and back down as he was a young man, before his tragic death in a car crash…
IMagine such a Quake on the EAST COAST… and evacuating the White HOUSE, pentagon, and all those folks on the streets…
The fear of what may have been thought initially as (oh God is this 9/11 again_)….
and the fear now of “after shocks”….
Take care dearones
and now Irene the Hurricane is headed up the East Coast, prayers being offered to all in her path.. {please get out of harms way and be safe}
Blessings to those and many thoughts for all affected and in the path of the hurricane headed up the East Coast.

STOMPING HERE with prayers and thoughts
to all!

May you be filled with moments of
amazing grace
beautiful memories
and priceless moments

Please don’t BLINK

Walk IN Beauty,


11 comments on “Kamryn Elijah turns 10 in VA TODAY> after the Earthquake shakes VA

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN heres asong for you ! below link!<3 Great story Sissy! Prayers going up for the east coast!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7EFvmw5bM4

  2. Hey doc, just read on the facebook that Kamryn is one lucky little guy… after seeing those eyes and reading today's blog… I can sure see why and to think:KAMRYN IS GOING TO MICHAEL JORDON #23 BASKEBALL CAMP IN CALIFORNIA with his Godmother … now talk about being "fly and fresh and having some swaager on", that boy won't be right all year! Sure hope he is being like Jordon in Space Jam (great moving btw) and practicing his shots everyday, it just might get him noticed by MJ, and to think doc, you are making memories that will ast a life time… <STOMP< we all love this page, the messages behind the life, talk about life lessons, Oprah could learn a lot from our own DRSES… time for her to get you some of those red shoes cos' only you could but the "soul to them"… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMRYN, MUCH SUCCESS TO THE SCHOOL YEAR, HONOR ROLL and what a fitting song for one loved so big by so many. thanks doc and to all here, thanks for our family of this sacred page for always being close at hand like the wind on the face on a day needed the most!@

  3. Kelly Twowolves says:HAPPY B_DAY LITTLE MAN!! Owwhoooooooooooooooooo

  4. Michael Jordan basketball camp in Calif.. Yippee, Yippee

  5. Loved the blog, loved the pictures, loved the coyote story. All is good. Kamryn started his birthday with lots of early phone calls. I did not call, I thought he could sleep a little late this morning. He was very surprised when his best friends mother, Angie and I was waiting for him in his classroom with the desks a napkin, fork and juice. He was the last one in the line coming back from lunch. I had him a big birthday cake made with a basketball and football on it. They decorated it beautiful. The class sang happy birthday and his eyes was big and round. He was truly surprised. I just got a good night phone call full of happiness, seems like DLB and godmother had called and next year he will be going to football camp in Calif. with mom and godmother. He just kept saying, guess what, guess what? I said hurry and tell me. Loved the Scotty song, it fit the occasion. Thanks DRSES for a beautiful day full of memories. He probably is so wound up he will not go to sleep. Happy birthday Kamryn and blessings to all

  6. Happy Happy B'day big guy. Enjoy every minute of the celebration! Loved the coyote story. Loved the pictures as always. Thanks Doc. Kamryn is one lucky little uh, Big boy to have such a wonderful Godmother.

  7. hellooooo.HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMYRN !!!shoot for the big time today and allof your days.. sure do have the sweetest brown eyes I ever did see..I enjoyed the legend of coyote, manymorals to the story which we can put to use inour daily lives… sacrifice for the good of others.. I like that and it makes my heart glowwhen I know I have done something good, for someone in need, even if it is just giving a smile or a kind word…Mother Nature is having her way and let safetyprevail as Hurricane Irene, earthquake aftershocks rock our East Coast.. counting blessings we missed any bad storm effects here.I wish the best to all who read here..and thanks for sharing Kamryn's b'day with usDoc.. surely feel the gratitude and love.Have a great day ! sign me,hugging my angels… A.

  8. Carl Christian says: Happy Birthday Kamryn.

  9. Happy Birthday Kamryn- Don't forget the melted butter! Make COB take you to the bestest place you love!!! :-)Good luck with your game today…SCORE!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday to Kamryn, who no longer is a single digit age ! Big milestone for a remarkable young man. Enjoy those cheeseburgers, crab legs & lobsta ( yum )My cousin Jim's birthday is today. H B Jim.Yo ! COB: not too happy about the Irene storm.Livin' up to my name, but missing Florida.Will try Chris later. Hope that our friends, sign me A & Sandy had a great day yesterday. The story of the coyote was too long for me to read just getting up, so will take a look later. My attention span early in the day, before coffee is not there. Hope Jeepers is feeling better (ahet, ahem, throat clearing)Ah, fall is in the air this morning, at last, in the 70's for waking temps ! No more MELTED ice scream, staying FIRM on Wed.

  11. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the legend of the coyote. I had never read that one before. I am wishing Sweet and Handsome Kamryn a very Happy 10th Birthday. He sure is a handsome young lad with such big brown eyes and a smile that warms the heart of those who see it. Kamryn, enjoy this day and have a fun time celebrating you. Hope you get really good and spoiled today. I hope you go out and have a great big plate or two of crab legs and lobster and a big milkshake to wash it all down and then a big piece of birthday cake for desert. I am wishing each one of our friends who pass this way today a very happy and Blessed Wednesday. Praying for those on our list and also those in the path of rough weather – stay safe and well. Sandy♥

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