Teach them Well

and his new Teacher
Ms. Hong
on Kam’s 10th Birthday
OHHH what a 10th birthin day it was,
as Kamryn had a great surprise party celebrated
with his classmates!
Seems cuzzie and COB had planned a secret party along with Kam’s BFF (JW) whose MOM was also there to set up the classroom while all the kids were at lunch!
Juice, napkins and plates were on each seat
Ms Hong (who was in on the plan)
had Kamryn be in the “back of the line”
yep, students line up and walk in a line from the cafeteria to their classes in Southwest VA!
As Cuzzie, Mom/COB, Jeneanne stood in wait
over a magnificent
that was trimmed in red with white icing
with a “football on one side
basketball on the other”
the children quietly and in single file returned to their seats,
Kamryn was the last to enter the room with
new and much loved teacher
I am told the
“look on his face was that of shock”
his grin and great way of maintaining
his “cool” was just a sight to behold
his classmates sang to him
then really enjoyed
A grand time was had by all
another fantastic memory etched into
his heart and his brain!
“Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re really quite lucky!”
Dr. Seuss
Oh what a happy day,
only be topped by the thoughts that all are safe after the Earthquake of VA and all the states of the East.
The National Cathedral has been affected in its most beautiful structure, along with the beloved
Washington Monument.
I’m sure others will soon notice that other damages have been assessed as well.
BUT lives are intact, and for that,
we give great thanks.
Now as the Outer Banks prepares to evacuate
and the Hurricane named after one of
our warriors here
is gaining strength and moving toward NC
we hold them in thoughts and prayers
hoping that all are “high tailing it”
getting out of the path.
The ocean is churning up
and the winds are getting fierce I am told
it is but Wednesday.
Prayers being sent to all that need them for the strength to put their bodies into motion and do what is needed.
Kamryn left school and hit the football field
determination, fun and focus
only to finally get home last night
finally call
It was time for his
birthday present from the Godmother and DLB.
This gift has been in the planning for 3 years,
waiting until
he hit 10 to present to him!
So as his Mom had her camera ever ready,
he (being a kid of very few words by phone)
“hey puddy pal hey Bun”
we sang once again to him!
“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” — Dr. Seuss
So I ask my little 10 year old Godson,
“Kamryn, can you listen now?”
gREAT photo of “listening”
then Kamryn was told of his
birthday gift,
our pride of him
the importance of his 10th birthday.
that this gift has been in the planning for 3 years,
waiting for this special year,
the pride of his achievement of
of his respectful ways
“feeding the right wolf”
he was told:
Next year baby,
you and me are going
to California together
will hit the courts for
face to face
“happy birthday jumpman Kam”
I am grateful to cuzzie,
the phone went silent
now I know why!
Kamryn was

Yep>>>>>>>>>^^^^^^^^^ YOU, are going to travel across the United States more than 3,000 miles; eat, sleep drink baskeball at the

(are u there kam)? LOL
“uh, puddy  pal thank u and thank u bunny… thank u very very very much”
…. silence ….
Kam not jumping around, not hollering, and not just out of his mind here?
uh oh….
That boy is in shock!
 “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Dr Seuss
Michael Jordon has been Kamryn’s hero since he has been 2 years old…
Notice he is wearing a
Jordon T Shirt?
how funny is that?
he is quiet?
Jumpman Kamryn
is going to meet his hero!
i swear it looks as though he is LOOKING at me eye to eye there! And how is it he has grown in just two months?
Oh I am so thrilled this was caught on camera…
It captures each sentence,
each emotion
whew, it finally allowed me to know
he had not fainted nor was his airway blocked!
Next year
Kamryn will be sitting there
MJ will be standing there
oh lawd, I hope he won’t fall out
in his absolute overwhelming

We hung up, and DLB and I sat staring at each other for the longest of times… wondering if Kam was alright… wondering if this was indeed the right thing we were doing based on the reaction and the quiet….
Then the texts started coming in from cuzzie…
and then the photos arrived!

She let us know that he was going to raise his hand for EVERYTHING, he was now going to practice, he was “over the top excited”, he was……
this morning I am told, Kamryn dreamed of Michael Jordon all night… He was “right there” and he is hitting that “honor roll” this year, and he is “one over the moon ” kid today!!!
Now isn’t that a wonderful thing? What great memories and lives and moments… thankfully caught on camera, as from a distance I had no idea that he was still breathing! LOL, I was insisting that cuzzie still take his pulse<>
I’m figuring
I’ll be clicking my toes together
in my
“tight Michael Jordon Hand me UPS”
that Kamryn gave me
this time next year
with swagga on
as me n Puddy Pal hit the courts in Calif.
to see the real deal #23
(right before they usher me out)
for Kamryn to have the time of his life
on the courts!
“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.” Michael Jordan
Me n Jordon think a lot alike on many things;
he just is taller with a much leaner body!
Now i have this remarkable desire
to watch
for the umpteenth time
oh that’s right
that little boy above took my copy home with him!
OHHH noooo
I will have to go out now and try to find another!
Let’s hope the mood passes
I’ll just wait for his next visit
we can watch it together again!
So Kamryn,
sure hope you will be shooting the hoops
100 free throws, 100 lay ups and dont’ forget to work those “threes”
We goin to California to see MJ…
Kamryn on a plane for that many hours?
ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz and EAT
He is very very funny,
I sure would like to be a fly on the wall at school
football practice today!
there you go… and here we are,
another thing for you to take in for this day
If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Michael Jordan
With an attitude of great gratitude
I say
thank you to all of you
to #23~! 

thanks for all the many birthday wishes friends;
for Sandy, “sign me A”, and for Kamryn…

So for today:  may the inspiration of making dreams come true, sit with you; may you have the courage to work your dreams, to honor your self with all that you are knowing you have all you need to do more and to give more… for it is in the giving that we receive so very much….

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing today,
I wish you enough!

for those in the Path of the hurricaine, please get off your butts and on your feet, in your cars and head WEST… take best care and stay safe, may you be safe and from harms way.
Blessings for those who are walking a difficult road today, we are thinking of you.

I hope you have time to flip back to yesterday, take a listen to the music, read what our wonderful warriors wrote, and see where sisssy “Kelly TwoWolves left Kamryn a mesage, and a link for his birthday song”.. Copy and paste that link into your browser to hear it, and turn up the volume on both!

YOU will enjoy…


thanks sissy!


Walk In Beauty


7 comments on “Teach them Well

  1. Such a good day here among friends and family. Prayers tonight for our Senior D'Vante #51 Da Beast and the team that it will be the best game ever tomorrow night. Also for Christina's husband Matt as they will be together again. Still thinking about sweet Kamryn and his grand 10 year birthday celebration. I like that he is still celebrating. I always call October my birth month cuz birthday is in the middle of the month so I celebrate before and after. LOLWishing you all a wonderful night. God Bless each of you and be safe and well. Sandy♥

  2. helloooooo.w.. speechless here too. pictures speak a million words and what amemory you have all made for Kamyrn, a b'day he will never ever forget…I am very touched by today's blog and verygrateful to have been able to share it all.thank you.. sign me,hugging my angels, always grateful to be HERE.. STOMP.. ♣ ♣ ♣

  3. Kam wants to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes, blessings & prayers~~ He said he did have a remarkable birthday and he is counting the days til Cali!! His birthday continued this evening w/Chinese and then tomorrow he is spending the night w his BFF Jw~~I am excited about D'Vantes first football game tomorrow but it will also be a sad time as well since he is a Senior~~Time sure does fly….Everyone say a prayer for the Bobcats and #51 Da Beast :)My BFF Christina's husband Matt will be home tomorrow!!! She is so excited she can't think straight…I am so happy the family will be back together and my football buddy will be home to watch the VA Tech games with me~~Thanks again for all of your kind, loving words for Kam~~I love you Cuzzie & Bun~~ You are amazing

  4. Hey there, on this Thursday, mid day !What a special and fantastic birthday surprise gift from DYS & DLB. COB & mom's cake dessert must have been yummy. Turning 10 is really remarkable, huh, Kam ?I am trying to lessen my strength & steer away from land, however, I have a mind of my own.HURRICANE IRENE, blow away ! FIRM fingers crossed…………. ttfn

  5. Wow- Wow- Kamryn, what a fantastic birthday for your big # 10. Sounds like it could not have been any bettter and then to top off the day with a phone call that you will be going to Michael Jordan Flight School. How exciting that will be and how exciting it will be every day dreaming about it and getting on the plane and heading out west. I am so happy you had such a great day celebraing you. I loved all the pictures. You sure are a handsome young man. I am glad that your birthday was one to remember. Wishing all our friend here a Terrific Thursday. Prayers go out to all those in the path of the storms. Please don't stay but move from it and be safe. Still thinking about Jeepers and hope that he is feeling much better now and taking his medicine. Hope all the four leggers will be enjoying play time soon and racing around the pool. Be safe and well friends and enjoy our Blessings this day. Sandy♥

  6. Wow! what a birthday! Hope that boy keeps his grades up! Thanks for sharing Sissy prayers for all those in the Hurricanes path and you too! getting awful close to you! Hope all here have a blessed day and meet the Magic! Love ya's OXOX

  7. Oh my, what a great blog today for a wonderful young man. Talk about making memories I bet this is one of many he will never forget. Look into those innocent eyes and the smile on that face, he is one happy young man. I feel just by looking at him he will be another MJ and he will soar thru life with wonderful things happening to him in his life. It sure gives us faith that the next generation will soar like a eagle. Thank you Dr.SES for all you do and for all the wisdom you give us to ponder in our lives. Hope all who reads here will be blessed in so many ways. Blessings to all and a great day to all. Watch out for Irene(in Fl..) and the one storm they say is coming. Hope it does give the needed rain but not the destruction. God Bless and soldiers and their families.

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