ohhh what a night from the sounds of it
and cuzzie was texting me like…
those Bobcats kicked off the first game of the season
D’Vante #51 our big Senior this year;
his best “boiis”
Dashon, Deion, Justan, Hunter,
(the list goes on)
suited up, led by their beloved coach 
and now the team pumped up
ready to take on their RIVAL
the Pulaski Cougars!
this is the biggest game in the community;
10,000 expected to fill the bleachers there,
the game for the “bragging rights” and to
claim the New River Bridge
the bridge that must be crossed to play the other;
the very Bridge they claimed the trophy to last year.
The Bobcats!
This year many are
Seniors together; they are hoping, they are
with the focus, the pride, the “desire”
for this win!
“BLACK N GOLD” all day baby!
Godson D’Vante on the left
Justan on the right
“they were ready”
The crowds filled the bleachers,
the night was alive,
emotions were high
the energy felt through the wireless connection!
with seconds to go,
and only 1 point separating the game
I get a text saying
“ohhh lawd fight NOW”
there’s 9 seconds LEFT…
Notice the initials on Godson’s cheek?
Maybe he does respect and love the godmother after all!
I’m texting:
the next text I get is:
Oh yea baby,
Congratulations Bobcats!
You own the Bridge
2 years in a row,
I am hoarse from hollering for the team,
I am sore from taking the hits from the Cougars,
today need to rest, drink lots of water
cos’ I am sure the cramps that came during that game
to Deion, Dashon and others
will be have been hard during the night!
Cuz and Kamryn were headed to the locker room
to meet those boys and D’Vante
to hug them and tell them
awesome job
hey put in some hard work last night!
I was dizzy from it all,
sure would have liked to have been there
to have caught some “wicked cool photos”
in real time!
A little while later my phone rang
was my Godson on the other end
his voice was
“amped up and jacked up”.
He had decided to call his Godmother
to tell me of his night
to share it first hand!
It filled my heart to hear it, through his eyes and heart.
Congratulations Godson,
you “took the bridge”!
I hope you are taking care of that ankle Dashon, the Bobcats need you; hydrate Deion, Justan, Hunter, and the rest…
Great start to your season
with the
pride, patience, and Prowl of the Bobcat!
Friday Night Lights in small town Virginia
where after the game, after screaming until hoarse,
I get a voicemail from COB/Mom/Granny Dot to those boys
who says
she ran into old friends who sat on the Cougar side of the bleachers.
She was amazed when seeing them, and filled with joy at the reunion of “boys” who went to school with her brothers back in the day at
Dublin High School! Many who are mentioned
in Healing Heartaches; that used to gather round
Granny’s table as teens, playing
football and enjoying meals with the family!
The circle just continues
they were sitting on the wrong side of the field
last night!
Hope your Friday was marvelous
that today
you are safe:
To those along the EAST COAST
our prayers and thoughts are with you as we watch
the storm that is having her way with Carolina
heading NORTH
we hope that you will move from harms way.
Do it NOW,
secure your homes, and move dear ones
get out of the path of harm.
As we listened that
NYC will evacuate and close its modes of transportation for the first time ever,
I cannot imagine what that might “look/feel” like there.
I can’t imagine what the effects of that might be
with those who might be up to “no good”
I pray safety to all in that path,
to those who are responding to the call
of first response
I thank you on behalf of those
who will not, nor cannot
just plain out forget to.
the fire is burning and the sage is lit.
To all who enter here and those who forget or don’t know to,
we are holding you UP.
Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
get your copy above!


  1. Hey Cuzzie,Sure wish u could have been at the game last night. It was awesome and by the end I had no voice!! I was so proud of D'Vante, all my "sons" and the rest of the team. Sure felt good today to go to work today w/my Bobcat earrings and necklace on knowing that "Da Bobcats Own The Bridge"I am praying for everyone effected by the hurricane. I wish Irene would just fly away into the ocean far far away~~I love you CuzzieAngie

  2. helloooo.good morning to all and especially to those' must be exhausted Bobcat's " from what sounds to have been a thriller of a game !! I'm not surprised at all to see those intials on D'Vantes cheek… pride displayed with love..awesome !!Been watching the path of 'Irene" closely, thanking her for leaving us safe here in FL. andhoping all people heed the advice to prepare and evacuate as necessary.. devastation may not seem possible to those who have not ever had to be concerned before but please think smart, as your life depends on it. Love lazy Saturday mornings and off to work I go shortly, will make the bbest of it and try to have a bit of fun.. I try to focus on being thankful I am employed as I have read all week of ever increasing unemployment and rising economic problems here in FL.. also will be holding happy thoughts to all my warrior friendsand their families in my head and heart..Have a great day everyone, share a smile withsomeone who has forgotten how.. has anyone elso noticed how many people walk around with such grump looks on their faces ?? As of late, I havenoticed this a lot.. life can surely be overwhelming and maybe our smiles can be contagious.. Too bad everyone did not see those great pics of Kamyrn's beautiful birthday face..I have reread the story of the best surprise and each time I am left with the LIFE IS GREAT feeling in my heart !Hugs and prayers of happiness to all !! sign me, hugging my angels, full of gratitude ♣ ♣A.

  3. Good morning, my heart is so full of blessings today for so many things. The first I will say to all of those millions of people who are having to leave their home and their business you are in my thoughts and prayers. I dont know how I would feel if this would happen to me, stay or go? God be with all of the people who are traveling or staying. On a brighter note, RADFORD, VA. BOBCATS vs. Pulaski Co. Cougars football in Va.. What a wild ride that one was, there was at least 15,000 people there, the game started at 7pm. we went to the park at 5:30pm. when we play football we have the whole community support. It was a close game, last year we beat by 2pts. this year 1pt. Both teams played their best. What is a football game without a good fight? We got 1 pentaly and they got 2, if my eyes was seeing right I think your Godson stood up to the plate and maybe took a swing or two with all of his team. I cant tell you the thrill of the game I do know I got plenty of exercise jumping up and down and the throat was closing in, if you dont go to your local games you are missing so much. To put the icing on the cake running into my dear brother who was killed in a car wreck much too soon was 6 of his dear friends from out of town of course they called me a traitor not knowing my dear nephew was playing on the Bobcat team. It was a great night and one I will always remember. Remember #51 da beast, I am so proud of you in so many ways. Our love for you grows stronger each and every day. He and some of his team are coming up to help his Greatest Aunt in the world today. Use those muscles. I am so happy. Blessings to all.

  4. Happy Saturday friends and Awesome Job Bobcats – very exciting to read the words about the win and taking the bridge. Thinking about all those in the way of the hurricane. Praying all our friends are safe and have moved out to a safe place. Watching the news this morning it looks pretty bad there. Prayers and thoughts for all our friends who are mentioned here and to all those who stop by. Blessings to all. I am out to door quickly today – we have a big adoption event for our shelter and rescue group today and we are taking 16 of our hard to adopt cats and those who have been at the shelter for longer than 6 months. Prayers that we have a grand day and some adoptions of these great orphan animals. Have a fantastic Saturday and stay safe friend – Sandy♥

  5. Good Saturday morning to all.Congrads to the Bobcats on the taking of the bridge. You go, D'Vante and team-mates !My thoughts / prayers go out to those in harm's way, my family included. I did not mean to be MEAN. Blessed in the sunshine state, I remain FIRM ICE SCREAM today.

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