The Thunder is Rolling

My Gift of The Day
As I brought my self
out to the rainy Lanai
to listen to the
my eyes were taken to this
most beautiful gift!
The sun is wanting to come out
after a night of rains,
an early morning of
now the last of the
thunder beings running the skies.
But the birds are now
breaking into song
with great tihngs to say about this day!
Legend has it that,
Once long ago…
 Muxumsa Pethakowe, our Grandfather the Thunder, was father of the first people, and the Moon was the first mother.
But Maxa’xâk, the evil horned serpent, destroyed the Water Keeper Spirit and let go the waters upon the Earth and the first people were no more.
 Since then, the Thunderers, Pethakowe’jàk, have always been on the lookout for Maxa’xâk and other such evil water monsters, and when one appears, the Thunderers shoot their crooked, fiery lightening arrows at them, hoping to avenge the deaths of the first people and to make sure that none of the evil shall ever disturb the harmony upon the Earth or cause harm to our Lenape’wàk.
So then,
Long ago, there was a time when Grandfather Thunder was forgotten among our people, unlike Grandmother Moon who has always been remembered and honored by us.
He became bitter and despondent over our neglect and forgetfulness of him, and in his anger he came from his home in the west, calling out in a voice that shook the heavens and the Earth.
 Hidden in clouds, he crossed right over the homes and villages of our people.
In his fury he shot lightening arrows at the Earth, killing people, burning houses and shattering trees, and the clouds cried their tears of sorrow upon the Earth. Luckily, he never stayed in one place too long, and usually was seen traveling towards the east.

At first he would come alone, but after a while his many children came with him, and they frequently brought fear into the hearts of our Lenapé people. Some would come from a cave under the falls know today as Niagara and others came from the mountains where they often made their homes.

At the sight of dark clouds and lightening, and at the sound of the thunder, being the roar of the wings of the Thunderers and the shaking of their rattles filled with bones, which shook the sky, our people became most fearful.

Nanapush finally saw that we, his grandchildren, were in distress and so he came to help us saying, “You have hurt and insulted your Grandfather Thunder through a lack of respect and thought for him.
 Grandfathers need to be remembered and honored too, for they also, like grandmothers, have shared in the gift of life and in helping their grandchildren into the future. So, when you first hear Grandfather Thunder in the spring, telling you that winter has ended and that life is again coming to the Earth, burn tobacco and greet your grandfather with prayers.

Whenever you hear his voice, do this and you will gain his protection and lightening will not strike you. Grandfather Thunder has charge of the rains that water the Earth and make your crops grow. With the proper respect, he will be thankful, bringing blessings to you, and protect you from the horned snakes and water monsters, and he will come to bring you warnings!”

From that time to this our Grandfather Thunder and our Lenapé people have always been close. We listened to our wise Grandfather Nanapush, and we have always shown respect to Old Thunder and love him dearly, and we always give thanks for his many gifts to all land and life upon Mother Earth.
And so there you go… as they story is now shared, the rains are falling here, the thunder is becoming more like the sound of drums I do believe now~; the thunder beings are playing and are having a grand time! As we honor, remember and respect, all living things, and so it will be good. Wado!
I will light the tobacco and sage, and offer it to spirit.
With thoughts on the winds, I send all great blessings of hope in healing, strength in all that are recovering from the storms of the hurricane, and those who are walking with pain or challenges along their journey…
Keep the Faith dear ones, knowing that after the storm, to look UP for the rainbow.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

5 comments on “The Thunder is Rolling

  1. helloooo.love reading the legends..and love the thunder and the rains,find it very soothing to my soul,after reading this I now understand whyI enjoy a storm so much… WADO..have a wonderful Monday everyone.off to begin a new week with my best outlook on.. STOMP… agree totally with the comment above.. love this page.Hugging my angels, with gratitude,sign me ♥ A.

  2. "R E S P E C T" … stomp, thanks doc and have a great week, all warriors and all everywhere… love this page!

  3. Again, Thank you for the legends you share and the messages they impart. A wonderful opportunity to view nature in a way that personalizes the messages we can garner. You are so kind to pry open our eyes, and move our hearts.

  4. I read today's wonderful informative words, doc. Let me get this straight: light up tobacco and sage to keep safe from the scary storm hitting me right now ? I love you and the head crushing information you share, just kidding. Hope the readers know that I just have a way with expression and words. I am breathing into Monday, a new week, soon-to-benew MONTH of Sept. which brings us closer to a season change, marching toward the END of our 6 month hurricane season, " falling' into ourdark months ( which I dislike ), BUT…… I am alive, healthy, happy, strong and F I R M

  5. Dear Dr. Sherry, thank you for the words today and the legend. It is always a joy and heartwarming to come her and read you words and learn the legends that you share. Some I have known and some I have not. This one I don't believe I have heard it before. I love the sound of thunder storms but always pray it does not get too bad and we are safe through the storm as it passes by. I hope your storm just nosey and not a dangerous one. Thinking about those who have been faced with the Hurricaine and pray that things get better for them quickly. Prayers for those who suffered loss of homes or property and those who may have suffered the loss of a loved one that they will find comfort in the angels. Wishing you each a very Blessed, happy and safe Monday. Sandy♥

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