What were they thinking?

Washington D.C.
Hello September 2011
ohhh boy
it is starting with folks upset,
all sorts of stuff already!
Maya Angelou has already let her feelings and eloquent words be known about the
Martin Luther King Memorial
Washington DC
I have to tell you,
I too
find the memorial
to reflect an image of something
certainly NOT
a man that I remember
who has
“walked the walk along and among the people”.
what were they thinking?
and once again
I have to wonder why in the world
people have committees… if this is the end result, and why in the word was
such a great man honored and the work done
by anyone other than brilliant artists
to capture a man of such beauty, such powerful humility
one who has indeed walked the walk and talked the talk with the rest of us
for civil rights and human rights
those of us on this soil.
it does not matter
as a dear friend
has reminded me
of the color of the skin of a person
who does the sculpture
it does matter
the way in which the end result is
Many will see Dr King
beautiful, just as he was!
A leader of great power, of beauty
“the head of the drumline!”
We were all marching to the beat of
the drum he carried
and more times than not
he marched to the beat of
that powerful drum
that only he could beat
“Is it ME?” I somehow do not think so?
again I have to wonder
about committees
why have a committee that does not have active roles in the design, follow through and implementation for such an important thing in our Nation’s Capital that will be viewed by
those who come from around the globe
to absorb its history, its sights, its glory.
why in the world
Martin being portrayed with first glance
“above it all”
“higher than the high”
 like a
“dictator who ruled”
in my first glance from this photo
separate from the people, I’m thinking.
Martin Luther King
was a man who walked with and for people
of all colors, ALL PEOPLE
never with his arms crossed to indicate
distance from those he embraced.
where were those people of the committee
why weren’t they on hand to see this through
from the first thought, from each step
to completion?
Maya Angelou has gone so far to say
the quote on the memorial
makes Martin look like a “twit”.
Now that is saying something I think!
Maya Angelou (who I admire and just love)
is denouncing the designers of the memorial to the civil rights leader for including on its north side the words: “I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness”, saying they have been taken out of context, and she is saying it with such solemness that it makes one want to
STOMP for justice
and tear the damn thing down and start over.
If you are going to honor the man
who did so much for so many
it should be done right
in my way of thinking
than remind us of those statues we see
rising in the sky of dictators overseas
that are completely estranged from the people
in both their message and their fear.
Dr King was not one of those people,
he walked with us, beside us
and he
did lead us
in the March for equality, for justice
I am grateful
for us.
We walked through hell
through the streets arm in arm
for civil rights
for humanity
had a dream
he gave all
so that
one day…
But yet, now he will be viewed as this looming and large figure in our Nations’ Capital that stands apart from the people, looking rather cocky there if you ask me, and nothing like
the man he was… and as for that quote that was taken out of context? Well, Indeed, the quotation paraphrases a passage from a sermon given by Dr King in an Atlanta church shortly before his assassination.
Eerily, he was speculating what an eulogy to him might say in the event of his dying.
“Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice,” he told the congregation that day. “Say that I was a drum major for peace. I was a drum major for righteousness.”
So we can all see why Maya just might go to DC and scratch that memorial writing out
so that Dr King sounds less like a twit; she just might take Oprah with her and together
they may just take the whole thing down
start over;
have it built by those who know
Dr King walked with us regular folks
and walked with his head up
but his arms extended to others
rather than crossed with arrogance
and indications of “blocking/distance”.
maybe the committee will insist that
this memorial be redone
by those
“get it”?
By choosing not to inscribe the full quotation, the designers have done Dr King a disservice, the 83-year-old poet complained to the Washington Post. The inscription makes him “look like an arrogant twit,” she said.
“He was anything but that. He was far too profound a man for that four-letter word to apply. He had no arrogance at all.
He had a humility that comes from deep inside. The ‘if’ clause that is left out is salient. Leaving it out changes the meaning.”

Now many will say; others will ask…

Where was Maya Angelou during the building, the final says of all this? It appears she was not there, but was an advisor… as were many other strong voices that could have made a strong impact…

On that > I do not have the answer, but u can bet we will be hearing a lot more about this…
I sure do believe this: they (Chinese artists) hired by those here, have certainly done Martin wrong in the remembering of a man that will be seen now through many and different eyes
differently than he was… this chinese sculpture sure did NOT capture the essence of the man; that much is certain, arms crossed, stern look…
 Oh it is going to be some September I’m thinking, fall is in the air, and folks are fired up as well…

The quotation was chosen as a central inscription for the four-acre, $120 million memorial, which stands on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. But due to a last-minute (perhaps one should take their time when doing things of such magnitude?)design change, the excerpt was paraphrased and shortened in order to fit on a different side of the statue. I hope people will remember him as his was and not as he is portrayed on that monument…

We were blessed to have Dr Martin Luther King
reach out his arms of compassion, to lead, to walk beside us…
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou [oh how i love me some Dr Maya Angelou]
Maya Angelou
has inspired, has touched
has walked in the hearts, souls and minds
of millions.
She is “real”, she is powerful, gentle
most of all…
she is
a remarkable, beautiful woman.
“Thank-you Maya”

AND then again, so will the Mayor of NY as we enter in to September, 10 days away from the anniversary of a day that changed our lives and the lives of millions who have been fighting for our freedoms since… and I haven’t heard anything about the Pentagon… Remember the plane also hit and forever changed lives there as well.

First responders not invited?

Well as I remember it; First Responders were not invited on that day of 9/11 either… some paid the ultimate sacrifice that day, others gave all that they had, some still paying the price of serving, all would do it again I imagine, many were not invited to return day in and day out, round the clock. Many if not all looked into the barrels of AK-47’s as they entered the grounds to report; as they responded; as they attended to others; to family members, to aide…
Midnight shifts were there, uninvited then, without handshakes then from mayors, from brass…

So guess this will be no different huh? yes, it does feel differently to NOT be invited, now hearing it is because there is not room for First Responders…. perhaps some of the politicians and wives or press could give up their seats?


We were not invited
we were there.

Prayers being sent to all who served
all who showed up
those who have served
to keep us safe.

Mayor of NY?
Keep your seat sir,
we do not need your invitation
we know where we were when it mattered.

Please warriors
hold UP in your thoughts today
EE in Colorado
Dot and Suellen in Southwest VA as they are grieving the sudden death of little Tiki the 4 legged who is now running like the wind across the Rainbow Bridge.
Baby Nicolas here in Tampa who continues to fight to regain strength from his brain injury.
Shannon’s brother Rod in Michigan
fighting stage IV throat Cancer now with treatment.
Jean in Northern Va recovering from spinal surgery yesterday with MRSA now in intensive care, we are with her and family in strength for the family as they wait/hope/

Our warriors here are a powerful lot,
we are holding you all UP.

HOLD tight to hope, faith, compassion
KINDNESS friends!
don’t forget to laugh
it’s at self!!!

Walk in Beauty,
The sage is fired up, on the winds…


3 comments on “What were they thinking?

  1. I think the MLK Memorial is "butt ugly"… It look incomplete. Like no one cared to finish it. What were they thinking? I have many many times visited the Memorials in DC and have always felt that each one was more inspiring than the other. This is a first. Maybe it's me but once you have seen the others, this one looks ugly. Why?

  2. Yes September is here and more leaves have fallen off the trees here in SE Mich just since yesterday. Many things to think about and wonder about the outcomes. So many memories. Working in the hospital I have had the great privilege, this last year, of sharing an office with an older black physician who actually went to medical school in Alabama during very difficult times. He had the opportunity to walk with Martin Luther King and side-by-side they stood up for rights that were never heard of before. During those times this physician spent time in jail due to what they stood firm on. I have seen pictures of the two of them together and heard his stories of their walk and work. It gave me a new awareness and appreciation of those most difficult days. I am sorry that the 1st responders were not invited to 9/11 and can't understand the reasons. God Bless those brave men and women and their families for all they did that day and many after it. Prayers this morning for each of those mentioned here this day. Sending prayers for all those who stop here today and their families. Dr. Sherry – thank you for being here and your support, wisdom and compassion. Bless you Sandy♥

  3. In my (not so) humble opinion, I find nothing wrong with the memorial. While I do agree that the quote should not have been shortened, I find the memorial inspiring. He was larger than life..and is portrayed as such. I totally understand the feelings people have…it does look…overwhelming…and a bit overbearing ..considering the gentleness of this man, but consider the message..the Drum Major stands in front of the band…large staff in hand..leading the way..he stands apart. I think that although there are flaws, and things could have been done differently, that the memorial is powerful, and I hope it will be an inspiration to many…

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