Here Comes that Weekend

She’s on top of her condo
ready for the weekend!
Happy Friday
are you ready for the
Labor Day Weekend?
Here in Florida it’s soggy, with the weatherman letting us know that
“rain is in our forecast for the weekend”
ohhh how we have had the rain!
With each beat of the drums
Thunder beings have been playing
long and hard here,
Gypsy is just bound
to run out and join in song
she gets drenched here!
She is a funny little one
and has been ever so loving to her brother
as he continues on the mend!
We were ever so worried
he has turned the corner
on that tracheobronchitis
I am happy to say
We still have no
zoom zoom zoom
Nascar round the pool with the 4 leggeds
as the littles are still waiting for
Jeepers to recover,
we do have improvement.
Gypsy spends her days
playing with her toys, and often will go to
Jeepers and give him a loving nudge
or clean his eyes for him though!
It’s good to be the
And really not so good to be the
green monkey…
But here at home,
it is great to have and watch the 4 leggeds as they chase the thunder, watch the rain
love to be loved by their humans.
we hear the most from her
when the food is served
and for some reason she seems to think it is prepared for her and her alone!
this is her time to bark, and bark she does,
although I have never understood why
as she doesn’t eat human food!
But from time to time
she will get a streak of fun that runs through her as she chases and engages with
the others, running and ducking
being her sneaky self!
Aren’t the 4-leggeds just amazing?

Meanwhile Jeepers is laid back in paradise, and just enjoying the lovin… He is watching it all happen, and oh how he loves when his Auntie Sandy comes from next door, so he can then get on her lap and hit her hand with his paw as he demands her continual petting, loving and “goochie gooing” as she tells him of his beauty and cute factor!

While the other two
look at her in dismay
you could read their minds as they wonder,
“what are we … chopped liver”
So then,
life is wonderful in the world of the
4-leggeds I’m thinking!
And for our Sandy?
She continues to state,
“Jeepers is my DOG” as she comes and loves on him, gives him that extra hugging and holding and checks him daily  between time of hard labor over there
“sootville” where improvements are being made with hard work and purpose and labor intensive mindsets of she and Stuart. they’ve come a long way, and still have such a long way to go.
the perp is still at large… but they know who it is; they know the affiliation and the closeness is disgusting, the wounds are deep.
they are survivors; now concentrating on restoring their home, and reclaiming their lives.
the best news is; they come here and have Jeepers, Gypsy, and silly Patches to entertain them and divert their attention; they have us to break bread with
sit around the table with
rest their eyes and their minds from the tasks which some days are larger than any would want to conquer.
They appreciate the thoughts of all here.
As we move into the weekend,
many will be firing up grills, getting out and about and on the roads for long weekends,
while others will be
“laboring” and working.
It’s Labor day weekend,
many healthcare organizations will be just like any other day… folks will be at work!
In hospice, hospitals it is business as usual, folks will be at work!
I heard a story yesterday that kept me up most of the night last night; a story that i will share in detail next week, and a story that I will use as a reminder to all who enter here.
It is a story to remind all:
WE ARE CONSUMERS in the world
of healthcare
 along with the world of anything else in which we purchase a good or service.
I will let you know now friends;
when you go to a physician, a therapist, a healthcare provider…
YOU are the consumer,
THEY have taken oaths to
“do NO HARM”
you must hold them to that oath.
so then…
If you are treated poorly by a physician
if you feel you are or have been abused or harmed
you have rights, and you have options
I encourage you to use them.
A good place to start
is with the
Licensing board of the Medical Board in the state you live;
*file a complaint*
*let your voice be heard*
*write a review on the web*
*enlist a friend for support and help*
*know that you are WORTH best care and practice*
*everyone who seeks care, needs to demand that they are treated with kindness, compassion and respect*
 “It is a mathematical fact that fifty percent of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class.”
~Author Unknown
Now I don’t know who the above author is, but what I do know is that many of those docs are also brilliant minds, but have absolutely no common sense, nor compassion.
I also know it is past time
we hold them accountable to their oaths, their professions
we do that best by reporting their actions to the very professions they represent.
Once again I am reminded of the saying of
Dame Cicely Saunders,
“Care of the body means nothing without care of the soul” and in this friends,
many physicians are lacking
one physician who is an Oncologist/Hematologist/Gyno
is truly lacking
that I am now raging over in his treatment of a friend.
And to think
he has the nerve
to boast in his website that he cares for the
“surgical, medical, emotional, spiritual care of patients”
yet was abusive, abrupt, insensitive,
DID HARM to a patient
is unfathonable to me.
We must be advocates in our care, and in the advocacy of those we care for as consumers of health care
care of all and each other.
Nuff said to get your motors running
ZOOM into the weekend.
So then,
if you have some sun where you are,
get out there and
“outshine it friends”
A beautiful day is breaking here, with pinks, lavender
and lovely light blue beginning to show!
I wish you a brilliant weekend.
I hope you have your flags flying
have plans to get one and raise it high.
We are days away
from the anniversary of

5 comments on “Here Comes that Weekend

  1. Labor Day and I hope everyone who works anywhere is off work. Only vending machines should sell ice and gas and whatever people cant live without. What a party it would be if NOBODY had to work this Monday. Got a great visual going here. As for the 4 leggeds… what a funny funny bunch. Loved the pictures, always love this blog.

  2. Happy Fri. to all, where in the world is Irene and Chris? Did they go to Hawaii and not tell us. The 4 legged looks good. Our prayers are answered that Jeepers is mending, all the love he receives from his Aunt Sandy and others have kept him going. He does not want to miss out on anything. So happy to hear he is on the way to play and run. I could not help but be shocked reading the blog about removing the flag, what in the world is going on with people, dont they know 09-11-01 is just next week? Do they not remember how many brave lives were lost during this time? So sad what is happening in our world today. All the papers are telling you to fly your flag. The high school flag having to be taken down? I think a local tv and newspaper should be notified of this action. What a sad world. We need to honor our soldiers and their families every day and pray for their safe return. God Bless Dr. SES and God Bless USA.

  3. GREAT Friday morning Doc!- Greetings & hugs out to all that stop by…It has been weeks since I last visited and have much catching up to do for sure. While I may not visit as often as I should you all are never far from my thoughts. Thank You Doc for the work that you do every morning in order to see to it that we have a place to come and celebrate, console, cry, and laugh. Please know we do appreciate you and your work.I especially love the NASCAR analogy regarding the 4-leggeds. My two race to the couch to see who can fall asleep the fastest and snore the loudest…if you have never heard an English Bulldog snore, add it to the bucket list…its a "MUST" experience…lol As we start today and look forward to celebrating this upcoming Monday (only 2 days and a wake up away)..I am gearing up for a spectacular Monday morning dance..Yes, I will be dancing around my grill and smoker (baby back ribs in order..YUM!)and not on a desk…but this dance goes out to my brothers and sisters in arms currently serving. This particular year is somewhat special in that we, The Vets from Desert Shield/Desert Storm, mark the 20th Anniversary of the return home after those campaigns..20 YEARS! REALLY?..for those home safe and have moved on to life in the world THANK YOU!…for those who made the ultimate sacrifice…A Thank You will NEVER be enough, rather we must continue the fight of freedom and carry your legacies and memories with us as we march forward. It was and will remain the ULTIMATE Honor to have served with you all!Joe

  4. Happy Friday friends – I hope it is a good one and for some it is the start of a long weekend. Dr. Sherry, I love the four leggeds pictures and happy to hear Jeepers is feeling better. Hope he continues to improve and they will resume their races around the pool soon. My three furry kids cats bring such joy to my life. Yes, unfortunately, the medical field does not always carry the best in the field. I have had some nightmares in my life due to experience with physicians. I am glad to hear Sandy and Stuart are still going strong. I know it has to be tiring at times and knowing the one who was responsible for all of it is still at large. Prayers for all those who have been mentioned here lately and for all our friends who stop here, that your day and long weekend will be a Blessed one and those going through trials and illnesses will feel better and be at peace. Sandy♥

  5. Good Friday Morning Cuzzie & Warriors,Love the pics of the doggies….Haven't seen them in so long which maybe a good thing since I am allergic and we all know how I get when I am around any dog too long but I still love dogs regardless of my outcome.Today is the first day of my 4 day weekend and Kam is still snoring away beside me…letting him sleep til the last moment. D'Vante is already left for school. Me, Kam & Auntie Dot will be leaving this afternoon to go to NC to spend a few night w/our Cousins. Can't wait to relax by their pool and hoping to go out on the boat. Really looking forward to a relaxing weekend w family. D'Vante will be staying behind so he can attend a football game tonight, which is the team they will play next Friday night and suppose to be No. 1 in the district so they have to go check them out and then on Saturday he is off to Emory & Henry's first football game which he and his friend Dashon were invited to by the coach and will be guests on the sideline. How exciting for them both~~Cuz wanted to let you know that yesterday our apartment complext did a visual inspection of the outside of apartments and I got a letter b/c I have an American Flag flying in their mulch as well as a "Go Bobcat" sign as well. Have 5 days to take it down and get kicked out. Now I just lost it. An American Flag…for real? R u serious? So I will just take my flag and my sign and hang it on my porch but then I will get yet another letter saying "Please remove" What is this world coming too when you can't fly an American Flag? and give encourgament to your hometown High School. Unbelievable~~~I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. Enjoy your family and your friends……Monday I will finally get to see my man Matt…home from Kuwait and did I mention I finally got him and his wife (my BFF) tickets to tomorrow's VA Tech home opener which was sold out!!!! He is over the moon excited~~We are having a cookout at their house on Monday & I am so looking forward to it~Love you Cuz and Miss you~~Hope everyone has a beautiful, blessed day~~

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