Where’s the Arc. just rambling this morning


Tuesday morning ramblings as the rain still falls…
Sure am hoping everyone is staying safe in all this rain… it is still raining in Florida;
the pool is overflowing so there is
NO NASCAR running around for the four-leggeds today!
A soggy week-end was had over Labor Day here, with yesterday having some intense and lovely rains, winds, thunder beings playing along with the Lightning that streaked the skies…
At time the sun was shining as all the above was just going strong!
I’m so sure the rainbow was out that I didn’t even look over my shoulder
I could feel it’s colors right around me though!
Tasks took us out on the roads and into the streets and it was rather interesting how folks were on this Labor day..
all trying to get those bargains,
few were what one would call
“kind” to those
putting in the work
“Labor Day”
As we were in line for one store
I couldn’t help be be intrigued by a woman in line… who was taking just too much time trying to get her “coupons worth”
insisting that the cashier was not giving her enough of her discount on a
$2.99 frame.
It required a manager, who was then taken from “my line” to assist!
I of course then had to add my two cents by making the buzzer sound of a game show
say, “bzzz, final answer, “sucks to be u”, coupon wins!
Others in the line found that very funny,
hoped the lady would give it up
and the line resume,
the manager come to my line
we could just move on…
As the manager looked at me
with big eyes
after I said to her,
“wow, thanks for working on Labor day”!
I smiled leaving and winked at her,
then said
“uh oh, the lady is still over there”!
She grimaced and whispered, “I know”!
People are just amazing aren’t they?
I mean really now,
how much more of a discount can one expect on a $2.99 item after already getting 40% off anyways?
what are they thinking?
so then it’s off to yet another store
where folks are just making faces at each other; complete strangers giving each other faces! Almost like someone is ready to smack you faces?
What’s up with that?
I was poised to make a right hand turn onto US19 when a woman in much too short shorts and a way to tight tank top was walking in FRONT of my car…
she started cussing me before she walked in front of my car, gave me a “hand gesture”, delayed in FRONT of my car, continuing to do the same, as she walked past my car???
I was hysterical laughing at this point
I remarked to my friend,
“what in the world; it is she who is walking!
Perhaps I should remind her that I did NOT run over her, I was sitting her in MY car while she is WALKING and running her mouth; my car is just sitting here”!
what was she thinking?
So then,
out of the raining and thunder and people just being crazy;
as we drove by the movie house we noticed the movie
was playing there still.
Quick… U turn at next place, and next thing you know, we were there to see that movie!
What a movie it was.
If you can,
IT is one of the best and hardest movies I have ever seen in my life.
I at times could NOT
breathe and did not think I could sit through it all.
It pained my senses, it violated my fabric of beliefs
it stood for
all that I am.
Can you imagine women who raised white folks babies, were treated worse than dirt;
but would hold and love little children
with complete love
and give them this message each day;
You is Kind, You Is Sweet, You Is Important”.
Back in the day
Dr Martin Luther King
stood for civil rights
back in the day
back when Rosa rode in the back of the bus,
and when she “refused to”,
back when some decided that was just
wrong, WRONG wrong
and stood arm in arm
but it was
“back then and back when”
“coloreds and whites”
drank from different fountains
ate at different tables
white folks entrusted their babies to these marvelous and phenomenal Black Women
and yet,
did not allow them to pee in the same toilet, or eat at the same table.
See this movie,
prepare to remember; to cry
you touch a child
or your child within
as you say
I was exhausted after this movie; and when the credits filled the screen people left as the song played.
It was not just any song;
it was
that spoke to the entire movie
that put it all together
MJ Blige put her heart stamp on
that spoke volumes
“THE HELP”; the women who are remarkable,
along with those who are out there
in the world
women that we may know
women that we are
who have walked through hell
women who are
now who they are
because of what they have been through.
“the Living Proof” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPpvdWOZZio&feature=related

Are you the
“Living Proof”?

Live your best lives dear ones…
With intention, with gratitude and grace
in all you do, and all you are.

The sage is filling the air with
HOPE in the walk that you are on today,
may you keep your head up
knowing that
you are the “Living Proof”
the “proof is in the puddin”

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

p.s. send the arc!


3 comments on “Where’s the Arc. just rambling this morning

  1. hellooooooo.sure have missed all of you in the past few days, down and here,feeling not so great with some kind of exhausting bug… BUT…caught up on the last few blogs, my head much clearer yet now full of all kinds of thoughts..loved the movie review, cannot imagine we truly ever treated other human beings in such arrogant and ignorant manner. Shame on that yet very proud that our generation has overcome the stigma and color blind perspective. That superior attiutude may still exist in some people, I refuse to be silent when I hear or see the racism.. I believe in our US Constitution, all women are created equal.. proof is sure in the pudding and I can't wait to see and feel the movie.. and moving forward to 9/11.. there is a fear deep in my heart that some sickos may launch another attack, we are as vulnerable now as ever.. remembering where I was on that tragic day and the feeling of complete helplessness.. my thoughts and prayers go out to all families who were victims, to all the first responders and there are no words to express my personal gratitude for all of you who selflessly helped and gave so much for us at that time.. UNITED we still stand, with a pride that devours the ignorance of those who have forgotten 9/11..It is in rememberance and thanks , we are safe and still a free USA, I will fly my flag also, and endure the ' wrath' of the condo assoc. who state the restrictions of flying flags etc..let someone tell me to take my flag down, dare them to, I need little provocation to speak my mind in bold and colorful words to stand up for what our country stands for..Once again, THANK YOU DOC.. for your timely and wise reminder and for your personal service and sacrifice.. I am proud to know you and have deepest respect for the values you promote and believe in.. Be safe and find some peace in heart, these are my wishes to all who visit here and to those who have not had the good fortune to have yet visited here..I am proud to be a gentle warrior and will work each day to 'feed the right wolf'..The rains are pouring from the heavens as I write, soothing and cleansing to my soul..off to sleep now.. hugging my angels and feeling very blessed to be a proud, thankful American ! sign me , ♥ ♥ A.,

  2. I enjoyed your words today and chuckled at your experiences with the kooky people you came across. I often wonder if they are that kooky in their entire life? Hmmm can't imagine that. I have run in to many. I give a lot of credit to cashiers and managers in retail as they sure have to deal with a whole lot. Someone has to do it though but I know that would not be a job for me. Especially on big sale days wow, not something I could do. I appreciate them and let them know. I was touched by the description of the movie "The Help." I have heard much about it and I do want to take time to see it. Sorry the rain is still coming there in Florida. No rain here but been cloudy and quite cool. It only got to 60 yesterday, very cloudy and windy and right now it is only 52 cloudy and windy. Starting tomorrow is our rain for the next 4 days – says thunder showers. So your thunders are heading to Michigan so maybe your sunshine will come out. I opened up my windows and doors today but it is getting a little chilly so I might have to close them again. My last day off from work and back to work tomorrow. Wasn't much of a vacation as I worked quite a bit. We are preparing Mom & Dad's house for sale and I am the one that has to do the cleaning and throwing away of 50+ years and 4 kids worth of stuff. In those days folks did not throw away hardly anything. Furniture, newspapers with big news, kids toys, kitchen ware, etc. Very little ever got thrown out. It is hard going through it all and all those memories lay heavy on my heart and having to throw so much out that meant something to them at the time. I did have some help in the beginning with the big things but my help had to move so now it is me to finish up. Tough to do and very tiring. Today, I have to do some things around my house and then tomorrow back to the real world or work. Wishing everyone who comes here a Terrific Tuesday and love and Blessings in your day. Prayers for those who often come to mind who are spoken here. You all my have to send that Ark my way soon – LOL☺. Sandy♥

  3. OMG, the ARC is not big enough, send a cruise ship, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bones are aching, but my heart, more, about your words today. THE HELP, I have not seen yet, but will definitely after how it touched you and listening to the song. I have a candle burning, NO SAGE ( it makes me queesey)I wish everyone good spirit, light heartedness and a wonderful 2's day. Laughed at your public exposure to NUTZ on the road/in line, etc. You CRACK me up and still D Y S, Firm

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