Maybe a Cruise Ship

Perhaps we should just forget the
send a
Cruise ship here…
after all then we can head to
the Carribean; do a bit of gambling,
be waited on by those in shorts
already be in
“sail mode”

Yep, I’m thinking a cruise right about now would be the best plan for this continual rain here in the Tampa Bay area… needless to say… storms are still coming in,
NASCAR has been once again postponed around the pool today… the four leggeds are just snooozing away here.

Oh yea,
just a bit stormy in the hood!
So as I sit and read the thoughts on yesterday’s blog, and listen to some music,
I was reminded of some wonderful sayings:
Minni don’t burn chicken” came to mind and I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud!
Then I started thinking about how folks used to use wonderful expressions;
do you have favorites or think back to a time of hearing them from those you remember today?
How bout?
Lawd, yall are like putting cats in a bag when you argue, shake u up and heaven only knows what or who is goin to fall out first
“yall just like to fuss so you can make up”
she dont know if she’s  on foot or horseback
u all just like to stir in “it” to see if you can get it to stink more
“she’s as cool as the other side of the pillow”
she’s gilding the lily
if the good Lord’s a willin and the crik don’t rise
“well butter me a biscuit…”
“go pound sand”
i need that as much as I need teeeth in my *ss”
Oh for those ole expressions!
when someone shows you who they are believe them then walk away” (Maya Angelou)
“if you are mad scratch your hind-end and get glad” [granny]
I had a client tell me recently when defensive,
well after all … mercury is in retrograde!”
I sat quietly and then replied..
well, does that mean that now your fever has broken?”
those who know me, are well aware
“I don’t take tylenol for the fever of others”.
Ohhhh lawd, must be all this rain
making my thoughts just pour out here…
Just need a little/LOT
Interesting how the brightness of friends, family, the
Universal Connection of spirit
can lighten a room,
while also accomodating the heartspace…
Once can love without judgment, without expectation
love always…
Once that respect, kindness and honor is established
one can
outshine the sun
even on dreary days
in all kinds of ways
while maintaining balance
during storms
dignity during times of sadness
or times of stress.
Even in those times
there comes a time
when we come to decisions
of when to stand
when to
KNowing that things will not always be the way we want them,
paths will not always be well lit or marked,
opinions will always vary…
kindness will never go out of
folks will often always speak their mind…
folks will
STOMP… and they will say what they mean and mean what they say. It is in those times, that humor is paramount, and real is real,
but love, respect and kindness just might make or break your deal!
and this great quote will come in handy:
 “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”     —Dr. Seuss
Wonder how many remember?
when a percolator used to
make that wonderful sound in the kitchen;
a kelvonator was in there as well?
a 45 was played on 33 speed
swag lamps ruled the living room
with shag carpets galore?
Still got those “beads” that used to separate the doorways?
Retro baby, think retro!
if you haven’t had the pleasure of
hearing this young man sing
yet… take a listen
to Michael GRIMM cos’ I gotta tell ya…
he is the
new generation
old soul music
with my soggy self sitting here
I feel like
Otis Redding is back and I’m sittin on the dock of the bay, with my
“sway on”
my scattered thoughts being tossed in
I await the cruise ship to
tie up on this here dock today.
OMG, that boy can sing his butt off~!
They say: if you are relaxed your blood pressure is low… heaven help me if it goes any lower, I may need the number of
Where were you?

Blessings on the winds, dear ones… Dance on the raindrops today…

Our hearts are surrounding those in TX as the fires rage on there, we are with you and wish we could send you some rain….

Walk In Beauty


3 comments on “Maybe a Cruise Ship

  1. It was fun reading this again and all the responses. I missed some things I meant to comment on. I loved the pictures. Of course I remember the percolator coffee maker. I loved watching it perking in the morning, loving the sounds and smell of strong coffee. I would get up early with Mom and Dad to get Dad off to work at GM. I would pack his lunch for him in his shiny lunch box and add a few more pickles and snacks. Mom would pour the hot coffee in his thermos. I would then sit with them in the quiet, while my Sis and Bro slept and while he Dad his breakfast of eggs, toast and half of a grapefruit. He would then squeeze that last spoonful of juice and give it to me along with the last corner of his toast. He would leave and then I would crawl back into the warm bed with Mom until time to get up for school. Those were good days and good memories of years gone by. Haven't thought about that in a long time. Wishing everyone here a very happy and Blessed rest of the day. It is still raining cats and dogs and a few chickens here in SE Michigan. Oh where is that cruise ship Dr. Sherry? I am waiting on it.☺ LOL Sandy♥

  2. great blog doc, glad u left it for me to catch up ehre… when hell freezes, and if u dont know me by now, guess u never will know me come to mind on those expressions…. this is a great place to come to and the photos are off the hook!loved the rain, the storm and the sunnnnn where is it.the expressions are priceless and oh how i remember that percolator and strong coffe, but oh i do so remember the i'm so made i wish my ass had teeth one too now that dates me..how bout the, "i remember walking four miles to school after feeding the hens, u don't know how good it is!"glad to see all commenting, and hope today there will be more to read once the memmores are stored. thanks doc, best to all the warriors here, even the ones who only read it and dont say hi anymore to us, i know they are here…

  3. I almost choaked after reading the last comment above, laughing my lungs out."toke till ya choke "………… what a bunch of NUTZ we are

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