Still Waitin (on The Cruise ship_)

it is
the Cruise Ship still hasn’t pulled up
I’m waiting
if like you
I’m not seeing it at the door!
if like you
when turning on the T.V.
I’m not seeing a lot of
“good news”
unless you want to call
Packers win
good news
as football kicks off
if you are
Packers Fan that is!
I just don’t think I could put a block of cheese on my head
walk around town though,
can’t say I’m a Packers fan!
It’s been a week;
Lee Roy Selmon died suddenly after
USF college football beats Notre Dame
he was 56 years young
a hall of famer
and kind lovely man.
He will be sorely missed as he was an inspiration to many,
but will guide many more I am certain.
We are at the eve
of the day
the world stood still
here on our soils
on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
the Creator has wept this week
as rains are causing flooding
moods are taking turns towards depression
old man grief is visiting many it seems.
Perhaps triggered by the Nations
photos like this one:
on 9/11
Jumping to his death rather than burn in the Twin Towers.
This photograph has been shown more than probably any picture; and the televisions across the globe along with magazines still show him in the final seconds of his life that day.
It is truly remarkable in many ways
if you notice
this man;
has taken those seconds to
“choose” to “choreograph” his last moments
of life…
We will all always wonder as he has raised one leg, what he might have been thinking, saying, singing, praying, shouting
as he controlled those last seconds
“his way”, “his style”
we can all know now
“he too dances across the galaxies”
we will
Men and women
ran to enlist right after the events of that
chaos surrounded the country,
our Nation was never stronger than when
we all stood
contrary to what we are all seeing on the
TV this week…
and hearing on the news…
IT did not just happen in
IT involved first responders beyond
the NYC police and fire departments:
IT took
Nations Capital
it was horrible there.
The smells; the heartaches, the devastation.
and those who
Responded to the attacks of 9/11
while remembering that the
first responders were NOT invited then either
they showed up.
Again, and again, they showed up;
facing the fear of more terrorism, high alert,
families looking for loved ones;
grief that was laced with more fear
and uncertainty
round the clock they were there.
The Memorial to the fallen
Flight 77

Where were you… what are you remembering on this day… a day that Homeland security has let our President know, there has been threats received… on this eve of the anniversary of the day our worlds stood still right here on our soils.

Creator have mercy on whoever threatens US… cos’ these colors DO NOT RUN.
And in Shanksville PA, thanks to a few brave, who figured it out; the 4th plane was taken down to protect our Nations Capital and the White House from yet the 4th strike … May The Creator thank them always and their families know we appreciate them…
Maybe that is why it continues to rain this week,
could just be
Creator and those 3,000 souls are crying
we remember that day
for those
who have died since then
for our freedoms
while we bicker, bitch and forget
all that is
fail to stand
as we did then
IT is time
forgetting party lines/colors/
if you don’t stand you will fall”
Thank you to those who have served;
those who are serving
to keep me safe,
to keep our Nation free
it is because of you
that I know
I am safe.
proudly served at 9/11

while my decal like the pic here ^ is faded… it still is on my car! Many have not asked me about it in years now. I have often wondered “have they forgotten” or is it just faded… They were handed out to us one night on the midnight shift and I’ve never seen them since… so it might be faded, but it will stay there, it has “street cred” and it has memories. Some come along with scents/odors/images… some not so good, others are horrid… and some are filled with honor and respect just as the others I stood United with all that time.

It embraced the First Responders and included all branches of:
The Military; FBI, Police/Fire Dept, American Red Cross, US Marshalls, CIA, psychologists, social work professions…

They Were There, round the clock… 24/7… responding to the call of the worse terrorist attack our nation has ever seen…
and just between us? There were no mayors or brass handing out brass coins or handshakes when the lights went down or the mud was thick … just so you know…

the Mayor of New York can keep his seat since there is no room for First Responders; first responders are USED TO STANDING ANYWAY… THEY STAND UNITED… always have.

Stay connected dear ones, but take best care of you… Be mindful when watching the televisions out there… you might need to limit the exposure to the reliving of the events of 9/11 this weekend … It just may trigger vicarious trauma reactions.

There will be many remembrance memorials goin on across the country tomorrow. There is even on happening here in Oldsmar FL I’ve been told, and just this week have found that they have a piece of the Twin Tower.. and go figure
so does this little place I call home…
Yep, Tarpon Springs has a piece of the tower as well, and our local funeral fellow Tom Dobie now has plans to create a place for it himself!
Might have to visit ole’ Tom again and see how he might just benefit from my counsel on this! LOL

So I would tell you to get out there and outshine the day, but since there is no sun a shining here,
guess I’ll close by telling you…

Might want to listen to the THUNDER, and set your feet to dancing to the beat while cathing a lightning bolt to play with or just dance on the raindrops of this day…

Whatever you do.. I hope you will join me in a moment of lighting your candles in the morning for thoughts for those who died on the day the world stood still and the many who now live on as we REMEMBER 9/11… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x-kTEE19BU&feature=related

LIVE YOUR LIFE WELL… thanking each person serving our Nation, even if you have to cross the street to do it!

Walk in Beauty
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and LIfe

11 comments on “Still Waitin (on The Cruise ship_)

  1. great blog showalter… thank you for being there.. thank you for your service. candle lit, and i'm sitting here waiting. it's 9/11 and so still in d.c. right now, and funny I sit here and feel like i'm just waiting as i look over and see the lights of the pentagon, the "rez"… i'm remembering. if they only knew what we knew and what my heart was feeling, but somehow wherever thre rest of us are, bet we are all looking at different things but seeing the same view? take care of yourself … you sure did us some good then, thanks friend.

  2. ACFD thanks you Showalter for your service 10 years ago.. we stood together then project NOBLE EAGLE, stop in and see us next time you are in town. Arlington misses you and thanks you for your service. WE STood togehter then and now we will not forget 9/11 . out

  3. Awesome post friend. I think we all remember exactly where we were standing the day it happened. Seems some things like the day JFK got shot, the day the Challenger shuttle exploded, the day our world stood still>>>9-11…. are all etched in our memory banks. I can tell you exactly what I was doing at that moment that I was told of twin towers. And we sat in horror watching the tv..feeling like if we watched ..it might be different.People like you friend…who gave of themselves …seldom do people think about what it did to you ..the things you saw. I admire you greatly…and proud to call you friend. While I did not know you during the 9-11 time…I feel like I did just from knowing you now..the kind of person you are.You are always giving and doing for others…what a beautiful person you are.And on this remembrance day..you and all the first responders should be there ..standing with all. I am sorry you are not.Hugs on the wind friend.EE

  4. doc.. u may not remember me, we walked it together but then u were "showalter" and i was the US MARSHALL from TX, and rode the ATV with the AK47? Do you remember?I found you and have heard much of you through the years.didnt know you were a doc now, but not surprised… thanks doc, i still have my shirt with your name, I still have the memories of our nights, and what u did for me.. but mostly, tonight? I am filled with the sights, the sounds, the smells… the many nights of sameness and the eeriness of it all. and I wanted to say, thanks showalter for being behind the line with me and so many of us and with and for us in Unity during it all. god bless you. i hope we meet up again soon. i remember

  5. I don't know personally any other First Responder doc. But I am so glad that we, on this blog, know you. Thank you for your service.

  6. It is a unique perspective that I am privledged to have. Knowing Sherry all these years and remembering the long nights she spect, night after night, week after week, on the grounds of the Pentagon Crash site in DC. She told me of once particularly difficult night when a big, tall Marine collapsed, sobbing in her arms after retrieving a babies shoe from the rubble and not being able to locate the child who had worn it. Sherry sat on the floor, her back against the couch and silent tears streaked her cheeks as she rocked a little from side to side as she shared that small moment during those long, painful nights. There were no words that could make sense of any of it. I too felt great love an admiration for the woman who gave so freely, who touched so many others, comforted and counseled while she herself, shared first hand the sights, smells, sounds, and so many tears. My admiration for her has never stopped growing over the years. Today, she continues to reach out to each of us with her words, and her special understanding. Thank you Sherry, for what you did then, and what you do each and every day.

  7. helloooooo.not any words from me, you have said it all.The candles will be lit.Thank you for serving us so proudly.We will always remember..Hugging all of our angels. ♥ ♥sign me , A.

  8. The Day The World Stood Still, 09-11-01.. I will never forget. I was standing in my bathroom getting ready to go do my volunteer job and looking thru the mirror to my tv. I saw the first plane and I thought what a sick commericial. Then I ran in and saw the other attacks and deaths of our people and our safe places. I think the picture of the man jumping, what a choice he made. I immediately called my daughter and packed to go to Northern Virginia with family members. We arrived and we helped Dr. Sherry E. Showalter get ready to go as a first responder with the Red Cross. She worked midnight and came in full of soot, ashes and dirt on her clothes. We gently took off her clothes and put her in the shower, dressed her and fed her and put her to bed for the next day. She was exhausted from the hours working and the heartache the first responders she was counseling, seeing grown men, fire fighters, policemen and so many people doing their job. I was and am still so proud of her. She met many new friends from all over the world who came as first responders. I think it is a shame and a sin for the Mayor of NY to not invite the first responders. Our little local news paper said he wanted and needed his picture made with all of the big names he invited and I think his net worth was $18 billion. Shame on you. FIRST RESPONDERS GO, BE RECOGNIZED AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS THE USA. A proud mother. Right now I am sitting here with my 10yr. old nephew letting him read the blog. and know all about the day the world stood still. Blessings to all

  9. Dr. Sherry, thank you for those words today that touch the heart yet again. Remembering that day in history 10 years ago is very heart wrenching to me. The day America stood still and watched and cried in agony for what had happened. The day most Americans were glued to their TV sets. I was at work and a supervisor came quickly through our office say "A plane just hit the twin towers" Shortly afterwards she came through a second time tearfully saying "a second plane just hit the twin towers". At that time, I did not know what the twin towers were or what it meant for Americans but very shortly I learned what her words meant and they are etched in my heart forever. Working in a trauma hospital we were very alarmed and not sure what was next. As so many employees and patient family set quietly, tearfully, open mouthed in a waiting room gathered in front of very small television we began to realize what was happening and fearful of the fact that would it happen to us here in Detroit. It was somber days after that and I could not continue to watch TV. I could see those horrific scenes playing in my mind. It was on TV last night and again the memories became so clear and heart wrenching that I had to turn it off. God Bless you Dr. Sherry for being there and serving. God Bless those families who lost loved ones that day. May God continue to Bless America and give strength to those who are serving this country and protecting it this day. Bless all those who stop here to read and think and share together. Dr. Sherry, please send that cruise ship north and pick us up here as I got up to heavy rains again fot the 4th day in a row this week. It has stopped for a minute now but clouds are ready to burst again. Be well my friends and stay safe – Sandy♥

  10. Dear, dear Sherry: I have been thinking of you so much lately and just wanted to say "thank you" for all you gave during the aftermath of 9/11/01, and every day since. I have gifted your book to a couple folks, and thank you for it as well. Yes, the 10th anniversary of the last day of America as we knew it … innocence now gone forever. My flag will be lowered to half staff tomorrow morning to honor and remember all those lives lost as a result of 9/11. Later, it will be raised up in glorious celebration of all who live. I will never forget. Wado♥

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