where I sit on a public computer
with no choices for a picture
nor fine fonts and such for your pleasure!
I can tell you
I arrived safely on a plane
Then another UNITED plane to
meeting a couple of lovely ladies’
one on her way for business and another
decked out in fantastic
jewelry to meet her brother
for hopefully fun
lessons to learn her computer
hopefully to join us here
on this page
Now time to meet and spend the day
with Boise professsionals here
for a great day
before dashing to the airport
to make a
5pm flight
Salt Lake City Utah!
pictures to follow
of the most enchanting
Boise River that I sat and reflected by
while counting the blessings of all
the sage is fired up,
with blessings from the
NORTH west
as we stand
that together we are so much more
than one who stands alone!
“whether you think you can
think you can’t
Get out there in all your glory friends
outshine your sun!
Walk In Beauty

4 comments on “BOISE IDAHO!

  1. well mornin tater tot..LOL Glad your flight went well and you have your swagga on. Can only imagine the adventures you will have. Next time stay longer in CO. :)All are hanging on here in the windy city looking forward to your pictures.When things get too hectic, close your eyes and sour with the eagles. Gives a diff perspective on the whole picture.sending luv and lots of sage smoke your way.EE

  2. Idaho…. Wonder why they named a state after a potato. Then Salt Lick City? I always thought they were way far apart. Geographically challenged. Got an ap for that doc? As for the fruit and barley moon. Ever since Firday last week, everyone has been acting fruity and I need refined barley beverage to cope with all the crazies out and stirring about. LOOOONG full moon if ya ask me, and ever so sorry that there is one more to come this month. Well my insomniac friends…. I too am experiencing the "moon effects". Enjoy the Boise group doc. Sending warm support to my dear friend Andi on the first anniversary of her Mom's death. Better, easier days to come. Goodnight all, snacking on Tums, nursing a headache with ice pacs. It's good to be me.

  3. Yea Irene, good to hear from you and blessings to you. Dr. SES, that river is awesome reminds me of one I know and love in LA. Oh my goodness you are sure to have night mares eating all of that food, tell me you didnt? wish I was there with you, I could chow down. I know your sessions will be wonderful and some Boise folks will go home with a mound of knowledge, caring and love in their hearts. Good luck to you. Blessings to our soldiers, their families, our policemen, fire fighters and all of those wonderful first responders of 911, most of all blessings to you. Thanks for making our life so much better. Blessings

  4. My monthly FULL MOON report is as follows:Tonite is the official Full Sept. moon.This is the FRUIT or BARLEY moon. The names Fruit and Barley were reserved only for those years when the Harvest Moon is very late inSEPTEMBER. And, besides, the story of the Harvest Moon is TOO long to type.Blessings to all and to all, a GOOD NIGHT!

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