Sittin in Denver!

Lets roll! Safe flight on United this morning even after a comedy of errOrs! Stay tuned for details but I arrived safe in Denver en route to Boise Idaho! We have now gone through a weekend of remembrance o 9/11 marking the tenth anniversary now a stronger nation than ever in spite of the challenges that face us intrying times and times of uncertainty we are UNITED as people who know that we are free because some gave all and all can and do give some an some cm give more. Be blessed STAND UNITED!ore layer!n! Signing out from Denver withHOPe in healing, DRSES


2 comments on “Sittin in Denver!

  1. hellooooo.happy tp hear you safely arrived in Denver.. love Colorado, love the great rocky mountains .surely part of the most beautiful part of the USA.Hope your trip is awesome and much more..Thanks again, for walking and talking us all through,9/11./… as always showing compassion and 'keeping it real '.you are awesome.. dotta go, sign me,hugging my angels ♥A.,

  2. Just happened to check and dear Dr. Sherry wrote us a Monday note !Memorable & heart-wrenching day yesterday, tense at times for fear of an " incident "Football took mind off things, then sleep, ah, sleep after a busy day. Safe travels to you Dr. SES and happy return ! Till then, I am glad to see sun shine, staying FIRM as can be

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