Happy Home





My Welcome HOME
was a fabulous
Sun goin down!
And ohhh what a sunset it was!
Good mornin Mornin!
It’s great to be home, as the sun starts to rise
to greet the day.
A different view
heading to
Salt Lake City!
I learned that in
Boise the expression for being “tough”
“Cowboy/Cowgirl UP”
Salt Lake City
one will say
“Precciate ya”
which is sorta like saying very very politely
“get outta my face”
both are ways of “not dealin” with that which gets beneath the surface, or “gets in your face”
Met some fantastic people along the way
I must tell you,
wouldn’t ya just know it
I had not one,
two dissertation students in attendance
Salt Lake City!
One by the name of Holly and the other Louise!
Both treated me to lunch
Louise pulled out her pen
and before I knew it had drawn a lovely picture of
the USA on the paper that covered the table
while then writing notes and
letting me know that the state
was the most stress FILLED state
in the country!
We talked about the dynamics of being a state
that was the most
“faith filled” and also the most “stress filled”
and the correlations of the two!
Could it be that it is stressful having so much faith
so much to live up to,
so many demands
so much
to do?
We had a marvelous day,
one evaluation reflected that the morning felt akin to a sermon to them?
Could it be that in a state of such strong faith
all lectures feel a bit like sermons?
could it be that evaluations are a safe place
to just tell someone how you feel in general
for those who are showing signs and symptoms
compassion fatigue?
Particularly when one comes in
asks them to dig deeply into themselves
while taking the scab off their souls
their feelings that they work hard to keep covered
while doing so much for so many?
They were an awesome group!
The day ended with a driver picking me up;
I just felt being so very close to the
Mormon Temple
I would have to say
“I saw it”
I had a tour of
Salt Lake City
I did my traditional
Kamryn “hunt down” for his authentic
jersey of the state!
this one?
A Utah JAZZ jersey for the boy!
I was blessed with a “Jazzy” car and a driver who knew the city like the back of his hand!
He gave me a tour and a trip of all angles
of the town
on our way to a mall that was “outside”
and a promise to return for me with a phone call!
I asked him,
“Have you lived here all of your life, you sure do know your city”
He was a kind man who replied,
“No but I’ve been Mormon all my life!”

He sure knew the best angles to get me a few great shots from my phone!

Amazing it was!
I cannot remember all that he told me,
I enjoyed each word, each bit of information.
I kept his card and assured him
ever back in
Salt Lake City
I would be calling him!
I was successful for the Jazz shirt
as I wandered around this lovely outside mall,
who should my eyes feast upon
but the ever handsome

me and Hershel Walker
kickin it!
Then after a bit, after talking to him about my boys
I called
cuzzie Ang
said, “I’m here with Herschel”, you want to say hello?
you should have heard her heart racing…
and when I finally handed him the phone
well let’s just leave it with
“she ain’t been right since”!
neither has my wallet,
since those Godsons
now have footballs signed by
NFL great
Hershel Walker
and are just giddy in Virginia
is just over the moon that SHE TALKED to that silky voiced
sweet gentle man by phone!
Oh yea baby,
Godmother is da bomb in VA I am told!

The night ended with me sitting and waiting on my driver;
watching the fountain show to music… as I reflected on my conversation with the NFL great and all that he has managed to do with his life… the resiliency of the human spirit if the “want to” is there and the grace of the CReator is leaned into to get us through..
Of course I was also hearing the “squeals of joy” in my other eAR as I recalled the voices in Virginia when I called and said, “I’m standing here talking to “Herschel Walker, what are you up to”!!!

Where ever you are… whatever you are doing today,

take BEST CARE OF YOU and know this:

you are your most precious YOU… look UP, look around, pay attention…

never know who you might just want to walk up to and say hello to along the way.

Walk in Beauty,

“thank you Boise and thank you Salt Lake City” for a lovely time we spent together!

and oh how I thank you Herschel Walker for our shared time, you are a joy.. and OMG, you got some guns baby boy, to break a building in to you do, but a voice that is a smoothe a butta ! I enjoyed our time together and I am “da bomb” with those boys, you can bet that I am!

7 comments on “Happy Home

  1. hellooooo. Saturday here.. been busy and have miseed the past two days.. what a great trip you had ! Always excitement in your corner, you are the “proof in the pudding” when it comes to making the most of each day !! STOMP ~ heading poolside for some relaxation..got my fav book with me, ” Healing Heartaches”.. LIFE IS FANTASTIC… happy day to all… sign me, hugging my angels, A. ♥ ♥

  2. Dr. Showalter, It was certainly my immense pleasure to meet you and spend the day with you. Your presentation was incredible and the get up outta your seat exercises made quite an impact. As I am sure you know, keep the potty break in the presentation after the PSOAS exercise! More than what I learned, your energy, presence, light, and compassion are the most valuable things that I will remember and take away from the day spent with you. I promise that when I mention your work in my dissertation, I will properly cite your marvelous words. If you ever run back through Salt Lake City again, look me up. I'd love to share more of our beautiful city and state with you. Until then…Light and love, Hollie Hancock (Dissertator) 🙂

  3. Sorry I am late Cuzzie!That is one phone call I will NEVER EVER forget!! I still start shaking when I tell people I talked to Herschel Walker…some say I am lying then I show them the pic of MY BOMB DIGGITY COUSIN & Mr. Herschel Walker! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do for me & the boys….We Love YouThe pictures are beautiful of the church and the fountain. You go to some of the most beautiful places. I agree w EE you need to write ANOTHER box of all the places you have been w stories~Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend~~Love you Cuzzie <3Ang

  4. hellooooo.Saturday here.. been busy and have miseed the past two days.. what a great trip you had ! Always excitement in your corner, you are the "proof in the pudding" when it comes to making the most of each day !!STOMP ~heading poolside for some relaxation..got my fav book with me, " Healing Heartaches"..LIFE IS FANTASTIC…happy day to all… sign me, hugging my angels,A. ♥ ♥

  5. Welcome home to YouHappy SaturdayAll I can say is " W O W " to the above post.Sherry, you lead a very interesting, exciting fun-filled, packed life. Keep it up !Irene

  6. Hello Dr. Sherry, So glad you are home. It sounds like the time spent there was great and met many fantastic people in this journey. The pictures were beautiful. I know the boys and Ang are loving their experience of you meeting and them talking to Herschel Walker. That had to be the best. Wishing you and everyone here today a fantastic Friday full of Blessings. Be well and prayers for those who are mentioned and those who stop by – Sandy♥

  7. mornin friend. great pics and loved the blog. Nice to see the sparkle there. You da bomb alright and not just to your godsons. :)The sermon comment reminded me of those who go to church and get mad at what the preacher says…cause he hit a nerve inside. LOLMissed you in Denver…..but you must have sent the breeze blowing this way as you flew over.Peace dear friend…and enjoy the memories of this trip. You ought to write a book about all the places you have been.hugs on the wind friendEE

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