mONDay Road Trip Time

Sunset welcomed
Salt Lake City
Good Mornin MONDAY
Best Week to all here!
It’s time for a Road Trip around Florida!
Leaving today for
nope, not Seaworld or Disney
to speak again!
Then back to
to speak again!
up the east coast to
haven’t been there in years and years!
Road trip…. yippee!
Camera … oh my did I charge the battery?
think I forgot!
I am noticiing the
light changes
around the country;
the feeling of the weather
fall is finding its way to us!
Many are reporting that it is coming too quickly
others are saying
“where did summer go”?
Seems most just find that
time just goes by too quickly these days!
Kids are even reporting that there is never
enough time in a day.
Seems if I remember right
when we were kids
we had more time than anything else!
now a days, I’m hearing kids are stressed,
they just don’t have enough time
it is being reported!
It may be that
they just have too much to do
with all the “video games”, the “IPODS/IPADS” and social media that they are exposed to.
it could be
that if folks limit the time that is spent
“gaming” and interacting on those
kids would feel more free
actually feel less “stressed for time”?
Just a thought!
While in Utah,
I also was told that it is the most
“stress-filled” state
in the
United States
the largest state for suicide.
We talked about how it is not surprising how the most “faith filled” state would be the most
“stress filled state”
I challenged that it was the state known for the most suicides in the United States…
in South Dakota
teens in that state, Native American Teens
are at the highest risk and have the highest completion of suicides
South Dakota
although most seem to have forgotten
The United States.
Now if we are talking about per captia
there were some thought provoking conversations out there
home of the
basketball team!
What a wonderful name for a team, I’m thinking!
Dublin VA
Mom *(aka)COB
is running around with a
MOUSE… yes a beady eyed little mouse in her
Nisson Murano!
As she was driving to the Y, she glanced in her rear view mirror only to meet the eyes of a
MOUSE laying on the back rest of the back seat
meeting her eyes with its beady little eyes!
As she almost wrecked her car,
she instead threw a box of kleenex
*and missed*
arrived at the Y, enlisted the help of a gentleman there screaming
“there is a MOUSE IN MY CAR”
which he then replayed over the loudspeaker
for all to hear!
It has now been days,
mouse is now having parties in the
back of her car;
Bobcat football games with her,
attended the
Hospice Children’s camp
gone to the
New River
where she relaxes
probably has eaten a box of stuff that is suppose
to take mouses to the happy hunt land.
how is your week?
Along the same mouse line;
EE and her son in Colorado
have been chasing a little mouse
in their house,
setting a trap with peanut butter
and cheeze
hearing the “snap”
only to check and find
the food is gone
while EE leans over her forearm crutches
notices out of one eye
LITTLE mouse chuckles and runs like the wind
into another room with its mouth full!
Now what are the odds of me hearing of
MOUSE stories while on travel
two women
one in Virginia and one in Colorado?
oh lawd,
sure hope the next email is
NOT from the mouse!
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
Know you are doing
stop for a moment
just to
with great gratitude
for all that is!
Walk in Beauty,

4 comments on “mONDay Road Trip Time

  1. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Just checking to see if everyone is okay. Hope so – and hope you are all enjoying the Blessings for the day. Sandy♥

  2. I hope you have had a great time on your road trip. The mouse stories are funny and brought back memories of my first apartment that I put up with mice in the fall for 3 years. I couldn't take it any longer. Had to move. I could not open one more cupboard, drawer or closet to find a mouse eating or resting on my things. Ewwww – Anyway – have a terrific Tuesday friends. Sandy♥

  3. Oh my, Willie how great it was to hear his voice. My Mother and I would travel everywhere and wherever we went Willie went with us. She always wore her Willie head band and stomped her feet and danced in the car. What great memories I have of her. Now you told about Beady Eyes. I am still chasing him around in the car. As My niece Angie and I went to the Hospice Children brevement camp on Sat. all of a sudden she let out a scream, threw her feet on my dash board and I said what in the world is wrong with you. This is at 7:30am. on a Sat. morn., dreary and I would have loved to stay in bed. She screamed there is a mouse in the back seat. I said get your feet off my dash board and relax, it is only Beady eyes. Yes, I am afraid of it too but I was being very cool like it dont bother me. ha. I have now spent more on Beady eyes trying to find him than I have spent on me. He pulled out insulation where the tire is stored and I know he must have his whole family living in the car. I have now vacumned and set traps that will not stay set when I sit them down. I am getting smart and going to the store and get the sticky kind. I have also gotten the throw away kind and he walked right in and got the peanut butter and now is playing hide and seek. Is a grown woman afraid of something that little? You betcha. Help, help. I am ready to call my trusted friend the Sheriff and tell him to get down here and find him. lol. Blessings to all

  4. Happy Monday to all and to Dr SES, driving around Florida speaking: K O them, doc.The MOUSE stories had me hysterical, but I have an addition for your enjoyment, not involving a mouse though. Driving, windows open, I took a right turn. In the window, came an F'in Florida LIZARD/GECKO, lost it's balance, fell out of a tree at the intersection, or just was on my car ROOF and came slidin' in…….. landed on my steering wheel ! Well, I almost CRASHED the car, screaming like a nut, it jumped with fear onto my dash board ! I pulled over into a parking lot where a man getting out of his car witnessed me exiting my car in a hurry, screaming. He asked if I was having a health issue and when I told him there was a lizard in the car, he fell out howling. I will never forget that episode. Imagine the call to car insurance company: " Hello, I crashed the car due to the Geico Lizard visit….." FIRM and funny this A.M.

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