Oh What A Day

this was my
gift of the day!
Beauty just surrounds us
we only take the time to open our eyes
to it!
the sun is shining here for the moment,
I have had the joy of talking with my dear friend
several states away
having coffee via the internet
with my pal
who is
as authentic as this beautiful
What a joyous time and what a
beautiful Hibiscus
that waited patiently for me to notice it!
then I heard it…
The Red Bird
that comes to let me know
to remind me of the joys that are mine
sitting to my right
just outside the lanai here,
singing me its joyous refrain
of the day!
So magnificent in its brilliance
oh how I enjoyed the visit!
yes, I read again the update
the Facebook
Lily The Black Bear
of the
“mini update” that was posted late last night
written by “who knows”
and signed as the usual researchers,
but anyone who has followed this page
it was NOT written by Lynn rogers or Sue M.
Yes it appears
that now they were unable to reach or contact or get confirmation from the DNR
the North American Black Bear
the little bear that the world saw born http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBNtANbW5vE
witnessed as she grew
the world has loved.
OH boy have we been on one wild ride as we watched from a distance this little one and her ventures in the wild!
She has captivated the world indeed with her wildness and her beauty.
now all figure is indeed dead from a hunter
at a bait stand
who shot and killed her legally
during hunt season.
It was also reported in this update
that Lynn Rogers is the one who helped to set the standards/laws for “bait stands” saying they were one of the best ways for hunters to be sure and make a swift kill.
But surprisingly no one has jumped on that bone,
of the many and varied bones that are being jumped there. So much to process when minds/hearts/nervous systems are now in crisis I’m thinking…
the sadness is almost too much to speak on
the grief is just palpable
on that and many other pages;
it is now turning to anger and rage.
Against hunters, against each other with varying opinions and thoughts.
It is countered with candles and prayers
thanks to the “now moderators” of which I have to wonder is not a sort of “set up” as I am sure there are really not many moderators left; many moderators I believe left prior to all of this as the page seems to have changed before all of this. Just as the dates of HOPE goin missing continue to change as the tides change, as the climate of the page and the seasons are changing and as folks and their expressions are changing… faster than the speed of “enter” or “submit” and more moods than a ring that used to be popular back in the day.
given the amount of ugliness on the page!
I think it may of been yesterday or the day before a photograph was posted of a young and proud hunter in the back of his pick up with dead bear for the world to view…
And I have to wonder how that helped anyone
as they were in shock and wondering why they haven’t been told the truth of this bear
her probable (cerain?) death
out there in the Northwoods of MN.
Other sites on Facebook have popped up;
hunters who have claimed to make
“Hope Jerky”, newlines and newpapers have now started to write articles of the famous internet bear feared dead,
folks once banned from the Lily facebook are now back on there
and all hell is breaking loose
there are no posts there
Lynn Rogers or by Sue Mansfield
you have to wonder…
some have said
they can no longer support the
NABC, the WRI, they can no longer visit a page
that bashes hunters, that walks with some bears but not others, that interferes with pure research but yet sets bears up to be shot
then again
there are pages that now attack each other and views and opinions
yet others are receiving death threats as a result of expressing their grief or their views and opinions…
Still others are walking away with their integrity and dignity intact
deciding they will invest in those who are less fortunate and that need help from others
that may be going without food or human companionship as the light is changing and as winter is approaching
rather than
following wild bears in the woods.
Beauty is all around us
along with tragedy and the human condition
along with that of the
4-leggeds, the winged ones and the swimmers and crawlers I suppose.
Folks are now re-thinking
what they have invested in
and what they have worked so hard
and many are so wrapped up in the pain of loss that they are unable to think clearly before hitting the magic
“enter or submit key”.
It seems that there is one page
that has been labelled
that did stir up some controversy
it did get authentic notice and comments from one of the researchers.
Perhaps that is good;
I guess.
For at least folks knew that the researcher actually made the comment;
which is more than can be said by updates on the authentic site now.
Many are being urged to stay away from other pages; as they are filled with “spewing” and ugliness and “opinions”
the reality is
someone that was a fan of the
Lily the Black Bear page
who is a Florida resident actually put up a page
on the internet
made a BOUNTY
a BOUNTY of $5,000.00
to be paid if NO collared Research BlackBears were shot during the hunting season!
It went out in cyber space and was actually endorsed by researchers as well.
it looks like an old timey
bounty poster
It asks for the license number and name of hunters!
Well to date it appears that one collared bear was shot in MN
so I am guessing now they do not have to pay that money out,
it seems
that is
blood money
just the same and someone
has blood on their hands.
beauty is all around us;
here in Florida
and around the world
from the comments of yesterday
it would appear that many are now wondering what in the world has happened to a place where you can sign your name without fear of threat, without fear of someone wanting to do harm to you…
Sometimes I am thinking it is probably good
to be a BEAR
where you are above such as what has been witnessed on a public page and can be seen across the world and in cyber space
where folks have to look over their shoulders
cos’ they are afraid that someone will want to do harm to them.
I did read on a page yesterday
that happened to pop up on a search I was doing (totally unrelated I might add)
that a Lily the Black Bear Fan
was willing to pay $10,000. for the name of the person who shot HOPE the bear;
and then wanted to string this man or woman up in the woods!
along the same lines…
someone likened the fans of the Lily the Black Bear and Lynn Rogers/Sue Mansfield to
a CULT, suggesting perhaps someone send them
I have to wonder
have the
of what was intended
gotten really out of hand,
or were they ever really there to begin with?
I dont know about you
I plan to kick back today
smell this beautiful
white mountain lily
get out in the sun
ENJOY each breath!
before I go… here is one opinion that you might have to agree with although not like:
 ~HOPE was not collared nor had ear tags
 ~IF the hunter shot her, it is hunt season and that is what hunters do; they hunt and kill
 ~Lynn Rogers has indicated that the hunter and he are on good terms, but the hunter has not returned his call/email regarding HOPE
~ Lynn knows folks at the DNR, it should not take this long for confirmation
~ Lily Fans who have been around since the beginning are smart enough when not in shock and grief to know that they are not hearing all the facts
~ Death threats? Are you kidding me.. folks getting death threats from middle aged women who live in nice homes with grandkids are making death threats and wishing others would die of cancer? what is WRONG WITH PEOPLE?
~ We would have never have known such remarkable animals had it not been for a live den cam, so we have been blessed by the experience although it came with a high tag and cost of caring
~ Blessings to those who are struggling with all of this pain
~ Bear SPIRIT is strong and powerful
there you go…
And today
there is a blog from a dear friend of mine that is worth the read; worth the investment of subscribing and definately worth getting involved in somehow and some way!
It involves just caring
about others; perhaps shipping a box of winter clothes or sending up a prayer
and letting others know
It is powerful…
I am continually amazed
and not always in a good way I have decided
I am surrounded by some POWERFUL WARRIORS HERE
on this page
in the next place
so then
I am continually honored!
I thank you all!!!
The fire is burning brightly with prayers going up… for all who enter here and for those who are watching from not so far away
Walk In Beauty,
“congrats to cuzzie Angie who just landed a fantastic NEW job up there in Pulaski County, Best of all things to you Warrior”!!!”

17 comments on “Oh What A Day

  1. Our Hope is goneand all we feelis emptiness, filled with rage… A journal formed with lovenow ends with tearson every page…Our hearts are brokenWe ask why? (WHY?… WHY?)No answer justifies..A hunter's bait And rifle have broughtSorrow, flowing from our eyes.Lily's Hope was never "ours",We loved her wild and free.But oh, how we adored her..Living the way shewas born to be..We watched her birth,We watched her grow,We let her show us howTo be the best (the VERY best!)that God can make,And we need to remember now,That Hope's short lifewas not a wasteAnd she didn't die in vain,She taught the worldto live and love…and now, despite the pain,we thank you so much, Creator Godfor Hope, this darling bearAnd ask you to forgivethe one who killedher. Make him care..Rest in peace our precious girl,may heaven's forests abound,with your sassy ways,your loving face,The Hope that we all found,in you.♥ Hope ♥

  2. Well – disillusion has turned into disgust – yet again we were led up the garden path. I don't for one minute buy into the BS – "the hunter didn't know what he was doing" – oh, please! I'm just left wondering WHO is the arch-manipulater in the centre of this web of intrigue. And I am mightily saddened that the whole thing has turned into a money-grabbing circus – as someone said earlier – "Run bears, run!"Again, Sherry, my profound thanks to you for saying it like it is — much love and deep respect

  3. http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/09/27/bear-hunter-admits-i-shot-hope/And now they want to stuff poor Hope like Jason will be stuffed. That will bring in the donations won't it. Already people are easing their aching hearts by giving to the NABC and the WRI. And down the road, when it happens again, will the loving hearts turn to anger? They should. I love how the story keeps changing. Thanks Dr. Showalter. First time I have been here but I will be back. David

  4. As I've read the updates from last spring forward, I have become more and more suspicious. Some things just did not add up. Why so long to say June was shot? Danced all the way around it. They were always so honest before–like when Sarah died last year–and now they dance. And not very well, either. The page is a mess–full of hate. And I even see the word "trolls" popping in again–welcome back to the "good ol' days," folks. If they really wanted to keep good relations with the hunters and the DNR, would they not keep the hate-filled remarks about them off the page? And why did they incite the fans in interviews with things like "he had to know it was Hope" and "this hunter knows the area and the bears in the area well"–implicating it was on purpose. Then come out with an update that says the hunter did not know? I'm totally confused–and glad I unliked the page. I do not want to be associated with hate or anger. I understand people are sad–it's just gone way beyond that on the wall. Thank you, Sherry, for telling it like it is–that is one of the many things I love about you. I do not feel safe identifying myself, though. And that is sad in and of itself, isn't it?

  5. PS, Meant to say Hope not Lilly. My bad. PSS She still needs more ribbons on her collar. What's the hold up on that front?

  6. Sorry that Lily was killed, sorry that she was without her radio collar. What about permanent ear tag? Sounds like it might protect a few bears if they slip their collars…. Look at Lynn Rogers Income statement…. A million bucks and just keeps on cryin poor. No one is suffering as he has suffered. BS.I'm with Renetta, sit on your wallets, clutch your pocketbooks. The time for sending the Research Center $ is long past. One your integrity is gone, what's left? People are stupid, and he is manipulating us. As for me, on to study whale research, or flys or mice or something where all the crazies done come out.Thanks doc for a space to get it off my chest. I'm done. Over it now. If ya lie, ya cheat, if ya cheat ya steal. He has managed to meet all these standards. What a goat.Sign me,DONE STOMP

  7. Well folks, your heart strings were played on the Lily page. Now the cry is for donations and they are coming in. It worked and those duped will donate. Mission accomplished. And that is said with all the sarcasm I can muster. It worked. People were kept anxiously waiting, scared, hurting and now hearts are broken and want to fix it. my suggestion. Sit on your wallets a while and see if you feel the same way in a couple of weeks, then donate. Thanks to Dr. Showalter for words of wisdom and a safe place.Reneta

  8. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the wonderful words. ❤ Nancy

  9. “Hopefully we can start feeding that to people so they can start looking past the current crisis.” Sue Mansfield quoted in a newpaper… I wonder has she been "feeding fans" all along to give them what they want? some today suggested that each fan donate $10 to erase the debt of the bear center to make the researchers feel better ? Really? they have told fans more than once they are not "attached" this is research… Odd that neither of them have visited the facebook pages nor called a press conference to talk about what over 100,000 fans have been experiencing now that they have confirmed the famous yearling HOPE IS NOW DEADwas killed not on any of the days that they suggested as possible, but in fact was killed on a day they reported the "family as fine"…WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE COFFEE… it is scorched.HOPE THE NORTH AMERICAN BLACK BEAR WAS KILLED ON THE 16TH OF SEPTEMBER 2011by a hunter within his legal rights at a bait stand… a bait stand that Lyn Rogers has helped to make legal in the State of MN… and to think, all those folks or shall i say many of them are casting stones from their fine homes and threatening hunters, wanting to place bounties, wanting to harrass and other such things… Look deeply at those u support before you throw the next dollar or the next stone people… the black bears lives depend on it. folks have now put them in harms way. Is it YOU?thanks doc for keepin it real. Yes there are some strong warriors here and I'm grateful to have witnessed HOPE's birth, but I was duped and for that I am remorseful, but I have learned a valuable lesson… I still laugh when I see HOPE in my memories, I just pray she didn't have to suffer, but the hunter was within his legal rights… moral rights if he knew ? well that is another subject and one that those who are hurling insults opinions and their own threats really have not the right to do, but I am not so sure I could sleep well if I was connected with the NABC or the WRI quite frankly… Run Bears… run

  10. TRUTH HONOR AND INTEGRITY: but from the beginning…NOT AFTER. Today they say "There has been some confusion due to the fact we posted on Sept 17th that the family was fine. We, in fact, did not see Hope or Faith on the 17th. Sue found Lily alone and changed her GPS. Lily walked away grunting and tongue-clicking. We assumed Hope and Faith were together nearby (which is often the case) and Lily was going to them. We had no reason to believe otherwise. Sorry for any confusion this caused."BUT>>>> ALL ALONG they have told us this below. See dates and what they said:Lily The Black Bear: Unofficial & Uncensored September 14: "All the radio-collared bears are okay."September 15: "The bears are safe."September 16: Shots were heard in Donna's territory, but "The 7 GPSed bears (Dot, June, Braveheart, Juliet, Lily, Ursula, Jo) are okay."September 17: "We visited Lily and family"September 19: "June, Lily, and Lily’s family are safe"September 20: no mention of Lily & family, but a picture of only Lily and Faith that was taken on a previous date – but didn't they just say Hope was ok yesterday?September 21: Hope's missing…Jennie

  11. Honor and Integrity. It is not honor and integrity if the voice of some force you to tell the truth. I am truly disappointed. Today we are told that hope is dead and that they told us the wrong dates as to when they saw her the other day. NOW they tell us after fans have questioned. Truth honor and integrity>>>>ALWAYS Jennie

  12. oh funny. NOW we get official word hope dead. yeah right. How long they know that? But worked. Few fans calling to erase the debt for both places. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME!!! Are they blind? Do they not see manipulation? He says hunter is here is there and they accuse people. Now he says no no hunter did not mean to and they say Oh poor hunter. WTH??BobBrown

  13. yea i used to go to lily page too but now all the ugliness is horrible. but this tells us of the mods left, they love page like it is. see thisLily Mod-Linda It is absolutely wonderful to have everyone back…does my heart good!rogers thinks it is his army and will defend him. don't think the dnr listens too much.page looks like crap. i got off. did not want to have people ask me was I part of that.thanks for blog. at last a sane place.R

  14. helloooooooo.I just want to tell you that I also read thepage of Lily last night, am I cannot believe the comments, death threats, immature name calling etc….It seems that some people have become too fanatical and have lost total focus.. the very thought of posting some of those comments..seems some people are out of control, almost hysterical. just saying, enough is enough already.I am also enjoying the beauty of today, glorious sunshine and just the opportunity to be alive… what more are we entitled to ?Hope the day if fantastic for all… love the inspiring words ( as usual )..sign me, forever grateful, hugging my angels..A. ♥ ♥

  15. Hello Nancy, I would offer to you what I also said to Mary on the facebook fan page… more than words of comfort are needed there dearHeart… it is just out of control, so I would gift this to you and those who can hear this; "take BEST CARE OF YOU, your hearts, hold strong to YOU, and your memories with HOPE for that which you hold sacred, in truth, in honor and integrity for all living things and in memory of all that has ever been, all that is and all that is yet to be… Ask questions, question that which does not seem to make sense, and watch your back… Remember who you are, and walk in beauty, remembering that you are you and that honor, truth, compassion and kindness are lights which burn in the darkest of hours, days, months and the moments." Be well dear One, you are always welcomed here. ♥ I wish you enough to stand UP, to embrace this day with all that YOU are… Dr Sherry

  16. Beautiful Hibiscus! Thanks for sharing. I am a Lily The Black Bear fan. It is a very sad time for many of us. I pray we all can find comfort and peace during these difficult days. Maybe you could put words of comfort on their FB page to all.Thanks Dr. Sherry <3Have a Blessed dayNancy

  17. hope you don't mind doc. the ltbb page says nothing is being spammed but it is. So, I will just post here on the reward thing. Here is what I posted on LTBB but it disappeared so fast made head spin. guess Sue m did not like what I said on uncensored:About the reward: must be in these areas. "Contest is valid ONLY if all the collared bears in areas 22, 24, 25, and 31 survive hunting season."don't think dnr bear was. so money will have to be paid. ever stop to think maybe that is why hope got killed? that reward riling up people? killed for revenge? bob brown

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