photo taken from the facebook page of Lily the black bear
Lily The North American Black Bear
A Mom teaches her young to
Reach for the stars
“safe from the world”
It is offical:
photo taken from Lily the Black Bear facebook page
the beautiful
North American Black Bear
According to the latest update on the Facebook fan page last night
written by ?
HOPE was shot and killed by someone known to Lynn Rogers
on the 16th of September.
The update went to tell how many yards away the bedding was, how frequently Lily and her cubs visited there;
that Sue Mansfield was wrong when they reported seeing them all together, they erred.
They made an error in recognizing that
Lily the Black Bear was in crisis
with her “tongue clicking” sounds
after changing her gps collar
the day or days later
and now think perhaps she was trying to indicate to them that
something was WRONG
perhaps she was a mother bear grieving.
They “thanked the hunter for coming forward”
Almost two weeks later
then again
perhaps they have known all along?
Truth seems hard to come by
in regards to what goes on in a little town
Ely MN.
It appears that credibility and integrity and honesty is
HOPE and perhaps left prior to her.
For many days; people have requested that
Lily be with more colorful ribbons
as the page put up videos in the midst of such raw grief
videos showing Lily and her tribe playing
and romping in the woods.
Many could not watch it; they were too raw in pain with the thought of the famous HOPE
presumed dead.
Those that did watch remarked
“Oh God, Lily only has one ribbon and it blends in with the terrain, please get more ribbons on her”
A Moderator-Linda replied, “we’ll send this to the researchers” but yet we have heard nothing about or of Lily or Faith…
Many fear that Lily may well be the next target
with all the threats that have been made to
hunters now…
death threats have been made
bounty like threats
wanting the name of the one who has killed
those who have been up in arms, those who are beside themselves in the pain of grief
have read this update and are
“thanking the hunter”
“thanking the researchers”
“not against bait stands or still against bait stands”; even though Lynn Rogers was instrumental in the plan and implementation of bait stands in MN for hunting?
this morning
I am just rather shocked
I read
that folks are
~ preparing to tell kindergarden/first graders
of this, taking their own angst into classrooms
to tell the children?
OHHH they should be really glad I am not the parent.
What are they thinking?
These are little kids; keep it simple! Short sentences, leave the YOU out of it here teachers. Let them watch “Lion King”, and remember they are little kids here…
People are wanting to send donations to make lynn rogers and sue mansfield feel better?
to erase the debt of the bear center?
A HOPE memorial?

c’MON now people… stop with the shelling out of the money now… put on your oxygen mask first before you render aide to another here.
sOMEONe wants the hunter to return
HOPE’s body for a “proper burial”
have they forgotten this happened
on the
this hunter said he hunts young bears
for their “tender meat”…
Hope is already gone
She is in a freezer, her brain used to tan the hide
that now probably is on the wall or the floor.
that is in front of us now.
what is really scary?
The number of pages that are on facebook?
The number of
the number of
“ugly posts to people across the world”
the lies and deceit
we read an update
with such accuracy of the yards away from a bait stand to the bedding of the bears;
the community feeding stations?
It is all a bit much to absorb
something smells bad
I do not believe it is the Bears.
The number of comments
are a small
but a large statement
of the power of people
I now remember donating copies of
Healing Heartaches for auctions to raise monies for the North American Bear Center;
I also remember providing support to the page,
offering and gladly giving
time and answering more emails from folks I have met through the page in times of fear and crisis there.
I have met many; many who sent notes of thanks along the way.
I received a lovely ball cap signed from
Lynn Rogers and a note from
Sue Mansfield
spoke across our Nation of the work and the bears.
once I disagreed with something on the page;
ohhh boy
Sue Mansfield did NOT like it a bit;
I no longer was liked much,
my valued expertise not valued it seems,
the lovely notes stopped
well the rest is history
I don’t take tylenol for the fever of others!
But I can’t help but wonder
why Mansfield and Rogers
have not come on the authorized page
say something/anything
to the over 100 thousand fans
to thank them
to calm them
and say
“Bears in the wild get shot in hunt season
we have dealt with this for many years”.
“We made errors in judgment”
I have met some honorable people as a result of the page; people who are the recipients of those hate mails and death threats;
good people
honest people…
I cannot understand this.
I have also seen people just absolutely unglued
I am worried about their mental health
as they now spin and twirl
grasp to understand
need to know details
want a memorial
feel responsible to clear a debt
while incurring personal debt to do it.
It is truly a wonderful dissertation on human behavior for a PHD student
is a scary time to a
North American Black Bear
associated with
Lily the North American Black Bear.
Where you may be well thought of one day
threatened the next or have
someone wish you disease
put a bounty on your ass
the next.
Speaking of bounties…
Has this ugliness and a bounty to not kill collared bears
actually put a
and a bounty of $5,000.00
on those precious bears?
Will Lily the North American Black Bear
be next?
Why havent we heard that she is OK and why doesnt she have brightly colored ribbons adorning her neck
particularly now?
One thing is certain;
hunters are riled up as a result of the many things that have been spewed over the last few weeks; ethical hunters along with those of no ethics or morals…
Folks I would have never ever thought capable of nastiness have shown me things that had my head in my hands:
“When someone shows you who they are believe them” Maya Angelou
As for those updates about those most remarkable bears?
I have to tell ya… they are filled with contradictions, not emotional care. They are crafted carefully and willfully but mistakes have now been made.
One cannot say that you saw bears on a day or days but then you didn’t; that a hunter was and did know research bears but then didn’t; was or was and did or did not post to pages…
Life is just not that way, nor are people. think back to your own life and how you live it, do you really change it up that often?
It seems there is secrecy
where there should not have to be any.
HOPE should have had ear tags,
yes I get it
Lynn doesn’t like to “tranq” bears,
yet he feeds them, he administers antibiotics to them, he walks with them and enlists volunteers to do the same…
the research is “different” but effective and has brought us all to a greater understanding, has dispelled myths of these marvelous creatures
has fostered a better understanding for the next generation.
they let HOPE down
by not doing all they good
make no mistake
they could have and should have
done more
at this point of the game;
in the name of goodwill
in the name
mans humanity
the wild
the world.
And I say that with
respect, with truth and with great
reverence of the
North American Black Bear.
Here’s a look at those remarkable bears
Lily, HOPE, and Faith
just this month!
They have delighted and awed the world
in their travels, their mischief, their wonder!
Oh how they should have been protected
given how closely they have walked with humans
tasted food
from the human hands…
HOPE was hungry
hunter was in familiar territory
those she has been close to.
She will be missed
she will miss her life as a bear!
There are many many loyal fans there though… many will be. They will believe what is said without question. Perhaps that is why some (even newspapers) have likened the page to a “cult” and suggested sending Kool ade to them.
Others have left the page saying it just is too painful now to stay.
Some have left because of the
rancid ugliness there, the contridictions
in the posting of fans;
from prayers to hateful comments that would make someone’s head spin on a good day
the updates that leave you wondering who in the world is making the posts and how could
Lynn Rogers allow his name to be used at the end of it.
Then there is the DNR
you have to wonder about the long standing relationship there
how it could take so very long to make a phone call between the two
after reading that a couple of fans managed to
actually talk with an officer!
As sad as the reality is;
we still have no word on Donna and her cubs
but now
still know that 4 shots were fired
but now have to wonder
were they 4 shots that went into HOPE?
were the 4 shots
for Donna and her cubs
since the cubs are small and we now know that small bears make for tender meat?
Such information streams
for fans
and many of which dress the bears up and assign human emotions to them
now are trying to get it their heads images of such reality is difficult.
Bear claws/Bear Medicine is powerful/
but will the hunter know how to use all that is taken is one of my questions…
HOPE is gone friends
there is no reclaiming her body, no burial, no need to continue the angst of
wanting revenge against a man who was
hunting in hunt season.
From what we have learned
we are to believe what we are told;
it was a
legal kill.
A moral kill? An ethical kill?
Those are questions that were not answered, as the update was applauding Lynn’s friend for coming forward with the information and how many yards away from the bait sight to the bedding site to the community feeding station?
But yes
he was within his rights as a hunter.
One question to ask now
if questions are to be asked I suppose…
is it within the rights of those who loved
to threaten each other, to offer a “bounty” to hunters as a way of collecting their names and license numbers and say it is for not shooting a collared research bear?
When in essence
it is
that is being offered
it is the collection of information
appears likely may do harm…
One way or the other
it sure does have to make you wonder
what anyone was thinking when they contributed to that pot
endorsed that…
Hunters are now posting that all the fans have them with adrenalin surges to go out and kill bears now… I do not think that was the HOPE when those death and ugly threats have been posted by so many in the last days.
once you hit enter, it goes out to so many places and it seems Ely has many who are now reading what folks are saying and not real happy about it or the fans of the Lily Pages; and there are many pages out there I’m finding out.
What do you stand for friends?
I hope YOU are feeding the right wolf!
IN America they first came for the Native Americans,
and no one spoke UP because they weren’t Native American
In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me –
and by that time no one was left to speak up.
NO ONE listens
to animals when they speak!]
pLAy and wander and wonder and climb the clouds HOPE… you are safe now among the spirit world with all who have gone before you
play on, wander on, free FREE from harm
with spirit, spunk, spectacular
nothing can harm you now
The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot, with thoughts on the suns rays to all who enter here today…
I wish you enough
Walk In Beauty



  1. Dear A.,I was not clear in my post. Thank you for your apology. I said "the page" and that could be any page, so my foot is in my mouth too.

  2. helloooooo.me again and just saying..so sorry if I offended anyone, I would not sleep well tonight without knowing I have done the right thing. I apparently misread the remarks, and I also welcome any folks with good intentions and gentle spirits.. one reason we have all bonded here is the high standards of respect and integrity that are always upheld. In our own way, each one of us has walked the walk and have been fortunate to find Doc Sherry and each other for support and understanding.I would like to affirm my apology and affirm how grateful I am to have had the opporunity to gain some important lessons on the gentle giants that roam the land. Sadly, the bears are always in danger, in the wild and when in human contact. Hope will be missed by many.Wishing all a goodnite, thanks again Doc for all you do for everyone.. selfless and compassionate.hugging my angels.. sign me, foot in mouth, A.

  3. wow… so many thoguhts so much to read what a great page… i almost cant get my thoughts to gether other than to say this…HOPE… thank you beautiful bear. the lessons of a bear since her birth that are the worlds to have learned; researchers, children, adults, hunters, singles, marrieds… across the world… diversity….now?the lessons continueandHOPE is that which we cling to, at least some of us doand yet others? i'm not so sure tonight as i have just read walls on facebook, threads here and there … seen posts on various sights and read articles from different sources…I fear that the cost vs. the benefit of attaching human emotions to the bears of the wild is yet to show us what people are capable of as emotions run as wild as wild animals under threat since now they claim to attack and do harm, and i fear for a bear not brightly ribboned called Lily the mother of HOPE who loved FAITH… i am grateful for those who are here on this page and for you doc. thank u

  4. To anonymous above, bear hunting season is until October 16. Have a very nice evening.

  5. Wow. Welcome to everyone and the mix of thoughts and reactions. I am amazed. Return here often, gentle warriors ofr good and for truth. Lead by doc, guided to keep it real. Everyone can have their say and walk together. Good Evening to all. Sad that Hope was killed. Glad that so far the other bears are safe. How long is the hunting season anyway?When bears are fed by humans they lose their fear. Sad that little Hope ate at the bait station. A lot to think about.

  6. KELLY TWOWOLVES SAID:It is sad she is gone, But let us not forget that had nature had its way Hope would surley have died shortly after being born , had it not been for the intervention of Lynn. Her story was , is and will continue to be an insperation for change, Hope and education. Her short life has touched sooo many lives all across the world. This is the Blessing Of Hope! What an amazing life she lived, what an amazing teacher she will continue to be. Life is not always pretty but how we choose to interact and learn from it is what makes the difference. Thank you Hope for touching my life, Thank you for changing, and educating so many lives. We will continue to share your story ,and the love you brought to so many hearts. Blessings on your Journey. You will be missed.Love you sissy, and I said this to those on the Lily page,People are quick to get mad get even, be outraged. This is not the message here. Hope Named appropriatly. Was born to bring just that. Hope! Hope that we learn kindess,and understanding, Hope that we see our 4 legged relatives for the incredible teachers and healers that they are. Hope that future generations learn respect forAll our relatives. Hope that people will pay attention to the wonders of nature around them. She brought all of you these things…I would Hope you keep the Real message of Hope Alive in your hearts together Sissy, we will light our tobacco and sage for our 4 legged relative.TwoWolves

  7. Dr. Sherry, lots of words and messages here today. It is with sadness that I see so much negative and hateful messages on the other page. Dr. Sherry, I did not know you were kicked off the other page, I was so sorry to hear that and that you were treated with disrespect – I must have missed it as I did not spend a lot of time there and I would often wonder where you were as you know, that is where I first met you as I was also one that has been there from the beginning and watching the birth of Hope. I am so sorry for that. I appreciate your honesty and truth here and am grateful you are here. It is a safe place to be able to leave your thoughts and feelings and know no harm with come against you in this place. It is also a place of respect, encouragement and truth. Recently, I read a message and it made me think of you and think of this situation with the bears and NABC. I thought you would like it and I am sure you have read it before "If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys." Chief Dan George. It kinda reminds me what is going on now. I feel bad for the children who have been learning and following these bears and unless they were told about the loss of Hope in the right and gentle way they will grow up to have resent in their hearts for the loss. I hope the teachers are easy with the innocent of their spirit. Wishing all those here and you Dr. Sherry a Blessed and bright day.Sandy♥

  8. Dr Showalter here again!Beloved A,many of our new ones here are good folks, just frustrated, fearful and now needing a safe haven to vent their angst, their sorrow and their fears… Many have never seen the little community of Ely MN, never walked the woods nor seen the beautiful black bears now walking through the woods and fear also they are in harms way as well…As we welcome them here, we do also know those who come with mindfulness, with hurt and with genuine fear of their names being known as they have been the recipients of threats by those from who knows where…the two that posted before you my gentle warrior are also those that have been misused and cast aside, have been victimized by others i believe, and have walked in here where it is safe…others will come and go, and those of less than gentle spirit will walk into some powerful warriors here… and we will stand strong, as we have in the beginning and as we do always together…to those who are just finding us,WELCOME to you …we have lost HOPE, but she gave so many gifts, taught us lessons if we open our hearts to learn have learned, and continue to learn…we are thankful for her and now SHE IS SAFE…I recognize poster above this you did not mean that my page is disgusting… but I thank you for clarifying it for others, and I am truly sorry to those of you who have walked such a terrible path with such pure intentions and were treated so badly by man's inhumanity to man/woman… I guess wo/man has not evolved so well eh?We teach people how we wish to be treated… I wish you all that you may ever need to STAND…In Beauty we Walk..Dr Sherry

  9. When I said "page is disgusting now" I was referring to the bear page. I would never say anything ugly about Dr. Showalter's page.

  10. helloooooooo.Just saying.. what a bunch of hipocrasy,those couple of comments above from a couple of people who feel it is okay to try and take advantage of this sacred and well loved page… Hope has sadly become victim of man's inhumanity.. I am not a supporter of hunting, although I respect the rights of everyone. I would never find it acceptable to impose my beliefs with threats, viscious remarks etc… Dr. Showalter is one of the most respectable, honest, compassionate people I have ever met. Those of you who feel it is appropriate or acceptable to impose yourself here need to know that your "eloquent" comments are transparent. I have followed the story of Lily and Hope with awe and amazement. The opportunity to view the lives of the gentle giants has been awesome. On the other hand, the view of the tangled web of deceit and ugliness of the fan page is appalling.Hopefully, ELY is not a place I will ever have to visit. Sounds as if alot of socially uncivilized people live there, with all of the barbaric comments of threats and death wishes. Sounds as if once more, money is the root of all evil… I will never cease to be amazed at the ignorance .. there are alot of folks who should be very ashamed of themselves.On a lighter note, wishing a day of peace and serenity to all of our " gentle warriors".. another beautiful day to be alive and breathing, doing the right thing and feeding the right wolf. I am very proud to know you DRSES… Thank you for being the real deal.. sign me, hugging my angels ♥ ♥ … A.

  11. Page is disgusting now. It was changed by a survey written by unhappy fans that could be filled out multiple times by one person. The outside professional used to gather the information was actually someone who volunteers for them creating items to sell in the gift shop. How inspiring is that for change? All the claims of a professional committee writing the survey are just more lies. If they are so happy with the results, why not name the committee? Seems they want names for the moderators. Just sayin… I am glad I left that page.

  12. well doc, the truth will come out and the hunter's name will too evenutally. i've just learned that the cub jason is still in a fridg somewhere and that project doesn't seem to be goin anywyere.. someone is wantin HOPE returned to the center and just cannot imagine the good hunter not returning her? what are they thinking i wonder? meanwhile now they are distracting fans and welcomeing someone who has been there all along who is now the moderator and who is manipulating and also writing the "updates" yep the updates that are signed by lynn rogers and sue mansfiled.. now isn't that a bit, well how shall we say it, "dishonest maybe"… it seems it is all goin to hell in a handcart and now that HOPE is gone, perhaps it is her spirit that will bring things to order and flush out what has some wondering back on the last several months but were to afraid to speak about. however you cook it it still doesn't smell good and some will say one thing while others will try to lanquish in the past and color with a broad brush but facts are facts and the facts keep being changed if you look at timelines and look back at what started with awe and wonder and now goes to ugly and i have to hand it to ya doc, many came out on this weeks thoughts and said what they needed and wanted to… anonymous or not, folks are thinking now that they are breathing, it has only begun, but HOPE is gone and the circle may have jut turned into a noose and the circle is complete the picture is painted for many who were loyal and those who feel used up by it all, emotions are spent. SO HOW'S EVERYONE DOING OUT THERE IN CYBER SPACE, where what you say is out there for the world to see? be well folks, if i were you I'd think before I speak, and of course if associated with Lily the Black Bear, The NAbC. the WRi, the project peole. or the bounty pages or the uncensored or the ely tribune.. or the fans across the world… I'd check my friends and check my weapons at the door while looking over my back to mmake sure cos' rogers/mansfield has really done it this time to make folks just go right off the deep end of the pond i'm thinkin. oh yes, thank u doc for having us here, and i'm glad that project page kicked u out cos i remember when they tore u up over there, i had a friend to cpy and paste that crap to me too. u are bigger than those that like to rage, thanks for being here for us, and creating such safety. blessings sweet HOPE may you now roam free with so many who have gone before you and be the welcome comitte for those yet to come god spare their lives if if not their time. i am rambling liek roses here, but i tell u doc there is a lot to say about that when u been there from the start on that page, it is just a sad state of affairs it is. bless the real modreators that tried to bring it to order there i know they tried hard for the bears and the researchers. be well friends.

  13. Maxine Dombrowsky Dear Sherry… I am SO sorry re HOPE? Many, many folk, have followed her from birth! She should have been sprayed with RED paint! It is pointless saying this now, but I recommended this ages ago? YES, I accept it is against 'human laws'… don't care! If I had been in the US, I would have done this, & to HELL with the 'lawmen' A few days in the lockup would have been worth it, to save HOPE!Anytime we lose one of our Wildlife, it is beyond a tragedy

  14. Great blog here today doc, STOMPING WITH YOU. remembering HOPE, and yes HOPE is gone… i do believe there is blood on the hands of the researchers, of the one who put that disgusting bounty poster up on the internet with a 5k reward for not killing bears this year and it has inflamed many… but not nearly as many as have been fired up as a result of the many changed stories since "hope is missing and we fear the worst" with all that has been said since… did they know? of course they have known… and have people been duped? DO YOU THINK?as fare as the comments here, can't say as i blame folks for not speaking their names, many have indeed been threatened, I ahve seen some of the letters and emails myself. It is rather amazing to call yourself a lover of life and of animals and yet to threaten someone, to say you will offer a reward for a hunter who killed a bear within his legal rights to do it and then what you will do to him *(or have done to him rather)… quite a contridiction but then again, so have been the many reports and then again from the looks of the post that was answered by Dr Showalter by Cathy M… I can tell a threat when I see one!I too remember when doc was attacked rather viciously on that page of project hopes and no one really took a stand for her then if i remember correctly, well let's see maybe one person did now that i think about it. but not one other person and come to think of it, that page was rude, was filled with horrible things being thrown about people and in one moment it was prayers and peace and in the next cussings and hopes for death for others. rather pathetic and as for threats to ely? well ely probably wishes that this whole thing and the money would go away along with the media and hype. i hate a beautiful creature was killed after i watched its birth and found it a place in my heart, but what i hate worse is people who think it right to lie, dishonor the very spirit of those brilliant and beautiful animals along with the people that trusted the ones who walked besdie them. and for the record? dr showalter watch your back cos' they will probably try to talk crap now that you are being real, and i for one will stand by you and will fight… but understand, i live in a place here where many of these nuts freaquent so excuse me but i have to sign me… just fed up and STOMPING.. btw cathy, that page u refer to as kind? get over yourself, it has not been in the past, and from what i've heard it is not now and just cos it's closed doesn't make it kind, jsut makes it a cult like atmosphere where folks can be sneaky and devious.

  15. Dr Showalter here, thank you friends for your comments of the last couple of days… i continue to appreciate and welcome all who come here… I also understand those who are posting anonymously now for fear of the "ugliness, the threats, the hostility" that is being played out in "in boxes", on facebook pages across cyber space… Many are voicing their grief, their angst, their anger, their questions… Hello Cathy M, haven't seen you for awhile and yes I see that you have been working I believe I congratulated you on the fan page or here a while back. As for the Project HOpe page, it has not always been a kind place; it actually spewed venom at one time, I was on that page before I was removed from there, I was also attacked on that page if memory will serve you along with some other people …There were moderators of that page and posts had to be removed at one point, decisions were not always favorable, but folks only knew one side of a story… being it is now a closed group I don't know and cannot speak on it. Yes, I can tell you are "trying to make excuses for them" in your writing and that is ok too, your opinions are yours dear and that is alright, it is done with respect. the Lily page needed and had moderators that also received threats and harrassment that no one should have to endure, not for love or money and I heard that several left prior to all of this. I have to tell you, and I have told others before regarding the moderators that so many "hated and wished ill will upon", they only knew one side of the story… things were not handled 1:1 as adults but rather copied/altered/pasted on other walls for the world to see, folks got feelings hurt, and grown ups acted like 8 year olds who's best friend had stolen their bikes… It was absolutely shameful at times. I have met brilliant researchers, have some as friends, and they do not waste the precious supporters nor cast them aside in the name of fame or research or self serving goals or mission nor vision… and yes I also have seen the growth in Ely MN from across the world and now have to wonder the "cost vs. benefit" to a community and most definately to the beautiful North American Black Bears in all of this. And most certainly we have been blessed to witness and learn from a live web cam and to see so much, but at what cost? Yes, STOMP indeed with honor, integrity and dignity I continue to keep it real living life authentically but I have to wonder… and yes I also noticed that you have served notice to Ely in your post today… I can only guess you are representing others from Project Hope on that statement, and HOPE you are holding those accountable that have placed the precious bears in harms way. What is really bothersome now? there are folks threatening each other, threatening to kill the bears as a result of the things being said on a social media page and the greatest sadness is… folks will go back and try to re-write things to best fit how they want it to be, but it is what it is. be well Cathy and again, best of all things to you and yours out there in TX. Dr Sherry

  16. Well now, I think someone forgets the day that some on the "kinder gentler place" attacked Sherry in a most vicious way making snide remarks about her Indian heritage and the way she talks. And the ph mods allowed it.Yup must is on the line now, I agree with that. And everyone is watching to see what happens.Renata

  17. Another blog that is right on, Sherry. Thank you. I see on the wall that they color-coded the ribbons this year to be able to tell the bears apart at a distance. Why only tell a few that information? I see petitions being started and calls to the DNR and letters being written, even though they said they did not want them to do so. Oh, wait, maybe they did? It is all such a mess. I have to wonder if the researchers are trying to get their permit pulled. It is very confusing over there these days. And PH is not a kinder, gentler place. I have seen some very vicious attacks on individuals there, some even threatening physical violence. And some of the threats came from the very moderators of that page. That is why I left that group.

  18. O.K. Sherry, I must be out of the loop since I've been working for the last 9months and haven't heard all about this situation with the NABC and Sue. I'm so sorry about how your were treated. I left LTBB page months ago when Jenn began the PH page. It's a kindler, gentler place and way more understanding and we tend to monitor ourselves so there is no need for a moderator. Ely better watch out cause for as much good as this bunch of Lilypadders has done they could do a lot of harm to this community as well by not going up there and volunteering at the Center and the money we Lilypadders have brought into that area is probably significant. I hope this will change Doc and Sue's approach. You know they are scientist and most of them are absent minded and don't always think of peoples feelings. They get their head caught up in their work and it's difficult for them to think about all of us. We are focused and there are many of us and see things that they might not. I'm trying to make excuses for them and I agree with integrity comes a time to take personal responsibility. We have been priviledged to learn so much from Lily, Hope and Faith and we'd have never had this chance if it hadn't been for Doc and Sue. We will all be standing by to see how this all plays out. I'm STOMPING with you dear one. Cathy Madden

  19. powerful read today doc… adn i too am saddened about HOPE, but more outraged at all I have read from the press to the NABC updages, the pages of the wall of fans, the bounty pages the uncensored pages the project hope pages, the uglines of those who call themselves "christians/jews/agnostics" and fellow human beings now threatening each other. hunters within their rights that lynn rogers helped establish in that communitiy after he fed a cub but didnt monitor bdcasue he was afraid to get cited for harrassing by wandering in and scareing her out of that area? give me a break. folks are beeing duped and then there are the ones thaat now are trying to be so damn supportive and want her body returned? what are they drinking? i agree iwth those above in their comments here and i applaud your honesty your integrity that comes so naturally and throughtout all of your writieings and your speaking an your book, we've never had to wonder about your keepign it real. at least a little bear the world loved was loved, was free, was doing what bears do naturally when killed and now i wonder did it really take 4 shots? and of course she knew pain, a damn bullet shot hurts. i just hope this hunter uses all he kills in his hunts. i for one thank you doc for keeping it real here and they sure lost a lot when they failed to care deeply and when they stopped caring about so many who tried to keep order on a page seen around the world and to maintain order… as for a bounty to keep people from kiling? that is a roll call to let then those hunters be registered for lunatics to then harass them and u can bet there is blood on the hansd of researchers and those who support them look at what has happened to the ones who died last year, look now at HOPE, at Lily who is now targeted by hunters who are mad or shall i say more than just a tad wanting some revenge and to show what they can do within their hunting rights?ohhh it is a sad sday in the northwoods. and i bet the dnr is getting all the needed informations from the many who are posting on that page of facebook and the ones who are throwing junk on those pages but what really gets me.. is those who say they teach kids? really? damn glad my children are grown. just sign me, disgusted in MN

  20. mornin doc. yup the truth is out but how much of the truth are we getting? once lied to how can we believe? once u cross that line then one never knows. many are asking questions doc but no real answers. Many are disillusioned and angry and hurt and sad. Thanks doc for being real.BobBrown

  21. I feel like am caught up in the twilite zone. All the hate, lies and misconceptions and misinformation and explanations and untruths. It is horrible. I unliked that page and I was there from day one. I heard hope born watched her grow. Now what really happened to jason? I want to know. Thank you Dr. Showalter for being so truthful. You represent honesty to me. And for being a safe place.Jennifer

  22. well friend, great blog as always. If only the powers that be at the bear research place knew just how much you had supported them and how you always included them in your presentations around the country to tell people about them, they might have appreciated you more. Instead of getting mad because you asked truthful and caring questions about things they did not want to answer. What a supporter they had in you and the loss of integrity and honesty severed the tie. You are awesome in my book and I am thankful for your honesty and integrity and your wonderful words.Peace on the wind friend.EE

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