Lessons of HOPE the North American Black Bear

SEPT 30,2011
the lessons continue
Stunning artwork
my sissy
Good morning world!
but somehow it just feels right to leave the lessons here for another day;
what a glorious day
is kicking off this weekend;
up in VA
godson DVante is getting ready with his
for a big night of
“Friday Night Lights”
Good Luck Bobcats!
Many around the world are
“glued to t.v.’s”
watching the Michael Jackson trial
I just pray that those children do
get drug through the proceedings
they try and hold
a physician accountable
prescribing a lethal dose of a medicine
King of POP…
For no matter your thoughts/feelings
Michael was a brilliant entertainer
to watch him?
oh my…
another time of
I sure do hope
they leave the children out of it.
So for today;
I am choosing to leave the
“Lessons of HOPE”
I have read the updates
tried to get my head around the now thoughts of
a memorial to
with the waterfalls being built out there
Ely MN at the bear center;
the “off the cuff” beginnings of the plague
that would say
words that left spaces for the
“largest donors”
before hitting “all the fans”
in thanks…
I guess it’s the proverbial he who gives the most gets their names in the lights
who knows…
The anger and rage seems to be waning
and the grief continues to be papable
some continue to talk about the
others still want the hunter named.
On one site
it now says
“shooter has been named”
another wants a memorial t-shirt
HOPE was murdered and then says
she has never known anyone murdered before.
I HOPE she doesn’t express that to anyone who is the wife/father/sister/lover
of one who has been murdered
as she seeks solace or comfort
or comparison
in her pain of loss.
Lessons of
Many are comparing the wild bears to their children;
have asked the moderators
Linda, Jill, Sue Mansfield to provide comfort
grief counsel.
They are not experts in this area;
they suggested the fans begin a discussion page; a thread of grief so to speak.
Other sights have said they are reporting all of these things to those who can examine whether or not we have a “cult” of sorts going on
I do believe the debt of the bear center is now erased.
and I thank you all for your comments
I send prayers for those who are in pain, those who are walkig
It’s a lovely fall morning here this morning
I’ve just finished reading the many many comments from yesterdays’ thoughts,
having coffee
absorbing the first of the day….
I HOPE that folks are beginning to settle with the news; the reality of the
beautiful Black Bear
and to allow the many Lessons of her life
to now settle in to their own world
around the world
as they move into their day.
The above photo of the remarkable art brings me memories and I share it today
I spent a long and beautiful time with
sissy by phone last evening
Kelly TwoWolves
is a woman who is of great spirit,
marvelous insight
a gifted artisan.
I recall talking with her last year
telling her about the auctions on the
Lily the Black Bear page
being held there.
I remember and we talked about when the
collared research bear Sara was shot and killed.
TwoWolves painted a most remarkable
feather for the folks
to use for their auctions
oh what an auction it was!
Folks were bidding and the comments at times were so funny.
Monies were raised to
“erase the debt” of the center
the goodwill of folks as they eased their pain of loss seemed to also be helped.
Of course all that has now changed
they have gone “over the top”
they are asking for folks
to set up a
they are now wanting folks to
“dig deeper” to give more;
it seems they are
“playing on grief now”…
the veiled threats, the not so veiled threats,
the sympathy, the untruths
it is rather frighte
HOPE’s birth on that live web cam
seemed to bring folks together all across the globe
it was truly magnificent
along with dispelling myths of
North American Black Bears.
Folks replaced fears with facts
But then again I think perhaps that the whole thing just got out of hand;
rather than hire professionals to handle it as it grew,
it just grew and it grew
it got so far ahead of those there
Well it doesn’t really matter what one more opinion at this point thinks
I remember when my sissy
did the piece above
was going to sell it and donate a percentage to the center.
then Sue Mansfield got her self all wadded up and declared that she could not do that
because the orignial photograph
“belonged to the center”
that was not really true
once posted on a public page
unless having a copyright tagged to them are in fact “public domain”
(as I see my photos all over the internet these days”…
once an artist uses a photograph and then
a piece of art with their own spin
it is “theirs” by design
you can see
the design above is a
“one of a kind”
to be certain!
So sissy TwoWolves
decided that she would just
for the center for an auction
let them have a ball!
what a grand time was had as they bid on it
it fetched a lovely price tag
for the winner to enjoy
lives on now
but for the life of me I can’t remember
who or where!
Who would have ever thought it;
now a tribute to
we have yet learned so many lessons
Sissy and I talked about last night.
We watched; actually watched a live bear be born without
HUMAN interferrence in the woods;
we heard and witnessed the cries
that sounded like a real life baby!
We have learned that
nature vs. nurture is alive
and thrivinig in the woods
that they rough and tumble
and sometimes during that they can harm, maim and kill their brothers in play
they don’t mean to.
We’ve seen them separate and find their way back (mother and cub) and recognize each other, and rejoice as bears or I suppose others in the wild would; not so unlike humans in that way I guess.
we once again are reminded
if you throw a stone into a still body of water
the ripple effects will just astound you
if you stand at the edge and watch.
They may turn to a tsunami of human
emotional crisis before it’s over.
wE have watched a wonderful gift
one that seems to have started out
with great intent
and then become swept up in
adorations, emotional upheaval,
in a little town that is probably wondering
where did all these people and money come from.
Why are my children that are in the first grade crying and talking about death?
That pepple has sure made a ripple of effect
in hearing across the world
that people
not sleeping, not eating, wanting folks to choke, to have karma imposed in bad ways
to have to walk away for fear of what may come next…
We are open now to the many lessons
the 4 leggeds indeed.
Folks have found this safe place of warriors here; those of gentle spirit
they have talked in great detail the last few days.
Most have talked candidly and for fear of being known they can’t say their names,
others have decided to say
things about ole “drses”
it’s alright with me.
As you know
I roll with some powerful folks here,
they won’t tolerate that!
I won’t mind if they speak their mind to anyone
after all they are powerful warriors
HOPE is a wonderful thing
was a tenacious little bear from the beginning.
As TwoWolves and I spoke last evening,
we lit our tobacco and sage together
we had our council
arm in arm we agreed on many things
I would like to share with you those things today
please visit my sissy…
for she is one fine woman.
Rest your hearts dear ones, and hold tight to the many lessons of HOPE today and all days as you STOMP>>>
From talking with TwoWolves last night; here’s mostly what she had to say about the lessons … 

To try to bring some understanding, NO ONE could have forseen the huge effect these black bears would have on the world.On the people watching the feeds and the basic “Cult” following that grew.
It is a modern day miracle. Who among us would have handeled it better?? I don’t think I would have wanted the Job!
Has the page and even the WRI been mishandled? Probably,
Could they have hired a professional agent and counselor/Advisor/Therapists; to better handle things yes , but they didn’t know ! None knew this was going to turn the way it did, that hundereds of thousands of people would ATTACH alllll their emotions to these Bears.(THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY!)
It was not their intention to start a CULT following.(by the way you all know this one… the road to hell is paved by good intentions) They started off just looking for support, Like all the rest of us here on FB and the Web. Have things turn ugly yes some, after the outcrys last year when Sara was shot , they should have had forsight given how attached people were to Hope and Lily. But they are not counselors, therpists/they are not equipped.
For the fallout;
In my eyes all of this is a Great Lesson for all of us in Human Nature.
And I am Happy not to have been in the positon to try to govern this.
Personally speaking I would probably screwed it up worse.
It is sad she is gone, But let us not forget that had nature had its way Hope would surley have died shortly after being born , had it not been for the intervention of Lynn. Her story was , is and will continue to be an inspiration for change, Hope and education.
Her short life has touched sooo many lives all across the world. This is the Blessing Of Hope! What an amazing life she lived, what an amazing teacher she will continue to be. Life is not always pretty but how we choose to interact and learn from it is what makes the difference. Thank you Hope for touching my life, Thank you for changing, and educating so many lives.
To many People are quick to get mad, get even, be outraged. What would have happened if another Bear Killed Hope? Or a Wolf ? would we be quick to want to kill all wolves then, What if it was Lightning, Drowning, or being hit by a car. Hope was on borrowed time from the start, Creators gift to us was she was allowed to be here just long enough to make a difference.
I have nothing against hunting and Hope that the one who took her will use her properly. I use animal parts in ceremony, art and yes even on my dinner table. Hopefully always with the greatest respect and gratitiude.
HATE is not the message here. Hope Named appropriatly. Was born to bring just that. Hope!
So then, we talked alot.. we remembered and we recalled when we both walked away from the page back when and then we came to this and share with you our HOPE:
Hope that we learn kindess,and understanding,
Hope that we see our 4 legged relatives for the incredible teachers and healers that they are.
Hope that future generations learn respect for All our relatives.
Hope that people will pay attention to the wonders of nature around them. She brought all of you these things,S
 WE would Hope you keep the Real message of Hope Alive in your hearts. Each one of us is only a child here still learning our way.
Kelly TwoWolves
wopila sissy
was good to talk with you, to share our time
and I look forward to sitting across the table sometime soon with the dunkin donut coffee.
“I’m thinking a feather in memory of
would be a powerful thing on my mantle
 when you have time sissy,
consider it
The fire is burning, its embers are hot
and I thank you all for entering here, this safe page
where you are welcome
I heard from our Joey Graff last night,
it sure did a heart good to hear from my friend
who dances on desks on Mondays’
oh I love me some
Joey Graff!
along with about 47 emails about the comments on our page…
“sign me A”, not to worry darling, you are fine just fine.. a fine warrior indeed, STOMP ON”
Prayers goin up for my friend out in CO
our warrior EE is facing some scary medical tests out there, hold her UP warriors!
Congrats to cuzzie Angie,
the new
Activities DIRECTOR of Pulaski Rehab!!!
“woot woot”
and hello to Chris who is here reading
not commenting cos of puter bandits!
for all of you
who have been threatened harrassed or plain out treated badly…
Creator don’t like UGLY…
Tobacco and sage going out for our 4 legged relative . And for all our 2 legged relatives as well.
We hope you are feeding
the right wolf.
Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

13 comments on “Lessons of HOPE the North American Black Bear

  1. Spellcheck. All this education and no one corrects the spelling of simple words. Reread the Twowolves section and you will see what I mean.

  2. p.s. > to the town of Ely…may peace and contentment find it's way home to you all, it must be sad and frustrating to have your beautiful home all in a ruckus due to such happenings.. I am certain civilty and humanity abound, after all , those beautiful bears choose to call it " home ". sign me, A.

  3. hellooooo.certainly enjoyed re reading this particular page tonight, after a long day at the burger shack and with my glasses on, sure see alot more clearly… I will comment on your words of comparing HOPE's untimely and sad death to that of a mother losing her child….. oh my, thank the creator here for sparing Lily the burden of feeling true human emotions.. I cannot imagine having to be Lily, losing her cub Jason, and now Hope… the pain is overwhelming in a way which truly escapes description through written words.. we need to keep in focus, that we are talking animals here, born in the wild and meant to live the life of "survival of the fittest ", quite a cold and harsh reality.I do not think it makes a difference if the name of the hunter is made public, hunting is legal and unless laws were violated, his/her name should be a moot point. Morally acceptable ? I do not think any of us have the right to pass judgement.I will also agree that having the oppotunity to read and express so many different opinions is great. I would hope that I would never become closeminded and ignorant to believing that MY way of thinking is the only school of thought. Thank you Doc for allowing and providing us such a stimulating and awesome page…And as usual, I would like to wish all of those "gentle warriors" who visit here the best of all. Sunshine and happiness in your heart, for all the daily blessings we cherish. Here's to a fantastic tommorrow to ! STOMP ! ♥ ♥hugging my angels, sign me, A.

  4. Re Read it doc, and still applies… thanks for leaving it here today!Good luck DVante i hope the bobcat win is huge for you…making money off a dead bear? shameful it is… Michael Jackson? great muscian and fantastic in the world of dance… tragic and not watching the trial but it is past time phaysicians are held accountable, another course in being lured by money and greed.as for the fall, it's coming on fast… best of all things to all who are here the warriors of great spirits

  5. Blessings on the wind friend. Great blog as always. I love how you bring forward the good that we should see from all of these things. Somewhere somehow the truth always prevails and it will again. It is wee hours of the morning friend and I am enjoying your blog as always and reading about your conversation with Kelly2Feathers. What a beautiful friend you have.Life is short in this world and if we let anger, resentment, greed consume us, we have lost the beauty each day brings.Sending wishes for a grand day to you.EE

  6. You always take the high road. It is part of why I come here to this blog. Your messages are spiritual in nature, straight forward and always welcomed. Thank you doc for that and much much more. Be well.

  7. Well Doc, this is ole BB and they banned me because I said it was tacky to use the death of Hope to raise money. and they ban me. is crock. guess I am no longer welcome. The truth will win out folks…sit on your wallets til then. Bob Brown

  8. Dear Dr. Sherry. Another excellent and learning message. I was glad to read that you and Sis Kelly were able to spend some time together chatting. You have some good lessons and thoughts to share here. Thank you for your truth, honesty and openness as always. I am grateful for this place where real is real and those who stop by can share their thoughts and feelings. Thank you to all those who share those thoughts here and thank you Eli Anonymous for your insight on the realness of the situation. Prayers for EE and great news for Cuz Angie. Also continuing in prayers for others mentioned here in the past, for COB, Sandy and Stewart – hope you are well and moving along. For the one with the cancer diagnosis here in MI – hope things are going well for you and prayers for his family. Dr. Sherry, prayers for you always. Be well friends and all who stop this way – God Bless and have a very peaceful Thursday and may we always keep the HOPE alive in our hearts – for without Hope there is no life or peace. Sandy♥

  9. Thank you Sherry Showalter for this page.We are three of those mods they are talking about that left abruptly and yes we did. The truth is we are not to blame for their problems but the fact they decided to let in all the banned people and allow them to be back on the page and that anything they said could be left posted.And THAT has caused their crisis. Now they are spamming and doing what they accused us mods of before we left.It is wrong to try to blame the mods that left who were only standing up for what they believe in. Take responsibility for what you are doing LTBB and not make us the scapegoats.three ex mods

  10. Interesting insights from the person posting above. Many unanswered questions. And the insights in the blog are, as always, appreciated and taken to heart. You and your sister are wise and your words have given me comfort and much to think about. I find comfort each day in your blogs, and today is especially comforting. I am grateful for so much in my life–I have many blessings. This is certainly one of them.

  11. Hello Dr Showalter and thank you for this writing and those of days past and I have so enjoyed reading them and the remarks of those that also read and wrote here. I particularly have enjoyed todays read with your sister Kelly TwoWolves and the lessons learned and still being learned are more than one can absorb in one reading or obviously in one week or year for thousands and the more that are now just grasping the world of thsi internet star bear and her world.I live in ely MN and will share that we are not all uncivilized and yes we have enjoyed great putting of on the map since many have now engaged in fun raisers and such but many wonder if it has been worth it all.uncivilized speaks loud when those of the fans of rogers and bears arrived en mass to their annual picnic of "lily padders" this year. and uncivilized lot indeed of drinkers and loud mouths for the most part and we were quite frankly happy to see them part with their money and then part with themselves.yes there are many who are now being threatened hunters and non hunters alike, having liked the Lily page for a long time now, but knowing much from the insider world thingsare not always as they seem.i wold like to say i've learned the lessons that you and your sister have shared here today, but i am a slow learner, now still trying to absorb the impact of all that is hapening as i read the many newspapers, talk to the locals, hear the outrage and the continued posts and threads that link google and yahoo and facebook all the lies and deceit and now the pleas for moneis from thoes who have indeed develped cult mentalities from lynn and mansfield who themselves cant seem to get their stories straighte and that woman from california who came here to make some money and hit it big at the expense of others and make a name while taking advantage of many along her way.but one things i can tell from what i have heard about you dr showalter is you are a woman respected around the world and i have had the pleaseure of reading your book as well, but peole now just cant get a hold of themself and i have to agree with one of those readrs here that said it eloquently when they said "run bears run"so for now i will thank you for the read and will encourage others to come here for this appears to be the only sane place to come and to feel HOPE about something that just could have been preventsed. the lily page on facebook has just gone to pieces and they say it is becuase of the moderators that left abruptly, well hell it doesn't seem abruptly enough and now they have really cooked their own gooses as they have archives for the world to see their own lies and deceit perhaps a bit too much merlot and not enough reality or reality that have just put too much greed in eyes and pockets and pulling of emotions from people now eating beans and wy would anyone want weeks later hope to be buried when if she was shot she has already been prepared by the hunter for eating and let's just pray he gave thanks for all and used all as a hunter should at least one who hunts. perhaps they should ask lynn since he is his friend?and now lynn retracts again? ssayig he is goin to ask for her return? what exactly does he expect to have returned?people must get a hold of their emotions in order to read and to establish reality and also read between the lines here… we are in bear country, and we need to also know when truth is being displaced….let's HOPE the lesssons while difficult and maybe complex they are not rocket science nor do they require a PhDi dont know if your readers know this butlast year those researchers did walk with the collared bears in the woods; yes they walked with them til' sundown to assure that those bait stand hunters didn't kill any of those bears, so just so it's clear there is some fine lies and lines being crossed where it is all done at the end of the day, they did not do their jobs and HOPEis deadthank you both for your insidghrt here today and may you all be well.

  12. helloooooo.what a beautiful fall day, time to play and enjoy all the joys of nature. Thinking I am heading to my favorite place with some one on one with my angels…Life fdr me doesn't get much better..Have a great day to all, just sayingSTOMP… FOR ALL THE TRIGHT REASONS,congrats to Angie… prayers to EE… and a hello to Chris…. hugging my angels, sign me, ♥ A.

  13. Woohoo. You have the knack of hitting the nail on the head!!! Another great insight. You're a peacemaker. Someone should listen. Blessings!!

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