Hello October 1

Good morning
October 1
Here it comes, h/she did it again….
here comes the LIGHT of another day!
ohhh boy that Godson of mine
#51 da Beast, D’Vante
those Bobcats
were on the prowl last night
and sure did take that field
with some pride and purpose!
Looked and sounded like they were goin to just rip it up
with a shut out
but it ended out with a
38-13 victory!
CONGRatulations Bobcats!
Kamryn was the “water boy”
now isn’t that just great!!!
and to think
he is also a little Bobcat
and his team
won as well this week!
Now the Mom of those Godsons; cuz Angie… just got herself a new job up there and is soon to be the new DIRECTOR ANGIE at the Pulaski Rehab Center/Nursing facility… and don’t you know that Director Angie of Activies is just about as happy as happy can be!!!
Congrats cuzzie!
Well friends…
here we are,
October 1, 2011
and you can tell be the air, the light, the overall everything out there
Are you ready for it?
It’s time for the changes, the colors, the splendor…
The fields that were green are about to change to brown…
We are entering the dark months;
the light is changing, moods are changing.
if you’ve been reading the blogs this week
you can tell from the news
the comments of others
grief is heavy in the air
along with
It is the
changing season
your resources!
It is also a time of
great times
if you see all that is happening around communities!
From Octoberfests to pow-wows, to
MS yard sales!
Folks are “out and about”; getting or staying busy as the squirrels are busy “gathering what they need” for the dark and lean times to come.
It is
“the gathering season”
just as those who are grieving, those who are now dealing with the loss of
those who are in pain
finding a path to voice
anger through advocacy
it is a time
it is the “FALL” of the year.
It is also time to
“gather strength”
“re-charge your batteries”
“get your house in order”
in order
to take best care of
As yesterdays’ thoughts and message
“Lessons from HOPE”
continue to be learned;
take best care of YOU
it is
“the gathering season”.
Time to “gather your resources”.
We could do well to learn from the 4leggeds;
to watch as they slow their heart rates down, to not get all “jacked up”; but rather to relax as we prepare to den for the winter.
Taking what we need to last us, cleaning up around us, preparing for ourselves and those we love and enjoying each moment
and watching the beauty as it unfolds around us today, right here right now as this day unfolds.
These squirrels sure are giving the little ones here a fit;
they run around gathering,
but they do take the time
to make fun of
Jeepers and Gypsy
to taunt and tease them from a safe distance
and then run the trees
I can’t help but marvel at it all.
The butterflies continue their dance
around the flowers
if saying
“not here, it is not fall, nor do we care
just look at us”.
The birds are singing their song
wondering I am sure if we as humans
are listening
are we appreciating what they have to say!
The North American Black Bears
are preparing to den for winter;
they are doing what wild bears do
their heart rates are slowing down
as they prepare
as they hunt for the “just right place”
it is in their control
not mine;
just as your home is yours
not mine.
It is the
“gathering season”.
Gather well friends… enjoy all today and in the days to come, with
have yourself as much FUN as you can!
I hope if you are
you are OUT today
you are “gathering”
all that you need and want
make this a remarkable day
all ways for yourself
I wish you enough
be all that you dare to dream.
I HOPE you dance today!
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

5 comments on “Hello October 1

  1. As always a great post doc. love what you say. Keep on keeping on. Sometimes the journey is hard and we find it hard to take the steps, but one is all it takes and then the momentum carries us.Peace on the windEE

  2. Just wanted to come back and say hello and hope everyone had a terrific Saturday. I loved reading that our friend had a grand time at the museum with hubby and had sundaes for lunch – sounds great to me. I chuckled when I said October 1 starts my birth month -LOL I wanted to clear it up that I celebrate the month of my birth. I have always celebrated my birthday all month. I love my birthday as it is the best thing in the fall for me. Had an extremely busy day, tired but satisfied after a hard days work at the shelter with animal rescue. Dr. Sherry, have a safe travel and enjoy your time away and meeting new people. I look forward to hearing about it. Take care friends and Have a great evening – Sandy♥

  3. Yes it is fall… where did the summer go? Guess we are all so busy that time sneaks up on us. Ah to lay in the sun, now, the cooler air of fall. I'll take it all. Best wishes for an awesome weekend to all. Safe trip doc. Be well.

  4. Way to go Bobcats! I am once uplifted by your words, my friend. I enjoyed a morning with my husband at the museum and we had ice cream sundaes for lunch! It was lovely. And thank you for mentioning raising money for MS. Someday we WILL find a cure!! Yes, time to move forward, with HOPE in our hearts. HOPE taught me the gentle nature of black bears. Oh, how she loved life! And I will carry her in my heart always, and strive to live as she did–full of joy, caution, love, and independence. How can I do less? Yes, I have HOPE in my heart.Safe travels to you this week. Love and blessings on the wind to you, my friend….Guin

  5. Good Morning and Happy Saturday friends. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and encouragement. You are the BEST!♥ It is cold her in SE Mich, in the low 40s. Had to turn my furnace on last night. It is also windy and been rainy the last 4 days. It is surely fall weather. October 1 – Wow, where did the time go? Today I start my birth month☺ Off to the shelter – lots of animals. Getting another load today from a hoarding case so we are busy. October is adopt a dog month so hope if you are looking for your furry forever friend visit your local shelter. Wishing each of you and Fantastic Super Saturday. Enjoy your Blessings. Prayers this morning for those mentioned here and all the Lily fans – be well and know that this is a good place to be and Dr. Sherry is the bomb! Be well friends – Sandy♥

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