When it happens at once…

Fall just
and things just go awry
in the process…
so far that has been the past week
I’m sure hoping that the splendor of
fall in all its glory
will slow down
so that we (or I) can
enjoy it
NOW would be a great time!

New England was a mixed bag
as the people I met were just wonderful…
Tale of Delta far to complex to really tell
I’m thinking
I should stay away from
Atlanta… [no layovers/no stops/no nuthin]
On my way to New England
I had a small/short layover
it lasted
5.5 hours
with passengers being taken off the plane,
a plane being worked on,
folks being told not to leave the area,
folks being treated rudely by the counter people wearing the Delta colors and badge.
I along with many others
felt as though it was a bad joke and at times
we all wondered if we would ever
arrive at
White Plains
our final destination.
After gettting there and walking up to the
Hertz counter
I hear the lady there say this expression;
“you just don’t know”
to a man she knew.
I couldn’t help my self… I laughed out loud
“oh I am not the person you want to say that to
“YOU just don’t know the day all these people standing around that turnstile waiting for luggage have had in Atlanta”!
She was fast, efficient, and it was raining like you cannot imagine in the darkness of night.
I then left to find my rental
to drive to CT.
After the horn blow of the panic button let me know I had found the right car
I went to the little booth where they check you out;
only then to be told by a man,
“YOU picked the wrong car”!!!
I put the key in, went to the designated number assigned and in the rain got in and the key worked; here I am, and you tell me
I picked the “wrong car”?
He took the time to find a gentleman who was soaked in the rain, in the dark, and to tell him what “I” had done…
the man looked at me
“Lady, just go ok?”
Wise man he was!!!
So the Gps and I left for parts unknown; I did get to see three bridges of CT; only because they were being worked on and the spotlights were on them.
They were lovely.
I arrived at 11pm or so;
fell  into my room and
thanked the Creator
then hoped for a great time in New England and for another flight when I realized
that i would indeed be flying back through
Atlanta on Thursday!
Oh my…
I met some lovely folks; doing the work there in
New England; I had forgotten that they are not real talkative and that they have to be
One woman told me as a visual
I could let others know that those in CT
may be thought of as
“wired jaws” as they speak without moving their bottom jaw!
Of course I then spent most of the day
trying out my best
Katherine Hepburn impersonations
when talking on Compassion Fatigue.
We had a grand time
New England
then I was off to the next place
ultimately in
Warwick Rhode Island.
where I was told there that
people are
known to be
“great listeners”.
They talked little but listened hard.
I did have the best
Lobster evah there
but I’m not quite up to showing the picture yet.
IT was soooo good.
Leaving Rhode Island after a day of speaking and running to fill up the rental car
making my way to the airport…
It was an absolutely blue skied and lovely day
I have to tell you!
I then grabbed a sandwich from a
“healthy and quite famous place”
right across from gate 16
to take on the plane with me.
knowing I would not arrive home until midnight figured it to be a great idea
and healthy as well.
100 miles north of Atlanta
I felt as though someone had put fire and gas inside my body/my veins
and got horribly sick
after letting the crew know I feared the worse.
the second half of the sandwich
was in my bag
the Creator allowed me the strength to “unlock” the bar in the bathroom
before losing consciousness
where they found me
where they enlisted a passenger who was EMS
and he could not get a blood pressure on the cuff, and I kept hitting my head they said against that little room,
oh I have never ever been more sick in my life.
I sort of remember a crew member and she was so so sweet fitting in that little room and trying to brace me for a landing that i have no recall of.
ultimately we landed in Atlanta.
A crew of first responders met the plane;
somehow they removed me from the plane
with no pulse, unconcsious
and took me to a hospital somewhere
but I had a helluva time getting me to tell me where I was when I had moments of lucidity,
and at no time did they help me contact anyone who loves me;
nor did they help me with things that were so necessary without my screaming to the tops of my lungs.
where it went for horrible to god-awful.
I fought
I demanded to be heard
I got out the next day
with help from home
on the next plane
have been told that the makers of the sandwich are most concerned about ME
and are taking care of all the bills and want me to be ok and to not worry.
I left the hospital wearing scrubs
and looked like hell
I am home
have spent the last two days
hydrating, sleeping, and restoring.

Perhaps this butterfly I met in rhode Island was trying to tell me something… It landed on my hand on the last day.. and I admired it so, and thanked it for the visit.

I leave in the morning for Denver, flying SOUTHWEST…. to Wyoming, then all over Colorado…

I sure hope the Midwest is slow, is beautiful, is kind in its fall with no snow and just the magnificence of the folks I will be honored to meet.
ANd no… it’s no more healthy sandwiches from the airports for me;
back to McD’s and Burger King
there you go!
Life on and in the friendly skies.
Here on the home front
DLB is having a back that is screaming with a muscle that is just giving her fits
cortisone shots that have yet to provide relief
we are one fine mess in Florida!
The little ones
are wondering where have our humans gone…
Life is a glorious adventure or nothing at all
Helen Keller once said
she sure nailed that one right.
Be Well folks, give a thought to those here on this page that need some extra thoughts
many are fighting battles to large to see
need the warriors to
and to know you are thinking of them…
Walk In Beauty

9 comments on “When it happens at once…

  1. Sissy, Glad your strong enough to be posting,I'm thinking telecommunicating via satilight may be a better way for you to go girl! Seems everytime you get out to get your groove on something bad happens. Like your shoulder that other time. You need that patron Saint for travelers LOL. and some lunchables, Poor girl! So glad your feeling better and Happy to hear that food place is going to cover the bills (as they should!) Sending Love and healing to Bunny and You and all who need it hear. Rest and recooperate darling Love to you and all that come here !

  2. OMG- I am so glad you are OK. What a nightmare. Safe travels!

  3. Post comment……….. please !Oh, dear Dr. Sherry, thank goodness you can tell the stories. What a horror you described in a plane bathroom, travelling alone ! Geez,I am not busy, need a travel monitor ?DLB: " back at ya " Take care of you.Happy trip to WY, be safe and post when you can. FIRM and happy to post once again !

  4. Wow, Dr. Sherry, what a horrible event that had to be. I am so grateful you are feeling better and you really need to rest yourself. Prayers for you as you plan yet another trip away. Please take every down minute you have to get the rest you need to feel better. We don't want you down again. Be well, be safe and try to enjoy a little of your trip. I know those that are waiting for you will be uplifted by your message and words. Prayers for all thos who stop here. Have a wonderful day. DLB, take care of that back and feel better. Sandy♥

  5. Hey Doc, ride a pony, save gas & aviod airplanes. Doesn't Wyoming have horses everywhere? Do planes even go to Wyoming? You sure do get to move around alot. Take a kitchen thermometer with you and be sure EVERYTHING is heated to at least 165%. Or maybe you could go to the REI store and by Astronaut food in sealed packages. Just sayin.Good luck on this next tour.

  6. helloooooo.I have been trying to post, this is my third attempt… hmmm, thinking my spirit filled nights of the past few days are playing tricks here..I am more than relieved to hear you are safe. I cannot imagine the ordeal you experienced, saddens me to think you were in such dire need and alone… sure proves to me you are always travelling with some powerful angels.. promise to pack a sack of superb junk food for your next venture, and at all cost, avoid Atlanta like the plague… you are treasured and loved by so many, and selfishly speaking, we need you safely returned … I love the comment , " jaws wired shut ".. yep, it is true of us New England folks.. we seldom open our hearts to share with folks we have just met. Often, the walls of self protection stay up solidly until we gain trust and confidence… sadly, some of us never get to that point. But for those of us that find others we care for, we are truly loyal and protective for life.I am hoping DLB gets 'back' to feeling much like herself soon.. nothing worse than being down and out with back pain.On this beautiful and glorious day, I am sending prayers and hope for all who are in need, may your burdens be light, and your spirits stay strong…and for you dear Doc… cannot say enough here..now how about, take care of YOU…have an adventure full of wonderment,the people who will meet you are truly fortunate…sign me, hugging my angels, A.♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ STOMP !!!!thank you again for all you do for soooo many !!!

  7. Goodness, what a trip! So glad you are home and recuperating. Hope DLB's back is better soon. Sending prayers on the wind for both of you. Hope your upcoming trip is much better for you–I can tell you the weather will be great! Temps in the 70s and 80s. A bit windy Wednesday, maybe, but overall good weather! Enjoy your trip! Guin

  8. mornin friend. glad to see you posting. Prayers you are mending well and feeling better. What a journey. I think that quote about living life to the fullest and then saying "I made it" seems to fit you well. Prayers for a better trip this time and nicer people to help you. Know you are loved by many.Prayers on the windEE

  9. OMG DOC. Glad you are resting, agree with no airport food, and thank the Creator for EMTs and Ambulance crews. DO NOT REPEAT THIS EVENT EVER!Wyoming huh? Hope all goes well. Reach out, teach on. We will hold you collectively in our hearts.Be well and safe. You are much loved.

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