is taking me to
Then it’s
Hertz Rental to
Cheyenne Wyoming
meeting and getting to know the folks there
then seeing to beloved
big ole’ mountains
of our warrior EE here
as I drive around
to meet the folks there
Take best care dear ones
warriors here!
Cuzzie Angie
is ready to
into her new position up there in
Pulaski VA
as the “DIRECTOR of Activities”
at Pulaski Rehab and ohhh boy is she just as tickled as tickled can be!
Blessings to each of you,
I thank you all for the love, the support and prayers…
And for today,
I thought this just says it all,
enjoy each breath,
be safe in what you EAT
take best care of YOU!
Walk In Beauty,
(I’ll be hollering at you soon!)

8 comments on “OFF TO WYOMING & COLORADO ~

  1. Hi all, it's Wednesday and know what else it is ? The FULL HARVEST MOON !!!!!We all know the story linked to this moon, so just enjoy the sky where it will be visible tonite, and howl !!!!!! Always, Irene

  2. Just stopped by to say Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Hope your day is Blessed, Happy and Peaceful. Our little bit of summer left over is leaving us in SE Michigan. A bit chilly this morning and not getting above 60 the next 4-5 days. It has been in the high 70s the last 2 weeks and sure enjoyed it. I hope the weather is good where you are. Prayers for those who stop by and for those on the continued prayer lists. Sandy♥

  3. Welcome to Colorado my friend. I pray the eagles sour over your head while you are here (or maybe a hawk).So glad you were not on the southwestern flight that went from Denver to chicago I think and slammed into the building.I pray the mountains fill you up. They do me with their strength and majesty and help you on your journey. Those hearing you will be so blessed.peace on the wind friend.EE

  4. Dr. SES blessings to you on your new adventure. Stay well and do not get anymore healthy food and have food poison again. Today is a dreary rainy day, but blessings are all around us. I feel like my Angels are here and keeping me safe and well. My heart ache is mending and a new day is dawning. The big old moon from last night made my spirits soar. It is good. God Bless our service men and women and their families. Blessings to all. God is good.

  5. hellooooo.love the rocky mountains and their majesticsplendor, certainly one of the most awesome places in the country…love the above quote from Emerson,surely most appropriate at this time…Hoping you enjoy the scenery and the folks whowill be the fortunate ones to hear you speak yourwise words and lessons.Blessings abound for all of our warriors andall who visit here.. Have a great trip !!hugging my angels…♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  6. Morning Doc and readers…..Oh-so-happy that my provider changed "servers" and I am, once again, able to post & comment.A new day, a new dawn, be well, safe, healthy, wealthy and wise ! Happy flying 'round the USAI am ME: FIRM IceScream, howling near Halloween time !

  7. Dr. Sherry – Have a safe and healthy trip. Holding you in my prayers. I hope you can still get some rest in between speaking and travel. My friend in Divide Colorado got 8 inches of snow Sunday. I hope you packed warmer clothes.Happy for Cuz Angie and the new positon. It will be a great one for you. Prayers for all those menioned here often and for those who stop by here. Have a Terrific Tuesday. Sandy♥

  8. Safe trip this time doc. Enjoy the love we are sending you. Fly safe, eat well, avoid airport food and Atlanta at all costs. Hope you are prepared for some early chilly weather in the Colorado mountains.

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