Boulder Colorado

My View
out my window of the hotel
Boulder Colorado
where a bumper sticker read:
“Boulder Colorado, one mile closer to heaven”!
Arrived in Boulder after a day of speaking to mental health professionals; mostly Licensed Clincal Social Workers and others in Cheyenne Wyoming, some who travelled from Nebraska, Colorado and one young woman who travelled from Pine Ride South Dakota for a day of talking on
Compassion Fatigue.
Many were also Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)
others were Support Counselors and one a talented woman with credinials I had not heard of before who is an advocate for clients and for those doing the hard work and walks between both worlds.
Some had been in the field under five years and a few there in the field more than 30 years… each with their own set of skills working in many capacities.
It was the first seminar that was missing nurses, missing chaplains, missing hospice workers.
I had to wonder… where were these folks, and where were those who work in trauma out there in Wyoming?
It was an honor to spend the day with them;
I learned that there is no such thing
rush hour in Cheyenne;
another foreign concept to me!
Some were not used to the frankness of talk of trauma;
of secondary stress
that is rampant across the country
most identified strongly with the impact of caring for others.
the day ended with the majority feeling that the day was well spent, most thanking me for our time,
many wanting their copies of
Healing Heartaches autographed.
Then it was time to drive to Boulder
and the sights of those mountains were remarkable
the drive lovely
the big blue sky
Boulder is a booming town
a college town I am told
one of beauty
with its shops, its homes and its art visible.
the view outside my patio of the hotel is breathtaking.
I now look forward to a remarkable day…
My meals are still cautious,
mostly limited to scrambled eggs
baked potatoes for dinner!
yes I heard from the hospital in Atlanta
a voice mail or 5
all asking for information so that they can submit their claim,
not one to ask
“how are you”
“did you arrive safely home”
“are you feeling better”
I will now let you know
since I have not heard anymore from the folks of the establishment that posioned me to date…
that sat across from gate 16 of Delta
at Warwick RI
and is the famous
who was initially so very concerned of my wellbeing
assured my family that they will take care of EVERYTHING
concerned for me
and my wellbeing.
I have NOT
heard from ole’
at this writing
to say I am disappointed would be an understatement
at this point.
I remain hopeful though
I do believe that
Wolfgang and his associate is just giving me time
to heal
perhaps that is the reason
that I have not heard from them yet.
Take best care dear Hearts
Please know
YOU are your best advocate.
Now for the best news;
This day is a day
for you to do something grand…
Start it off with taking the best care of you;
buy you some flowers
as a treat!
every day is a gift!
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
order yours and remind me to send you a special free gift
in special instructions on the order page!

12 comments on “Boulder Colorado

  1. Good morning friends. Sure missing Dr. Sherry – hope everything is okay…??? Holding you in my prayers along with all those who stop by here. Wishing each of you a very special and Happy Tuesday. Sandy♥

  2. Good Morning Irene and friends, same here – stopping by to see how everyone is. Prayers for those who stop by and for Dr. Sherry. I hope all is well and your day is a Blessing. Sandy♥

  3. Good morning MONDAY ! Just keeping it current on the comment page. We ARE here……Another week to plow thru. Awaiting another post from Dr. SES.Irene, here

  4. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends – I hope all is well and your Sunday is a good one. Prayers for Dr. Sherry and all who stop by here and all those who are mentioned here and on the list. Be Safe and well. Sandy♥

  5. Sa-Sa-Sa…..SATURDAY ! Rise & shine to the world on this middle of the month, nearing Halloween. Dr. SES is out & about the USA.Wishing everyone well, till we hear from her again. Enjoy the day and weekend. Be FIRM

  6. helloooooo.I enjoyed reading everyone's comments today,great start to a gorgeous Friday here, super sunny and blue skies, loving the touch of fall in the air.. I am not surprised that you have not heard a word from the sandwich maker.. most likely, your incident is one amoung many, pushed to the desk of the corporate insurance/legal dept.and there it will sit until a letter from your attorney arrives.. they will tell you it is your fault for not eating the sandwich the minute you took it from the place, after all, why accept any responsibilty unless money becomes an issue ?I am happy you are feeling much like yourself again and enjoying the view of those awesome rocky mountains…hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoythe moment, spirits strong and hearts content..off to work I go.. hugging my angels,♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  7. Yes, Sandy & readers, HAPPY Friday…..Gorgeous weather here in Fla. Jazz Weekend, Harvest Festival, many events in the area to enjoy. Keeping active & busy to keep sane……… FIRM, period

  8. Happy Friday Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Finally made it to Friday and 6-1/2 Hrs to go and will be off. I am sleepy already and having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Have to go get some caffiene going this morning. I hope you are feeling much better Dr. Sherry and the meetings are going well. I know they are loving having you there and learning much from your words. Wishing you and all our friends here a very pleasant day and the weather is good where you are. Be safe and be well. Sandy♥

  9. Good morning on this rainy, dreary day. The rain came on my parade last night. Too painful to share right now. I just read in my trash magazine that Wolfgang Puke and his wife was asked to with draw their membership of several thousand $$$ because they caused such a disturbance the club did not want them as members anymore. They were escorted out. I imagine that is why they have not followed thru with their promise to you. I would hope not but we never know. It sounds very exciting with what you are seeing and doing. Good luck and go get them, I am sure they will walk away with lots of knowledge from your teaching and be able to cope with their jobs and people better than before. Blessings to all

  10. Wow, impressive view doc! Hope the altitude treats you well… Travel safe and enjoy the rest of the West. Be well, or should I say, get well?Home form work, will grab a bite to eat and then it's off too the shower and jump in bed. Could it get anymore exciting than to be not yet nine o'clock and I am ready to crash. Ah, life in the fast lane.Best to all

  11. Ola, all ! Sandwiches should NOT make us PUKE.Glad your tummy is on the mend…. and you are signing and selling books out West.Safe travels, the full MOON was covered by clouds last night and today we have rain…..Love ya, everyone……….. FIRM

  12. So good to read your words today Dr.Sherry. I am happy that you are having a better time out west. It is a lovely place and only been there one time and really just drove through but would like to some day come back to visit. I know all those who heard you speak are changed and lifted up. Praying your body will soon be all well again and strong. Praying that your days speaking will be good and for all those touched by your words. Interesting that old Wolfgang hasn't contacted you yet. Hopefully soon. Wishing everyone here a very Blessed and peaceful day today. Hope it is nice weather where you all are. It is rainy and cold here in SE Michigan. We have now gone into our Fall weather – heading towards winter. Not liking that much though. Be well friends – Sandy♥

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