jUST when U think…

you think YOU have heard all the stories
you just are sitting in your own home
get knocked out of your chair…
the funniest
most profound stories happen right at home folks
it happened here
right here.
where is ole’ Jay Leno?
Cos he would have a ball with this one
I can’t wait to share it with those
professional caregivers
when I’m on the road speaking on
the importance of
“self care”
Seems that when refreshing the memory of the owner of a business,
ole DLB
had a chore on her hands
as she reminded the owner of her upcoming days off…
She has not had a vacation in …. oh let’s say 4 years
really, and has recently had to be off for  major
pain and a back that went “OUT”
as a result of the burdens of working long and hard
wearing the weight of so many over a long period of time
in addition to a headache of 6 months…
The ongoing stress and demands
finding its way through a body that tried to tell her something
as she has continued on…
But this vacation, posted now for three months for all to see
and to wrap their collective brains around
there … now that time is nearing
then to remind the owner of
now is “aghast” at the reality!
Folks must take a stand for themselves in the workplace
as we move more and more realizing the impact of stress in the workplace, the numbers of those who are ill secondary to stress
those who I speak to across our nation who do not sleep well secondary to the work they do!
As I sat here and listened to the story;
thinking it resonated what i hear across this beautiful Nation
those doing such hard work everywhere
I was struck by the many similar effects
compassion fatigue that I was hearing.
The biggest difference being
was that the owner of the business;
the very one that my best friend
was keeping moving
those staff that she cares so deeply for
keeps motivated and that love her so.
It seems they all care deeply about patient care; about each other… all but the owner cares deeply,
but as for that owner I’m thinkin
 to have no real and true compassion!
I remembered hearing stories of the staff
that is so very loyal in their work;
the many ways that my best friend
takes best care of them; fostering their strengths and building on their skills while assuring that they know they are cared for.
I almost fell out of my chair!
As I heard my dear friend tell me this:
Her boss (the owner of the business) said,
Well you could ask our physician here to write you a note, I’m sure that he would … that would say,
I have NOT been right since!
I made her repeat this several times,
I asked
write a NOTE? To whom would this note be written?
i do not know of ANYONE WHO HAS ever EVER had a note written saying “It is OK to not take a vacation”?
Yep you read it right…
A business owner is suggesting that their Executive Director;
the one who keeps their show running
not take best care of themselves!
Is suggesting that they
go to the hired physician and
“ask for a NOTE saying it’s ok to not take their vacation”…
Just when you think you’ve heard it all
this came from the mouth
of someone!
Now just tell me…
doesn’t that just lay you in the floor???
Perhaps folks who think that way should be taken to these mountains and dropped there…
 cos’ they sure are not thinking straight….
I’ve heard of notes that say
“So n so, must take a vacation for their mental health,
so n so needs a vacation or they are goin to melt down and cost your organization money from the stress they are under,
so n so needs a VACATION and MUST have one NOW…
in all my life
who in the world would willingly seek out and find a
physician and then
“hey doc, would you write a note saying:
 “I don’t need a vacation”
but if a doc did write that note
who in the world would you give it to?
[still shaking my head here]
I have stopped laughing,
I have stopped saying
“you are kidding me right”.
I have stopped thinking this is just the craziest thing I have ever ever heard.
I have now decided
IT is THE MOST INSANE thing I have ever heard
from speaking to professionals around the country
I have heard a lot.
Take your vacations
take a STAND for yourselves folks
you work hard, you are exposed to much in your jobs…
in your work.
STand strong
if you ask for a note
from a physician
make sure it is a note that makes sense~
mAKEs sense to me…
I still gotta tell ya,
what you dish out will come back at ya in life; in the work place, where ya play and where ya are
 and that the
world is indeed round.
[still shaking my head now]


Now then
go forth and
for what you need/want…
have the best day evah!
Some things are just too funny not to let you know about…
Got a funny story?
How are you warriors?
Thanks for staying here with comments while I was on the road
I read them all and loved hearing from you.
I’ll tell you the story of
HAWK who flew through the screened lanai
after I left for my trip…
He decided to come in “talons first”
and oh boy did he cause a flighty stir around here
but now there is duct tape where he entered
all is safe
including the babies
that I believe he viewed as a “taste treat”
came to where I sit!
BUT thanks to Stuart and his techniques he was ushered out
without harm
all is well!
the most exciting things happen here
along with the stories!
Still waiting to hear from
did recieve a 12,600 bill from Atlanta!
Are they kidding me???
Still no follow up call from those health care providers to ask if i survived the trip home or if I am ok though…
Health care at its finest.
Oh Wolfgang, how you respond to me, will determine what and how I write about you….
Still waiting for Oprah, so far no nuthin there…
Well there ya go, news for middle of the week
from my home to yours.
Blessings dear ones.
Walk in Beauty

7 comments on “jUST when U think…

  1. PSS. MIss Bunny run do not walk to the nearest exit , Put out your job applications the writing is on the wall no wonder you are having Migraines.Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over agin expecting different results! LOL I think if you actually asked the doctor for a note like that he would probably commit you LOL Ok shaking my head still I got to go ! Lovbe you all!

  2. I'm,I'm, I'm in amazment at the idea of a Doctors note to say she doesn't need a vacation! ROFLOL that just takes the cake FOR THE reason to take the vacation! People never cease to amaze me with thier folly, I can't even imagine that as a Joke ??? Really!? Seriously?? What on earth is going on with humanity?? And only your Household could things like Hawks flying through screens, bad hospitals, and Wackodoodle bosses take place !Never a dull moment Sissy girl Keep the Faith, Laugh,and Stomp when you have to and just shake your head when no words can be found . What a State of Caos we live in today, I'll be scratching my head for a while on this one Sending up Smoke signals for reason to be reastablished in the world today Love to all keep smiling !

  3. Just read yesterday's blog…………..SO-N-SEW…… needs to zip lips."We need you, DLB, so NO vacation for you, no matter how much advance notice you give us."R E A L L Y ? Hittin' the bottle, I'm thinking. Rapture me, today. Friday.Keepin' busy and stayin' FIRM

  4. helloooo.sure sounds as if someone took a vacation from reality here.. I had to reread a couple of times to make sense of the nonsensical.. surely will agree that a doctor needed to write a note to excuse the need for a vacation sounds absurd as well as incomprehensible.. what an idiot , if in fact, this was said to be taken seriously ??deliriously perhaps.. laughing to think someone had the nerve . Although not too surprised as being a victim of employment in the "corporate world" I would quickly say there is no caring or compassion from the big boys who write the meager paychecks to those of us who bust ass, fifty or so salaried hours weekly…. I was told on a national conference call by the owner of the corporation " if your managers are asking about incentives for productivity , tell them it is incentive enough to be allowed to retain their job ".. not joking here, I have not seen a raise in my pay in 3 plus years, but have had my pay reduced consecutively , due to increases in insurance costs. Just this month, I have had my net salary reduced almost a hundred bucks and my workload increased . I now need to put in fiftyfive hours weekly to complete the expected results.. LOL, talk about funny stories, and trust me, I am not seeing the humor.. We must take a stand, I agree, or take the door marked EXIT. Perhaps if all of us took a permanent vacation " the owners " would realize and appreciate our value, so DLB,I feel your pain. You are certainly blessed with much more tolerance than myself…I agree with the comment posted above, I want off the planet, let the aliens rule.As far as the outrageous hospital goes, have you read the itemized bill ?? A bandaid costs in the range of double digit numbers, absurd to say the least. Waiting for a phonecall of concern from Wolfgang? I think hell will freeze more quickly. So what are we, gentle warriors, to do ??I say, STOMP.. STOMP.. and hold on tightly to our collective sense of humor. Just saying, the stress is not worth the toll it takes. Keep pushing our buttons, we are sure to finally push back, and when we do ?? This round world will be put into a tailspin !Thanks for the invitation to vent, keep on keeping it real Doc. You are much loved.as always, hugging my precious angels,sweet dreams to all… sign me, ♥ ♥ A.

  5. Wow – doesn't need to take a vacation, per a note from the doc? Is that just crazy or what? What a world we live in. Sure glad Stuart was on guard and fixed up the torn screen from that hawk and safely got him back in the air and away from the furry kids. Okay Wolfgang – what is the deal? And that hospital – must have had gold lined bed pans or something! Maybe needed to pay for another wing or something – crazy, just crazy! Well, hope all is well as the weekend nears. Been a hugely busy week for me and tomorrow will be a busy day. Glad when it is over. Thanks Dr. Sherry for always bringing smiles and laughs even in the real life stories we all face. Prayers for you and all those who stop here. Hugs Sandy♥

  6. Hey doc, You are KEEPING IT REAL" AS ALWAYS. That is the craziest shit ever… A note? Really?????Just shows the inmates do run the asylum. Can you wackadoodle? Yet another one. As for Wolfgang Puke… I'm with the reader above. They just lost my business. ill add them to one other compnay I tell everyone NEVER to but from. And what's up with 22 hours in the ER being worth 12,000? If it's worth it, I;ll open a useless ER and we can all get rich. This world is round, with warts. I want off the planet. Send me to Jupiter, or Mars or, hell, where are the space aliens when ya need um?Best night to all. Keep your tin foil hats on folks, it just keeps getting better and better .What the hell is next. Be SURE to listen to the UTUBE. A laughed my butt off. Crank it up, my new mantra. All this time I thought prayer was useless. Guess I just wasn't praying for the rught things.

  7. Just came in from a nice night in LA.. I dont know whether to laugh or cry at this insane time in DLB and your life. So much beauty surrounds you and then the craziess starts. A hawk flying thru to your lania looking for a feast from the 4 leggeds?? Is there nothing outside for them to feast on? I can imagine how scary that would be, I am scared if a bird would fly into my home. I love birds but they need to be outside. What kind of a lunatic is DLB working for, I wonder who she wants the DR. to give the I dont need a vacation slip to: Out of all of this blog comes Wolfgang Puke, I think may be his name now. A $12,000 bill? What did they do operate on your brain? One night, no follow up phone call? Oh my what is this world coming to? Thank God for Stuart and thank God for the wonderful experience you had on your journey. Dont forget to pray for our service men and women and their families. GOD BLESS THE USA

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