CrisP Morning

Beautiful Morning
Saturday morning
the sun is shining
there is a
“crisp” to the air!
No mistaking that the “fall of the year”
Last night in Radford VA
that Godson D’Vante and the Bobcats took the field
with pride and purpose
came from behind to win that football game
ohhh my throat is soar from rooting for them
all the way here in Florida!
#51″da beast” DVante
those Bobcats are a force to be
reckoned with !
I got a text from him after the game
that simply said
“won it for YOU”
I was just as happy as could be
“for him and his team”
knowing that they were celebrating a big win
in this, their senior year
those Bobcats on the prowl up there.
Kamryn is the “water boy” and ever so proud of his
“big brother” and the family was “huddled in the stands” screaming for all their worth, as the temps dropped and the cold settled in last night in the
Friday Night Lights of hometown football.
Kamryn will take the field as
Junior Bobcats play their game!
He too is a powerhouse on the field
and once again the “fam” will be there
rooting with their might
for the little guy to
“do his thang”
on that field!
it is
“Don’t blink”
enjoy each moment, each breath,
make as many memories as you can…
Hold tight to the memories made
as they can sustain you
will fill you up
as you reflect
as you need strength on and in times when you struggle
or find that you are facing challenges…
for the many emails, phone calls, and comments of yesterday
DLB will be taking her vacation!
that was in fact “truth” and really happened
it was not fabricated or made up to confuse you!!!
Life is a series of flips and turns and interesting paths
I have to tell you
what a joyous and interesting road we travel
at times thinking it would make for a great read
fabulous comedy!
One that Steve Martin
even Lily Tomlin
would have a ball with…
indeed it is real the events
that happen to us
“regular folk” just goin about our days…
give a little give a lot
there ya go,
when you least expect it
A hawk comes flying into a screened lanai
someone wants you to actually go and ask a physician to write a note saying “you do not need to go on your vacation”
such and such happens…
Yet another real indication of the power
strong need for humor
to get you through the days
strength in finding
humor in all ways for all days!
Good friends are the finest of friends
yet at times hard to come by
when you really need someone to lean into
you really believe that you can have
5000 friends on facebook!
Then of course I suppose you would have to try the aged old attempt at calling them each at 2am to see who would listen when you needed an ear or a shoulder
to see how many would answer the call!
One thing is certain
the world is round;
the seasons will come, and it is now the
“gathering season”
the season of “crisp” of the chill in the air
then the sun finding its way still to you
a time
to enjoy the light
as it is not as abundent
and not lasting as long in the days…
It’s time to gather those precious resources around you
for the dark months,
to find comfort in knowing
that change is all around us
that the darkness can be comforting
as we prepare to den for our winter
to hold tight to memories that sustain us
while creating new opportunities
to be with those that we want to share space with
to honor and enjoy.
It’s time for frost so soon gather on the pumpkins
to marvel at the sights around us
to remember
that in change is opportunity.
Yes, it is crisp this morning
the sun shows promise of a day of brilliance
a day of music
a day of newness…
even the birds are busy this morning
the squirrels are silent,
guess they are mindful that the hawk has build
over there in the field…
a huge nest.
I know it has made me mindful…
what self respecting Hawk comes through a screen lanai
talons first anyways?
It’s time
go make you a memory today
think of someone who may just need a little bit of your vibrant energy to boost them a lot.
Whatever you do,
I wish you enough
Walk In Beauty
give a visit to
and take a look at her latest makings, it’s time to be thinking of those one of a kind gifts you may want to give this year!!!
Be well friends!

3 comments on “CrisP Morning

  1. LOL Ok Sissy have to make a correction doll its 2wolvescreations.com not the written word 🙂 thats what you get for typing in the early am LOL, Can't wait to hear what wonderful B-day plans Ms Bun has in store for you! Go DVante! good job Bobcats! I'm getting things ready to slip out of the hills for a while go to lower altitude for a bit of the winter if not all of it! We shall see what Creator has in store for me. Just keep the snow off my back till I get where I'm going ! Love to all who visit here ! Stomp! arm and arm girl!

  2. Wow, Saturday here in Fla, heat was on this AM…………… someone's birthday is coming soon, right ?????? Oh, Dr. SES, have a wonderful week of celebration, vacation, stay-cation, whatever you choose to do, be SAFE.DLB, good for you, take that well-deserved off time. STAY FIRM, have some Ice Cream !

  3. All is good fresh and crisp this morning. The Bobcats came out and growled and won that game with #51 the beast doing so many tackles I lost count and then recovering a fumble. The family and friends were on that 50 yard line screaming, jumping and crying their heart out. I was told when I went to Little Bobcat game DID YOU SEE YOURSELF ON TV.? We were on channel 7 news last night. Didnt see it but am gonna look for it today. We have a great cheering section and I learned last night you make a lot of noise when the other team has the ball just to confuse them. The other team came off the field with their heads hung low, sorta felt sorry for them, so sad, so glad the Bobcats won. 2 more game and probably will have more when we go into the playoffs. Ouch, it is cold outside at night with the wind blowing. #51 makes me proud, he is the only one on the team who crosses his heart when the flag is being raised. What a joy he is. Have a Blessed day. Pray our troops will get home safe. Sure hope they have jobs waiting for them. Yea, blessing to all.

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