Fun and surprises

The Nana was behind the lens of the camera,
in jeans and sweatshirt!
Olivia, took off that little sweatshirt
RAN, not walked
into the gulf of Mexico!!!
swam she did, just had a ball and squealed delight
Life was good!
I was told all through the day
of their leaving of today,
of the fact that it has been short
for my birthday
last night
Olivia baked me
chocolate birthday
they all just hooped and hollered
they informed me
this morning
we would be getting in the car
for my birthday
off to parts
with pure joy
they grinned
and giggled and just cracked up!
whatever hat you wear
be prepared for
great surprises
fabulous laughs
since it’s Monday
get out there and
like our warrior Joey Graff
if you don’t have a desk
If you dont hear from me
I’ll be somewhere, but wherever I am
I’ll be with the girls
they’ll be just funny as funny can be… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB8Nkn3Xjes
Be Well friends,
Walk In Beauty

18 comments on “Fun and surprises

  1. B O O ! It's Sunday and brrrrrrrrrr across the country. SNOW in the Northeast ? WTF….I will remember all on our prayer list today.I do miss Dr. Sherry and her entries, so patience while she is off enjoying what is sure to be an interesting update on this page.Be safe and stay FIRM

  2. Well, hello friends – Saturday is almost over for me and it was a busy one. Volunteered at the animal shelter and wow, lots of dogs, cats and kittens to work with – was very busy with only one kitten adopted but one is better than none. Then, went out for a very long lunch with a friend and it was nice getting together. Hope you all had a Super Saturday. Yes, we are keeping it going here while Dr. Sherry is away enjoying her grand birthday celebration week. Can't wait to hear about the fun times and see pictures. I miss her also and her encouraging words. Tink, I have the same problem trying to post my messages from my work computer – home one not so bad. Wishing each of you a very peaceful evening, sweet dreams and a fantastic rest of the weekend. Hugs – Sandy♥

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Helllllooooooooo…where is she? Still celebrating???? That's one long dolphin ride! Come back Doc, Hope it was the BEST Birthday EVER!!!!! Miss her, hi blog friends!!!! Glad you're all doing well! Hope this will take my message this time! Usually 3 tries and it finally goes through! So much for a better computer when you buy new! Tink

  5. hellooooo,Happy friday right back at you all !!seems like October has flown by like a witch on herbroomstick… also looking forward to the adventures we will hear of.. off to work for me, wishing the best to all ! Peace and happiness!hugging my angels, sign me ♥ ♥ A.

  6. Gentle rains this last Friday in Oct.Hello warriors, commenters, " sign me A ",Sandy, etc. We are keeping it real for the doc in her days OFF from schedules, blogs and such. Can hardly wait to read about the adventures and happenings. Weekend full of events in this area. Take care & be FIRM,always.

  7. Good Morning Friends and a Happy Friday to you. I always enjoy getting through the work week and making it to Friday knowing I have a little break coming up. Wishing each of you a very joyous and Blessed day and knowing Dr. Sherry is surely having a grand birthday celebration week with family. Looking forward to pictures and hearing all about it upon her return. Be Well and safe and prayers this morning for those who have often been mentioned here. Sandy♥

  8. hellooooo.just dropping by to say a quick word toall my fellow friends ans warriors…STOMP.. in honor of Doc and her birthday celebration…wishing the best of life to all. hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  9. Happy Birthday Dr. Sherry. You are bestowed with great appreciation for all you've done for us. Your help through our journey has saved our soul. You deserve the best gifts of love and happiness as a thank you. 1♥, Susan and Greg

  10. Good Morning Irene and friends, yep, just keeping it going here wishing everyone a very Happy and Blessed Thursday. Wishing Dr. Sherry a very happy birthday celebration day. Hope you are having the Bestest of time celebrating, having fun, making special memories and loving time together with family. Sandy♥

  11. I think it's THURSDAY. Greetings to everyone.Dear doc is away enjoying her oh-so-happybirth week celebration. Checking off the days of October, soon to turn the page…..Till we hear from SES, I am keepin' it FIRM andfrozen, Ice Scream for Halloween !

  12. Well Dr. Sherry, it is Wednesday and I know you are having such a terrific, fantabulous time celebrating your birthday week. I hope the surpirses and excitement continue throughout. I look forward to seeing picture and hearing all about it. Know that you are much loved by so many. Enjoy all the time together you can get with family and Sweet Olivia. Wishing all of you here to have a fantastic day filled with joy and Blessings. Sandy♥

  13. Have at her Sissy ! Have a spendiferouse time where you are ! Suprises are great! , Don't rmember the last time someone suprised me LOL (in a good way ) Blessings, fun, joy, love, surrounding all you do Kiss miss Oliva for me! And send hugs all around ! Will be waiting to hear what touble youv'e gotten into this time LOL Stomp !Love you wishing you all the best! ❤ Happy Belssed Birthday!

  14. Hi Sherry!!I hope you have a fantastic Birthday & receive many surprises today too!! Thinking of you on your special day!!! You are AMAZING!!xoxo

  15. helloooooo.If there were any one who deserves all the loveand best of life's gifts it would be YOU.Many times, we meet people who touch your heart and soul, many times we are so wrapped up in our daily life of business, we forget to count the blessings we have been gifted… Once in a "blue moon " and "for a reason " we are gifted with a person who becomes a thread in the fabric of all that keeps us safe and sane.. I am truly honored and grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing you… Many thanks from my heart for all you have done for me since the day we met.. I cannot imagine where I would be today without your encouragement, compassion and the unconditional support you have provided me.. through the darkest time in my life, when all seemed so hopeless and empty , the journey back has been guided by your help, through the wisdom,humor and understanding you have shared…I wish for you and your beautiful family a celebration that tops any, full of all that is happy and loving.Happiest Birthday to you !!!! Kick back and enjoy.. smile until your face hurts and know we are all celebrating YOU in spirit.Cannot wait to hear what " the girls " have in store for you !sign me, hugging my angels, and feeling very happy for you ! ♥ ♥ A.

  16. Oh my, that gal is after my own heart with all of the hats. I just got out my cold weather hats the other day. She is a beauty, jumping in that freezing water, oh so good to be young. For sure a brave one. Loved Zac Brown and especially the short shorts oh wow. Off to the wild blue yonder and we want know where you are for a week. Oh my we will miss you here on the blog and in our hearts. Have a great, fun filled week of the birthday and many more. Blessings to all

  17. Good Morning, Monday, BLESS that child for diving into the Gulf. Temp dropped below the level where I will go in……… Good for you, Olivia ! Enjoy the birthday secrets and surprises, but keep us posted ! Irene M

  18. Ahhh Dr. Sherry, life is grand to spend it with family and such a special birthday. I wish for you the best of best birthdays ever. Enjoy the time and make those good memories. Love the pictures of Olivia. She sure is growing up and a beauty she is. Have a wonderful day and stay safe. Wishing each one here a very special day full of Blessings and joy. Sandy♥

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