Words, yep they sure are Powerful!

Butterfly Bush in New England

Well I’m thinking this was one of the beautiful sights

I took the time to feast my eyes on

while in

Boulder this year

It was just too beautiful not to take the time to get a closer view of

while also taking in those


“flatiron mountains”

that just were amazing

along with the people I met out there!

I now am preparing to travel to El Paso, Santa Fe



Alburquerque New Mexico


oh how I remember the beauty there!

I was sitting this morning


thinking of the power of words…

How remarkable and powerful words are

and the feeling they leave on the tongue


often in the heart.

It is and can be

staggering when we take the time to think about

our choice of words

of timing


then sprinkle in the delicous sounds of words

as they leave our tongue

only to travel on the wind


into the ear and brains

of others

I have often heard the stories of

how great misunderstandings occur

from the words that are uttered


then absorbed by the listener.

Words can “cut like a knife”

inflicting great pain


soothe like a balm to the soul

depending to the intention, the mood, the moment.


It does seem at times

children speak before thinking


often adults who “act as children”

seem to do the same things


adults with “issues” or perhaps those in pain, or those who are frustrated, or those who do not think before movement


often “lash out”

with “mis-directed” frustration and anger.

It is in those times

that the ones that are the “safest”, those who are “loved the most”

end up being the recipient

of the worst of the storm.

I have to believe

that moments or times like that are

not intended to wound


are indeed “mis-directed” moments of angst/anger.

It is hard to imagine that one who loves another would

lash out deliberately to wound one who is so loved,

creating the equivalent of a knifing

to the soul or heart of another.

When last on the road

we had a wonderful exercise around the

power of words;

of tasting the words that were said,


the challenge of my asking when was the last time

participants used words like:













“Couldn’t be better”








“Just doesn’t get any better”





How about you friends?

Was it yesterday that you said any of those words above? Perhaps while talking with a friend … or over dinner?

Are you mindful in the words you choose, during regular conversation during your days…

Words; they are used to make our day! Or, can be used to motivate us; make us happy, make us cry, make us laugh, wound us terribly or make us want or feel as though we are on top of the world!

With those words we can make our best intentions felt and our deepest pains known; sometimes we risk to do that and other times they spill out like a great fountain…

When you are frustrated… have you tried just walking away for a few minutes to get your head wrapped around the things you are grateful for rather than having a “knee-jerk reaction” or saying things that perhaps you would later rather bite your own tongue off than have said in haste and not meant?

Rather than being “pissed off” … have you ever thought of challenging yourself to being perhaps “PEEVED” and said it out loud just to hear the difference and then feel the difference in your own body? You may find it rather delicious how you notice the relaxation in your body as your mind wraps around saying “that made me a little peeved today”, and then the magnaminous sound of your own laughter as opposed to growling during the same set of circumstances!

control your brain
control your reactions
are amazing
live with intention.
walk to the edge
listen hard.
practice wellness.
play with abandon.
choose with no regret.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.’
mary ann radmacher
I was blessed by this visit!
If you talk to the animals
they will talk back
ohhh the conversations
you will have!
Words can trasform your life, can fill you up and definately make those you love feel the love like never before
if chosen wisely and mindfully.
Imagine how it feels to you
to know
someone thinks of “positively charged words”
all the time,
imagine how it feels…
comes to mind!
wishing you all you dare to dream
with impeccable style and honorable extensiveness in all that you do today and always!
The fire is lit, the embers are hot… The sage is lit
with prayers going up
and you know who you are…
Walk In Beauty


4 comments on “Words, yep they sure are Powerful!

  1. Wow, a late comment from me and my pea brain is definitely not functioning. Words escape me, so just know I loved today's message and wish you well. The monarch butterfly soothed my soul………. bye for now.Good night, Irene ( get it ? )

  2. i too am afflicted with a pea-brain today. I know I want to sit with your words and enjoy their meaning but tonight am addle brained. Will try for a reread tomorrow. In the mean time. Thank YOU

  3. Dr. Sherry, those words, your words, the word can have great effect on those who hear them. I love words and I love to use them but do sometimes, like most, use the wrong words in the wrong place or under circumstances that are uncontrolled. This happended to me a few months ago where I was angered to the highest degree that I have been in a very long time. That does not happen to me. Under this circumstance I was extremely hurt and said something I should not have. I wished I could have pulled it back but it was out and would not return ever again. I later asked the person to forgive me for it but instead he went off and told someone else knowing full and well I did not mean it and it was under great duress that it was said. That person brought it up to me and condemned me and would not accept what I said in anger as just words. That really hurt but I am clear in my heart knowing why it was said and knowing it was not meant. I had to look up one of your words that I can't remember ever hearing or using before but I think your words are vibrant and you are a magnanimous person and full of joy and bring joy to others whose life you touch. In other words I think you are one fantabulous woman who I am grateful to know. Wishing you a Blessed and Happy day Dr. Sherry and those great warriors here. Holding those up in prayer who stop by here and who have been mentioned. Take care my fantastic friends, be well and have a Terrific Thursday – Sandy♥

  4. Good morning to all, this is a lovely crisp morning and I do mean crisp. Your many words of wisdom today will have to absorb in my pea brain. They are so true, there would be so much more love and laughter in the world if we would take the time to think of what we are going to say and how to say it. Words come freely for some and not so for others. We sometimes dont think of the harshness of our words and the tone. I for one am trying hard to understand why some people are so harsh. The ones I know some of them does not hear well and they dont know the effects of how they sound. There is another critical point is that constructive criticism sometimes does not work for all people. I would rather have criticism in a nice way than someone who is just plain mad. I for one will practice some of your words today and every day. Thanks for caring. Veterans day is coming and I hope we want forget to shake a hand to any veteran we see and remember our men and women in uniform. Thank you Dr. SES for as usual your words of wisdom. Love the butterfly and wonder what message it is leaving for you. Blessings for all.

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