Saturday Let’s Roll

Here’s Lookin At YA
Well here’s the deal;
Those Bobcats took the field
they gave it their best
at the end of the game
Giles 21 BOBCATS 17
they shook the hands of their opponents
left the fields
while those in the stands
more than
having a fit at the “bad calls” by refs
in the night.
Someone had to win
I was so hoping it would be
my boiis!
just maybe
it will be in the “play-offs?”
Maybe these two
on each side of Kamryn
will be the
since two teams were playin
someone had to win
someone had to lose.
The way I got the message was
the Bobcats will still be goin into the finals
this year
then again
the bigger message is,
those teams played a hard game
played their last with pride!
I hear that the crowd of fans that
holler on the 50 yard line
were “fit to be tied”
at the number of outrageous flags
thrown against our boiis of the Bobcats
while some just made no sense at all
from a distance where I was sitting here in Florida
not one flag was thrown against Giles!
Oh my
I’m surprised COB
wasn’t arrested during the game
didn’t show up in the middle of the field
I’m proud that Coach
kept his cool
although I bet his head was exploding on behalf of his boys!
C’mon now Refs… what were you thinkin?
So then
“Bobcats, get out of those beds,
suit up
get your butts on that field!!!”
you can still do this thing!!!
I am so proud of each of you!
:”Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing” Vince Lombardi
Saturday morning
I have just read that
Andy Rooney
the TV Legend
has died at 92 years old.
What in the world we will do without his wit,
his eyebrows,
his way of just telling the world what he thought!
For a man who let us all know that he would never ever retire
he sure kept true to his words..
Bless you Andy Rooney
the world and I will miss you
I am off in the morning
El Paso and such places
including beautiful New Mexico.
I just realized
that I would be traveling
Sunday rather than Monday
I guess I best get a roll on this day
With best of all things to all here
Blessings on the wind
to all who gather!
Walk in Beauty

4 comments on “Saturday Let’s Roll

  1. Safe travels doc. Enjoy Albequeque. So very beautiful there. Wish we could all jump in your suitcase and travel along.We will be with you through the blog. Will hold down the fort until you return next weekend. Be well and know that you are loved.

  2. Whew – late today to get to sit for a minute and think quiet time. Was busy the entire day. Was sure sorry to hear ob the death of Andy Rooney. He lived to an old age. RIP Andy! So sorry for the loss of the game but they will surely be the victors in the finals. Those refs that did wrong know they did and will be thinking about that a long time. Dr. Sherry, have a safe and Blessed trip. I hope you can still get some rest. I know that all those you meet and who will hear your voice will be Blessed. Be well and I look forward to reading about it and seeing pictures. Sandy‚ô•

  3. Hi there, Saturday peeps. So sad about Andy Rooney, I looked so forward to his comments.Hey Andy, R I P , give your comments to the angels above. I will never forget you.Dr. SES, safe travels, good trip and may many stories be thrown our way, along YOUR way.Enjoying my company this past week. Take careand stay FIRM

  4. Another loss this morning with the passing of Andy Rooney. We have watched him for many years and enjoyed his wit and knowledge. He announced his retirement one month ago on his 1,097th appearance, I was wondering at the time why he did not wait until the 2,000 show. He loved life and enjoyed some of the funny things of life we dont even think about. Like why do they put so much cotton in a medicene bottle, he like me also enjoyed getting in his closet and wearing his old clothes. He will be missed and surely will not have anyone to replace him with his wit and intelligence. Read about him, he was a great man. Very truthful and stood up for his rights. Have a wonderful day.

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