Greetings from El Paso

A View from the air
coming into
How bout that now?
Best of mornings to ya!
good morning
to ya
I had a LOVELY
my favorite kind of flying
I have to tell ya,
American Airlines
was just lovely this trip!
The folks outstanding, the pilot just spiffy
the transition from Dallas to changing planes to El Paso
a breeze!
Now of course
I had to send cuzzie a picture of a
“Cowboy Texas Mug”
from Dallas to her,
as she is a Philadelphia Eagle fan
that prompted her to text me
to tell me to
holler out
(since there was a big ole screen showing the Cowboys playing the Eagles at my gate)
she wanted me to holler
“GO EAGLES” in the midst of the crowd
(*which happened to be right across from security I might just add)… and folks coming and going and rushing and running to get where they were going, along with those who were stopping to stare at the big screen of the game…
Which of course prompted
stares that if
“looks could kill
I would have just dropped dead in Dallas”.
But since it was her birthday
I had to make her giggle via text!
The sweet and fun American Ailines woman at the ticket counter
decked out in
Cowboy blue everything
applauded my courage
of doing such a thing
hooked me up with a better seat for the flight to
saying she thought it might be a good idea
stay on
my “good side
as I had demonstrated remarkable bravery
by my antics!!!
Of course it helped that the t.v. was showing highlights of the Cowboys and Eagles
Cowboys actually were playing the Seahawks!!
(I knew that)
Oh how I love life!!!
Oh how I loved watching out the windows of the plane on the way to El Paso
the spirits were busy
and I managed to get some great shots of the angels
and the spirits for my dear friend
along the journey.
It’s not often you see so much activity on top of the clouds
I’m thinkin!
they sure were busy on the flight out there.
Today holds wonderful excitement
after a nights rest at my favorite of
Those who have read
Healing Heartaches
know that the
Embassy Suites holds a sacred place in my heart
each time here I have wonderful memories that just fill my heart
of so many times,
so many children and bears given out
while being
“Bearly Bear”.
It’s a remarkable
“float back into time”
of long ago;
even into the time
that Granny and Mom and DLB came with me
the night before the big annual party for the Cancer kids…
She sat and helped as we
“groomed” the 299 or 300 teddy bears
for the children;
with such great care
and put special bows on each one!
I had  her covered in Teddy Bears as she helped with such love and care,
we talked about the children and the trials they were enduring;
those who would fight like little warriors as they went through chemotherapy, through needles and scans; those who had died after trying to get parents and those who loved them to try to understand that they had seen God and angels
that they would return to visit
that it would all be alright.
DLB was ever so busy with bows and we all had grand laughs as DLB crafted a “super straw” for Bearly Bear that would fit in the mouth of the great bear… all the way through the mouth fitting the human me in there so that I could have drinks of water… Now that was some feat indeed!
Crafty woman that DLB!
Those beautiful white Teddy Bears were brushed with such love, and their shiny button eyes were shining for the big event;
for those special children who would receive them and share the stories of their preicous lives
while many returned from the past year with their previous
bears; some of which were a bit tattered with fur worn bare from the love, the treatments received, some with bandaids and war scars of bandaids or bandages of recent hospitalizations…
All with stories many of which
Bearly Bear and troup had the honor of hearing from the children and those who loved them duriing that most special day…
Remembering The Children
held such painful loveliness for so many and
let me just tell you
it is just amazing how “hot” running in a bear suit can be,
but an experience that is rich beyond dollars
and luxury
steeped in memories beyond compare!
Still wonder why I never got skinny in those days!
Embassy Suites sure holds precious memories,
no matter the state I am in when speaking
I always take a walk around and notice
they are all similar in layout
I go back in my memories
to the days of old
where magic was made for a day each year
the little ones and those who were grown
all were enchanted
for that day
all was good.
Of course when time allows, I usually have to share a few memories with the staff of the Embassy Suites across the country of those wonderful times shared!
I love watching their expressions
as most were not employees back then
when magic happened for so many
kids and families.
The view out my window of
El Paso!
As sun was beginning to set;
me in my winter coat and it was
74 degrees!
Ah, one never knows when the cold weather will hit I guess…
I’m ready… guess if I was visiting my dear friend EE
I would be ready out there in CO where the weather has dipped to the teens this past week though!
Prayers and thoughts for her this morning as she ventures to Pueblo to see the doc for results of those scary tests she has been having… my heart is with you and so are my prayers
We all here will be with you!!!
So if the room gets crowed feeling,
don’t panic
it’s just all of us
standing right beside YOU!
Here’s  the mountains to the other side of my view,as the sun was goin down last evening, and it took my breath away!
Here ya gooo
Just beautiful it was!
As I looked at that I was just amazed
at the beauty,
and then I came inside to have dinner and heard the news of the Earthquake of yesterday in OK…
and right after that
I hear
of the charges of the famed Penn State coach
before I can take a breath
I hear of
it being one year til we vote
for the man/woman of the white house…
Guess I better put my name in to run for President.
As for the coach of PENN STATE?
What in the world … He’s accused of molesting children?
Well if that is really really true,
someone needs to put the man under Penn State
and in parts.
a more disgusting thought.
As for those who were
shaking rattling and rolling
My heart is with you
10 after shocks?
My thoughts and prayers are with you all there
and all across the country
who have felt its impact.
We sure have hit some records and probably need a new
BOOK to put them in!
With that news,
I turned off the TV
walked back on my little patio to look at the night lights that lit up the city of
El Paso
just went back into my
figuring I’m on the 7th floor
heaven help the person that tries to get into it from here!
i AM reminded of something Lous Pasteur once said,
“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal.
My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”
So for today I will leave you with this wonderful thought;
a thought of
Ellen G White,
Talk unbelief, and you will have unbelief; but talk faith, and you will have faith. According to the seed sown will be the harvest”
So from my morning, in my Happy Place
and just thrilled to meet folks of El Paso
with an attitude of great gratitude,
I am filled with belief
that we will walk into this day
faith filled
mindful in our purpose
I hope you will join me!
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
I wish you enough
Walk In Beauty

13 comments on “Greetings from El Paso

  1. hellooooo.I haven't been here for a few days,missed you all dearly by the way… so thanks for the posts, and the fun..Memories running through my mind, readingHealing Heartaches and gotta say.. bring on thekleeenexxx and bless you Doc, I am sure youpainted the hearts of all you touched with alove if life that will last forever.Today we reflect and honor the veterans whoserved selflessly to protect our great country.. It kind of bugs me that the commercialism has crept in, Veterans Day is nota day for big sales, money spending etc….In my heart it is about prayer and gratitude and reflections of the what ifs…I attended a Veteran's service this morning,STOMP.. what an awesome tribute, as it should be.Life is chilly under the bluest of skies,keeping warm in heart and spirit. God Bless our USA..hope your travels are full of adventure Doc, looking forward to hearing the updates.Irene, thanks for the update on the Beaver Moon.. just saying, really love this page..Wishing the best to EE, we are with you ,life seems to just test us often, and being of the warrior spirit here.. STOMP !!!!peace and serenity to all of you,hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  2. Wow, been a busy day and could not get to the computer till now and ready to go to bed. Hope everyone had a Tremendous Thursday. Irene, I like the message about the Beaver Moon. Never heard that before but interesting. Heard of Frosty Moon but was not sure what it was. I know it is a huge full mooon out there though. Wishing each of you and Dr. Sherry a peaceful and restfull night sleep. I will stop and say hello tomorrow – Yeah almost Friday Sandy♥

  3. Thursday and guess what ? Tonite is the fullBEAVER MOON: This was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Full Beaver Moon comes from the fact that the beavers are now actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the FROSTY MOON. That's my story (and the Farmer's Almanac's) and we are sticking to it.Great Thursday to all, till we hear from SES, I am FIRM and howling at the full moon.

  4. Good Morning Friends – wishing each of you a Wonderful Wednesday and I hope all is well with you. Half way through the work week Yeah!!! I figure if one can get out of bed in the morning, walking, talking, breathing, eating on ones own it is a pretty good day and one to be thankful for. Irene, I love your message and thought of the specialness of Friday – 11-11-11 @ 11 is a good one. Wishing each of you a day filled with Blessings and joy. Prayers for those listed and those who stop by here today. Prayers also for Dr. Sherry for the best to bestest days and Abundant Blessings. Sandy♥

  5. Gooooooooooood Morning everyone, rise & shine like the sun-ball here in Florida.This time change takes me a week to adjust.Wanted to say hello out there and STOMP into another day with joy, hope, love and gratitude.Flying those flags always, but the meaning this week of 11-11-11 @ 11 a.m. is special.Hope to see a post from the doc soon. Take care, all and stay FIRM

  6. 2's day, just before noon and all is well.Thanks, Sandy for the shout-out comment.I enjoy writing and expressing myself here on the safe page where I am recognized and at easeHope our dear friend, the doc of all docs, is having smooth days, events & visits.Sunny days in Florida make everything alright.Till the next comment, I am FIRM…..

  7. Good Morning friends and Dr. Sherry, Anonymous, I love the thought, and picture in my mind, of your patriotic hat perched on your head and all patriotic dressied up to celebrate the Veteran's Day with the seniors. They really love to celebrate those special days, especially the patriotic days. God Bless you for doing that and being there for them. Cuz Ang, glad you had your special birthday celebration. Irene, I love reading your uplifting comments -thank you and Bless you. Busy day here at work so just a short Hello… and wishing each of you who stop by here a Tremendous Tuesday and enjoy the Blessings for the day. Dr. Sherry, hope you are having a wonderful time meeting with the new faces and touching their hearts as you do ours here. I hope the weather is good where you are. God Bless and keep you safe and well and bring you home refreshed and uplifted. Sandy♥

  8. The patriotic hat is perched upon my head. Uncle Sam style. lol

  9. Good Morning and it is a good morning. Starting out with the good Dr. SES so many beautiful words and pictures. Dear sweet Marty Robbins bringing back so many great memories gone too soon. Devil Woman I can see him singing and playing right now. The angels are sure with us today and every day. The sun set is fabulous. We do live in a wonderful, beautiful country. I am dressed the part with all of my finery on red, white, and blue, even a patriotic on, much too small but perched upon my head. Remember our veterans, we are celebrating their day today at the Nursing home. We have our own Ret. col. speaking to the veterans and their families. God is good. Blessings to all of our service men and their families. God Bless USA, Blessings to DR. SES, keep her safe and return home soon. Thank you for all you do.

  10. Hahaha I wish i could have seen the look on those Cowboys fans!! LOVE IT~~ Priceless. Bet you took off running for cover! LOL What a way to end my bday…cuzzie in the middle of TX airport hollaring for my Eagles…not to mention they lost to the Dang Bears last night so now I have to hear Ode's mouth this am…oh well it was a great game!Thank you again for all the bday wishes. I had a great weekend just went by too fast. Would have been so much better if my Cuzzie was here but I know she was in spirit~I hope everyone has a blessed Tuesday~ Had to get up and cut the heat on…I think it may be in the 20's this am! BurrrrrEnjoy your trip Cuzzie and be safeLove & Blessings to all~~Cuz Angie

  11. Morning to all. I missed Sunday's blog, so happy belated birthday to Dr. SES's cuz….Today, Nov 7th would have been my dear motherRose's birthday, 92 I believe she would turn.Sherry, hope your stay out there is full of everything expected. Your bear story still hits me when I read it here, or re-read it in the book. I conjure up the site in my own head and love the effect it has on me. You brought me to the place I am in today and I could never thank you enough for being YOU !I am Irene, staying FIRM like ICESCREAM

  12. Good words this morning that touch the heart Dr. Sherry. Thank you so much. I loved reading about Bearly Bear in the book and the memories here. Good memories but sad memories also of the children with cancer and in the fight for their lives. Praying you have a wonderful time this week in your travels. I know that you will bring joy and Blessings to all those whose life and you touch. Also prayers for EE in Colorado. We are holding you up this day along with those mentioned here often. I loved the pictures of the sky and sunset. What an awesome creator God that we have and all the beauty for us to enjoy. My Sis in law is in Oklahoma and felt the earth moving but all was well with family. Thankful for that. I think those Tin Foil hats might be necessary Anonymous☺. Sending prayers and well wishes for those who stop by here today. May your day be Blessed with Peace and joy. Sandy♥

  13. Good Mornin doc, and Good Mornin it is! Feels nice to see the light so early. Headed out to start this work week. Have made tin fiol hats for my coworkers and me in case the space aliens really do show up. We will be ready. I also heard it shield one from evil forces. A new fashion statement. Make one of your own! Am sure it will provoke many laughs to replace the usual Monday morning gloom on the job. What ever it takes.Enjoy your day!

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