KATERI Tekakwitha
First Native American Woman
to be a Saint!
 Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, known as Lily of the Mohawks or Genevieve of New France, was a convert to Christianity who took a vow of chastity. She was beatified in 1980, and was the first Native American proposed for canonization by the Roman Catholic Church.
This most remarkable sculpture was outside the entrance of
St Francis Church in
Santa Fe
as if welcoming folks in
she was
stunning in her stature, her amazing grace…
And I was taken by her beauty
was really rocked to my core
when telling my friend
about her
Only after lighting candles in that church for EE who is facing life threatening surgery, and then being told the story of
then almost falling faint in Santa Fe when learning that
EE had in fact taken a small sculpture of
Kateri to the sacred Grotto out there in Colorado
had her son to place it there in the
Grotto for her own prayers of healing ways!
I had no idea
of all the things in the world for a friend so far away to have taken to the sacred Grotto
the very same Native American woman I was now looking at in
Santa Fe?
Oh the power of spirit
even now at times makes me weak in the knees indeed
I am grateful.
It’s almost that day of
it seems many across our lands
are thinking
of all the many things
they are “grateful” and truly “thankful”
for in their lives.
Oh how long my list is when I sit and let the thoughts and feelings pour freely of
LIFE and all that it holds.
I am richly blessed by all of its wonders in life
and those who love me
who I am honored to love.
You too I am sure
will find much to be thankful for
if you take the time
this day, this week, the coming days
“just sit with the thoughts”
with a
cup of coffee
a soda
that you are “thankful to enjoy”
also to join in reading my dear friends
blog here
she’s done it again!
She has really gone and done it this time
she challenges all of us
dig a little deeper in the
“gratitude list”
as we move through the days ahead!
Thank you friend!
This coffee has never tasted better than right here and right now!
Life is filled
with moments
amazing grace
beauty that surrounds us
even in frightening and fragile times.
This is the week of
as the roads get busy,
stress levels ZOOM like cars on the highways
with folks rushing to do shopping
guests gather
friends and relations
make calls or visits
I hope
will find the time
take the time
all the many many moments
that you have
to be grateful for
to be
really really
express that thanks
in as many ways as you can think of!
May the Creator/God/dess smile on you today
each day…
We are warriors of gentle spirit here
I wish you all that you dare to dream
the strength to work it til it becomes all that you hope!

Blessings on the wind…

Walk in Beauty,


Hope you are sending those postcards to cuzzie
there in Pulaski VA!
She reports they are already receiving them and enjoying all and
have received one already from all the way
Let’s do this thing
“send MORE”

Angela Loy, Director of Activities
Pulaski Health & Rehab Center
2401 Lee Hwy N
Pulaski, VA 24301

they are
Lovin THEM!!!
Thank you all !


5 comments on “Gratitude

  1. hellooooooooo.each day I spend lots of time being thoughtful and thankful, for all I have been blessed with, all whom I have loved, in my life, some are here and some are gone, the memories my life holds make my heart throb with love and sometimes a twinge of sadness, as I miss those who have gone too soon….I have learned to love and live in the moment,I try to pay it forward and be kind to all who may need that smile or helpimg hand.. the list of things to be grateful for goes on endlessly,each breath , each sunrise and sunset…what a wonderful world, and somehow, the burdens and challenges , all have become entwined into my soul… and for that I am grateful..knowing all of the "gentle warriors" who visit here are amoung the top of my list..may all of you have a peaceful holiday,may the angels bless your ears with sweet words of love…thank you for being here Doc…hugging my angels, sign me,♥ ♥ A.

  2. greetings on the wind friends. Love the blog doc. As always full of wisdom that you shower us with. Great words to live by. Thanks for the prayers and lifting up. Prayers for those with burdens and pains. No one said life would be easy, but oh the joys we can find if we open our eyes.much love and hugs on the windEE

  3. Many people to be thankful for, special friends to think of daily and hold close in our thoughts. A special healing light going out to EE and Dr. B, and my dear friend who also faces the challenge of MS. It is a small world, and it is very round. Sending love to all that gather here. Hoping NO ONE must face a grocery store tomorrow. Busiest travel day of the year, and craziest grocery day. Me, kicked back and love that I have the opportunity to prepare a feast for Thanksgiving in my home. Be well, enjoy this best day of the year.

  4. Dr. Sherry, What a wonderful message of Thanksgiving and thank you Guin for your thoughts and prayers. I saw your message and it is very uplifting to know others know and have been where I am and understand. Holding EE in my prayers daily and I know you will be uplifted and feeling better. You are a Blessing to many. I also love the challenge of finding 3 things a day to be thankful for. I wish for each of you this day a day full of joy and Blessings. Hope you have a grand time with family and friends as the day of Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Be well my friends. Sandy♥I hope Angie and friend gets the card and letter I sent yesterday – hope it gets there by tomorrow but if not till Friday it will still be a new one for them to read along with some pictures.

  5. Oh, this is such a beautiful blog, my friend! And I know I sometimes get so caught up with the "day to day" crap I forget to count my blessings. And there are so many. EE is a true blessing to me, and inspires me every single day. You are a blessing to me in all you have taught me and all you stand and STOMP for in life. I am so blessed with friends and love and family. I really am. I love EE's challenge. There are many blessings every day. I am grateful and blessed to be able to get up and move every day. Yes, I have MS, but MS does NOT have me. And it never will. I celebrate every day I can walk and talk and see and think. I celebrate my friendships, those I love who love me back, just as I am. Oh, so many blessings in my life. I will take EE's challenge. Might be hard to have only 3 every day. 🙂 Blessings on the wind to you, my friend. Guin

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