Saturday after Turkey Day!

Good morning world
all the folks who enter here
we boot scoot into
Just like those boots…
So many choices
so much to think about,
oh my
we can dance around and into this and the days to come
we have to get off the shelves
into the groove and boogie
with the right fit!!!
I bet those malls and shops are just giddy
after the news reports
a most successful
i JUST wonder
how they know all that anyways
since they report such staggering sales
before the stores are even closed
folks haven’t even emptied out their registers
we are heaing across the Nation
of the
most successful of
Black Fridays?
Guess it’s good that I’m not the one having to
wrap my head around all that information
really glad I wasn’t in the many lines
the craziness I saw on the news
“pepper spray” in one place to keep others away
by one person”
“gun shots and harm at another”
did you see anyone with a real happy look to them
out there shopping?
I had to laugh when the
“financially fit” advise for
Black Friday suggested that folks take and make their planning for Black Friday
suggested they take several pair of shoes, drinks, sandwhiches and a cooler with them… Really?
To a mall for shopping, they suggested all of that?
Can you visualize a real shopper pulling a cooler
through a mall and stopping for lunch ?
I had to laugh at that one
then imagine the food folks
their dismay!!!
HOping this morning
is treating you well
you are still loving the leftovers of your holiday
having made many
“Hallmark Moments”
along the way
savored delious scents/flavors/treats
now have memories to sustain, and fill you up
at will!
Abundence to bring joyous moments
even in times of strain or difficulty
made easier is we can reflect
on those wonderful moments
great laughs
times shared.
We now can say
we are entering the holidays
folks are now shifting gears
and preparing
for decorations
shopping til they drop
or beginning to bake and think of ways to do things
differently this year.
Many give to “causes” near and dear to their hearts
while others
find ways to make a difference.
Still others
have become “jaded” I’ve learned
finding that perhaps the very thing they have given to
over time and emotional pulls
are not as they thought
as they “should be”
that can often leave a
“raw wound”
than the good feeling
“paying it forward”
giving til it hurts.
The holiday season is a time of
it seems
a time of great gratitude
in the giving.
A time of generousity
of love.
It is the love
we will all
reach out to others
into the
these holidays!

The holidays are difficult for many;

those who are facing challenges,
those who are entering the holidays
missing those not here
physically with us.
Those who are re-visiting ole’ man grief
who creeps in around this time of year
and makes that emptiness greater in the dark months
often will take the breath away of those who are trying to adjust to life differently this time of the year.
It is in these times
that we often
find that
standing UP
embracing the light
perhaps in the service to others
is the best gift we can give.
It is then we shine brightest
feel the presence of those no longer with us.
Resiliency is remarkable
I hope you will not sell yourself short
please be kind to
A friend we’re holding up out there in CO
is preparing for a heart catherization on Tuesday *a dangerous procedure*
 and kidney surgery following ,
she and her son
are in need of our support
in Colorado
and now they’ve run upon some difficult times
and need a little help.
I stand amazed actually at the resilience of this woman
with all she has faced and is facing
now has a van that just went
and needs quick intervention,
they need some help.
WE can together help make that happen I do believe.
I’m attaching a link to her blog here,
*send as gift/no fees involved*
this woman is a true testatment of a warrior
a survivor
who gives a new definition to
one who is faith filled with hope
during good and most difficult times.
There is a link to help if you can,
I will tell you she is a lovely woman…
She is not a “scam artist”, she is a woman of integrity and just an honest down to earth person, “ordinary folk” she says;
she and her son are real,
I have visited them,
I am proud to call her my friend
I hope you will join me in
“paying it forward”,
or in as Maya Angelou says, “throwing something back”;
to help them be able to get that van fixed so that she will be able to ride in it on her way to that skilled cardiologist
and feel us with her
for that cath
scheduled for Tuesday
on Tuesday
we will surround her in prayers
for a succesful surgery
so she can return home to heal and then she faces kidney surgery for removal of a tumor that is threatening her life.
If we could all hear one another’s prayers, God might be relieved of some of his burdens. 
~Ashleigh Brilliant
I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. ~Maya Angelou
Here’s the link;
have a read of a most remarkable and resilient woman and at the top there is a link of a way to help… Let’s all show EE how warriors of gentle spirit can band together and
“I think you might want to subscribe to that blog as well”~
So then,
for today,
I hope you will join me in throwing something back/forward
have the best weekend after Turkey day
It’s beginning to look a lot
Christmas, but I still have turkey in the fridg…
Oh I think I’m about to tire of turkey
You may want to also visit
to see what KellyTwoWolves is making for those Christmas one of a kind gifts! She is doing some awesome work and wintering with her 4-legged in Iowa this year..
I hear that our warrior Chris is still reading here,
I have many asking about her,
after being seized on her computer I’ve been told she is fearful of posting on her computer…
Chris we think of you often
and many ask of you and for you!
For all our other warriors
YOU are thought of fondly
BE gentle with you,
take best care of you.
Walk in Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches

3 comments on “Saturday after Turkey Day!

  1. Sending a special helping hand to our blog friend EE in Colorado. I just know she will do well. Thank you doc for continuing to help us help others. You are an angel among us. for all you do, and all you inspire us to be.

  2. Prayers going up for EE in this difficult time To recieve eveything thing she needs. Wonderful words as always there Sissy girl. Wishing everyone a safe and Love filled Holiday season as we work through the difficulties of humaness. Black Friday insanity really!! bring a cooler and change of shoes??? I swear the media and public have gone Mad!! Are you kidding me pepper spray??? Violence??? Way to have that Holiday spirit of gratitiude! It is a shameful thing to hear! I think the public should Get Smart and start Boycotting the Holiday sales garbage and just Plan ahead! What a concept! Don't buy into the hype People! And you are buying Items made overseas!!It makes me insane as I see big business take advantage of the less than bright public! As I watch small businesses that cater to the neigborhoods go under. Tis the Season for Glutony?? Be Gratful for your loved ones, spend TIME, those are the best gifts ever! That is where the memories are made! Blessing All*** be carful out there ***Prayers for all who visit here for a safe and love filled Holiday!

  3. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the uplifting words today. Prayers for our friend EE in Colorado. Praying her van can be fixed and surgery Tuesday will go quickly and she will be back home soon and enjoying the Christmas decorations her son has put together for her. Indeed, the holidays can be difficult times, especially those firsts. It is good to know we don't go there alone but are uplifted with those who have been there before and understand. I am off today to the shelter to love and care for the many animals there and hope to have some adoptions today. We brought in the absolute cutest little stray dog and boy would I love to adopt this one. That won't happen with my 3 cats but she sure is sweet and no one has claimed her yet. What a cutie she is. Looking forward to spending a little time with her again today. Wishing each of you here a happy and Blessed Saturday. Hope you have some fun things to do. Sandy♥

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