not so sure about
“cyber monday”
but it sure
knows how to get in the mood
packing and to let his presence and thoughts be known!
IT”S MOnday, monday MONDAY
time to
get your motors running for the week
to now
get in the
of things
I hope everyone who was traveling had a fantastic trip, home now safely
the disappointments few
the great memories
our friend
EE heads out in Colorado
*hopefully in the Van*
for the heart cath,
and on her behalf
I thank those who were able to
“throw something back”
and help with all that is happening there
to thank ALL
for the prayers, support and kindnesses
She is a lovely woman
we now pray her through this
and back home with her son to heal.
“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”-Maya Angelou
The holidays are in full swing
I’m seeing live
Christmas trees in the backs of trucks
decorations all ready up!
The air is alive
with those shoppers
that we are reading about and seeing on
around the globe
folks are preparing for the
we remember the children
check in your areas
for details
it is
candles will be lit around the globe
remembering the children who have died
any age/any cause
and folks will gather to remember.
Ah yes,
the holidays are upon us
holidays are a good time
to remember
and to realize that expectations of others may leave you feeling short/angry/disappointed.
It’s time now
to sit down with you
what are the plans, what are the ideas
the expectations…
Let others know as well
so everyone is talking from the same place,
knows the same informations
in order
to not be disappointed!
It is amazing the amount of
disappointments around
isn’t it?
Maybe it’s the cold
It just may be time to bury it,
get rid of the old issues/emotions/hurts
when facing those thoughts,
1. fill basin with cold ice water
2. submerge head and count to 10
3. come up /catch breath
4. notice what matters to you now
5. go forward
Also may be good to remember
the holidays
are times of
triggers for many people
those who have issues
may be tempted
may suffer relapses.
Trust is hard earned
and hard to re-establish once broken,
can happen.
time to leave you darlings
jump onto
Let’s start here
Blesssings to all who enter here
it’s a great idea to order those gifts of
Healing Heartaches, for friends/families
we ship to you in 24 hours
with a special free gift
Walk in Beauty,

7 comments on “CYPBER MONDAY

  1. Good Morning Dot, Dr. Sherry and friends who stop by here. I wish for you a very happy and peaceful day. Hope the rain is not coming down as hard in your place as it is my place here in SE Michigan. Been raining cats and dogs since Sunday except for a few hours yesterday. Our rivers and streams are running over but we know our God is in control. Prayers for EE that she will be comfortable and all will be well with her through the tough times ahead. Dot, your words touched my heart and gave me some watery eyes. Your visit with your Sis brought back memories of my Mom and Dad. Dad, near the end, talked of the old ways and old people who were no longer here but he went home with them quickly. With Mom, the last 6 months were tough, heart breaking but happy thoughts. The dementia is such a strange disease. The closer the end came Mom began talking about Dad and my brother often and how that she had just talked to them, asking where they were? what were they doing. Dad had died in Nov 2007 and my brother died in May 2009. Mom was in a nursing home due to her diseases of age and she was being cared for by Hospice. We were told that she would continue to ask and talk about those who had gone on before and when she did they said do not tell her any different or try to change the subject. For this advice I was grateful. One day, Sis and I were having lunch with Mom. She was having a bad day and all of a sudden she began having what seemed to be a one sided conversation and oblivious to us being there. I asked her who she was talking to – she said "I am talking to Ed". Ed is my husband who died 16 years ago and she loved Ed. After almost a 10 minute conversation she says – "Okay Ed, I am going to let you go, I'll talk to you soon" Mom died 4 days later. I don't understand it but I do know that she was most serious. She would often "hallucinate" and see animals, dogs and cats mostly and that was her next love in life was animals. She often saw them "looking at her," "sleeping by her feet" "holding them" I have to believe that not just the dementia but getting her ready to leave her old, failing body and this earth to go to a better place where they were all waiting there for her and letting her know it was a good thing. Mom just died on March 13 and was the most peaceful death I could ever imagine. I was holding her hand when she took her last breath and I always felt that as I held her hand in life Jesus took her hand in death and her new forever life had just begun. She then was seeing all her beloved family and friends and even her dogs and cats were waiting for her and chearing her on and up. My prayers for you dear Dot that you will be strong through those tough days. No, don't try to change what your Sis says, just agree with your Sis as she probably is seeing them there cheering her on when her time comes. God Bless you this day and all who stop by. Sandy♥

  2. One Day At A Time, brought back some beautiful memories as the song was my Mom and Dad favorite song. I remember going in their house one afternoon and there they were playing the song and was dancing. Now my Mom and Dad may have danced when they were younger but this was a great surprise and at their age amazing. Treasured memories. Just visited my sister with dementia at her home. We were cuddled on the couch and she said look over there on the other couch sits daddy. The tears flew, I said yes lets wave at him. Some professional I knew one time said when dementia patients says something like that to correct them and say no they are dead. This does not set well with me. I would rather think she came out of her world and saw daddy. EE you are in our thoughts and prayers, we are traveling your journey with you. Now I am trying to picture Joe falling 6ft. with a Christmas tree on his head and not getting hurt, his angel surely was with him. Thank you Dr. SES and all of the bloggers for all of your kindness. God Bless Our Troops, their families and our President for the journey they are on. Blessings to all

  3. Cyber Monday, I'll pass…. Can't bury the hatchet case I ain't done with it. One more turkey to do this year. RUN!!!!!!Alls well here. Tree up thanks to our good friend who muscled it into the house yesterday. Now the excitement is how shall we dress it this year? Love the holidays with the lights, and music. Best to EE and to all who gather here to share. Loved the words of wisdom form you doc, and Joe. Funny story. Glad you are not hurt bad. Six foot is a long way to fall.

  4. ** hello…please pardon the typos, guess I definitely need the lights on and my glasses too…have a great day everyone !!love the rain today, SO needed !!A.

  5. helloooo…….,.defimitely smiling here after reading of"dancing Joe's " unfortunate fall… ouch !!glad there are no broken bones and the visualmade me smile…gotta agree, take each day as it happens, eachday we do accomplish something, however small it may seem in the scheme of life… and I think we tend to be too tough on ourselves when it comes to setting expectations… love the idea of Monday being the marker for yhe past week's achievements but I think I will pass on the head in cold water thing… much prefer dancing on the desk."ome day at a time" is my rule.. not speaking of addiction but I know we must live our best today as there are no guarantees that there will be a tommorrow…. keeping this perspective works for me to keep myself from being overwhelmed and my spirit light. Wishing well to all as well, special toughts of strentgh for EE…no cyber shopping for me today, as I am justloving listening to the rythm of the rains,coffee in bed and some much needed rest.Happy Mondat everyone !huggimh my angels, ♥ ♥ sign me,A….

  6. GREAT Monday morning greetings to all!!Sooo…since I have a few minutes as I am currently awaiting the pain to subside.. what pain? you ask…well first of all, thanks for asking. Allow me to share.I decided to "surprise" my bride today. I had this grandiose idea of having all of the Christmas decorations pulled out of the attic and ready for her and the kids to do their thing this evening. It is my duty as Dad to get the decorations down and set up the tree (ours is the artificial type with lights already on it)so the kids and Momma can put up the decor and put all the little do-dads on the tree.As I am standing on the ladder with the big box with the tree in it over my head, I feel my right foot slip..in an instant I try to save myself by quickly trying to replant…no such luck…gravity took over and BAM…6ft later Im laying on the concrete floor with the box laying on my chest…Hey, I got the tree down. All my limbs seem to be in working order so all is well and I am thankful..after-all, I still have a dance to do.Doc- I would submit that not just the Holidays as a time to reflect and dunk oneself in water, rather every Monday. Doesn't it seem odd that we, generally speaking, find time during the holidays to reflect over a WHOLE year?…that's a lot of happenings to try to remember and learn from. The overwhelming feeling of anguish over all the things you wanted to accomplish this past year and didn't. We will hear and read about all the New Years resolutions and marketing as such many to have been broken or forgotten by the end of the first month of the new year.I would submit that if we spent time on Mondays reflecting and setting expectations accordingly, we might find that all of those small achievements add up to whole lot of BIG achievements in the end. With all due respect to those suffering from addiction, I do believe there is a mantra out there that states to take it "one day at a time"? If they can do it one day at a time, why not the rest of us learn to do it one week at a time starting on Monday.Of course I am biased towards Mondays because THAT is the day to DANCE!…Bring it!I do hope you ALL are doing well and my little adventure brought at least a smile. Its always funny if nobody gets hurt right?Back to the rafters I go, but this time Im bringing a bigger ladder.

  7. Hi Dr. Sherry, It is always so good to come here and find an uplifting message in your words. I love the picture of the four legged furry ones. They are very cute. No Cyber shopping for me as we can't do that at work. So maybe tonight might take a look and see if there is anything that is a good buy and needed. Prayers for EE today that all will be well and that her van is off and running. Wishing each of you who stop by her a happy and Blessed Monday. We well my friends. Dr. Sherry, have a tremendous day. Sandy♥

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