A little tiny fire
bring a lotta heat
notice the size of the
The large windows
the little chair?

I had so much fun… and actually had to duck to get through the openings in this place called, “The Shed”
for a wonderful meal while traveling!

The little fireplace really took my breath
as I noticed the wonderful
heat coming from it
and the rather large window to the side
and had to again
“duck” to get through the doorway!
Oh how I giggled over that one!
It’s all in the
of times
how you think about things
I do believe!
How you “frame it”
Just as our warrior
has over and again
helped us along the way with showing great
in her journey
her trip through all of her struggles
only to hear from the cardiologist office
that the heart “stuff”
now is delayed
a day!
As Joey Graff who reminds us to
“dust of the dancing shoes”
dance in to Mondays
was trying to get the tree ready for the
beautiful and annual decorations
took a fall of 6 feet landing on his back
I notice he didn’t break any decorations
any bones!
he is bruised
but still
after a time
may need to adjust our lens
in order to see things more clearly
to put a different angle on what we are viewing
as we move into the holidays and the
hustle and bustle of all the
glitter and jazz
it will
probably do us all well…
we can remember
all that glitters is not gold!
The trees will get trimmed
once again this year,
if not?
Well perhaps
it would be interesting to just put them up with lights and
leave the rest alone for a change!!!
After all
what’s the harm
switching things up ever so often?
Perhaps we can just dress up and stand beside the tree!
dance around it
and no one would notice that there isn’t decorations
they would be to busy looking at us?
that is the word for the day!
It is really important
to take
at a time
from there
all other steps will flow more easily!
And It just may be that in doing that you will gain great insight along the way, great perspective into the next step,
and new found beauty
of doorways
and sights
caution signs as well.
one can only hope that as we make those steps
we can find room for laughter
to pay it forward
with each step in ways that will leave the Ancestors smiling
the next generation with lessons to also pave their way
to new understandings! 
Where the is humor in trying times
in times of all times
there is an opportunity
to regain a new and fresh perspective
to any daunting situation~

So there you go.
Walk In Beauty,



  1. Good to See you Irene and always good to read your words. Sounds like you had a very nice family time for the holiday. Can you believe November is over and one more month and a new year begins. Almost hard to believe. I sent Angie a card and some pictures – hope they make it to her okay. Take care and Happy Wednesday☺ Sandy♥

  2. Good Wednesday morning, friends, been a long time in between comments. Had laptop in the "shop" for a few days. Was away with family for the Turkey day holiday weekend.Reading Dr. SES's posts & comments, wishing all of you a very happy Wednesday, this last day of November. Tomorrow, Dec 1 is WORLD AIDS DAY. Mailed postcards to Cuz Angie's facility. Missed all of you, I am back & FIRM

  3. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Thinking about EE this morning and praying she is feeling good and uplifted by the knowledge that so many are holding her, and her son, in our prayers. Thank you Anonymous for your kind words. You are right, we are all people out here in the present world trying to make things better and loving this place we can come to each day and reflect on the thoughts and words. We can be Blessed by those who join us in their words and prayers or just silently read and know this is a special place to spend a few minutes with friends who really care. It helps us get through the tough times and look forward to days ahead. I missed Irene yesterday also. Hope you are well my friend. Holding up those in prayer this morning who have been mentioned. Wishing each of you a Wonderful Wednesday and a day filled with Blessings and bright Smiles. Sandy♥

  4. Hey to all, where are you Irene??? I love when Fluff writes she is so positive and it gives me a warm feeling of knowing how much she cares for all of us. We are human beings out here in this wonderful world of ours making a place for us and living life to its fullness. EE you and son are in our lives and we know you will be in good hands. Life is so precious and you know whatever it is you and son will fight for life. God go with you. Thanks to all for their love and support. Support our soldiers and their families. Blessings to Dr. SES and all of the people who are waiting to read and feeling the blessings.

  5. helloooooooo.love the blog today, in my perception of your words on perspective I have found this message…The way we choose to look at our world, with a smile or a grrumpy frown… the "glass half full ? "… gloomy rainy day or wonderous mother nature… there are always two sides of the mirror and I know I make an effort each day to push out the negative and bring the positive into clear perspective… hmmm, very interesting words and thoughts. Thanks for giving us some "real"stuff to think about… It is a gorgeous , blustery day here.. winds blowinng through my head to help me clear out all the clutter..Best prayers for EE.. she seems to stand strongly in spirit, her perspective and attitude are awesome.. looks like the 'shed' was an adventure, and love the huge windows and small chair.. that in itself lends a message of clear perspective of how small we are in this huge universe…Have a great day everyone!hugging my angels ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  6. Dear EE, prayers go with you today as you take yet another journey. Praying all this will be done quickly and you will be feeling so much better very soon. It is so good to know that your son is there to care for you. I look forward to hearing good news soon from him for yourself. Dr. Sherry, thank you for your uplifting words that mean so much. I am grateful for this place to come to and for all those who pass by in a day. God Bless and enjoy the reast of the day Sandy♥

  7. mornin friend and hugs on the wind. We are getting things ready to leave soon. Thank you for your beautiful words and your love and care of son and I. You all are such good friends. Son will keep you updated. Thanks to all for their prayers too.hugs and love on the wind.EE

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