See how it’s happening?

just like that
someone says
and you look up
time starts on its on accord
things just
“feeel crazy”
time tings start to come unglued
the 4-leggeds get things put on them
to make them look
folks start
decorating thing
And here in Florida
the state turned down the heat so that we can
feel for the rest of the country
I still try to wrap my head around the news that the state
I watched the news yesterday as I had on my sweats
observed a brave soul
swimming in the gulf waters of
NOPE he didnt’ look a bit sad to me!
He looked actually
a bit melancholy
but again
could be the chill from the waters
had settled into his brain temporarily?
It’s off to fly the
friendly skies of
USAirways in the morning hours
Charlotte NC
and there to be met by
for a weekend with the
Southwest VA
where I will get to see that little
Kamryn “shoot the hoops”
in basketball, before back to
Charlotte for the speaking tour of
I’ll be in the Tar Heel State
back home on Friday!
Looking forward to seeing all there
and seeing and being with the fam briefly over the weekend
to see those boyz as well!
Here we are,
in the Holidays of 2011
oh my has the year flown by it seems.
We hear that our troops will soon come home to their families and their lives.
How I pray they all get back safely
to our country that welcomes them lovingly and
Professionals that will then work carefully to
help and to assist them
in finding their way back
from all that they have lived through
in war.
EE is back in her bed from the trip and the experience in the Colorado Springs
both the docs and the nurses were real pleased!
She is now resting in her own bed
after her son mastered some fine driving through a snow blizzard on the I25 safely home in
van that drove fine just fine after the needed repairs
that some stepped forward to help on the fixing.
I have urged our warrior
tried to remind her
“we are never stronger than when we ask for help from our brothers and sisters of humankind”/
yes I do agree it is a hard thing to do
our warrior
my friend
is a woman of great strength
oh how thankful I am
of the results
and that she is home resting for
the upcoming kidney surgery
Denver, 2.5 hours away where the best and the best is
but on helluva drive for our friend indeed.
So to stay in this day
I’ll leave you with the words of
mary anne radmacher
“live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard.
practice wellness. play with abandon. laugh.
choose with no regret. continue to learn.
appreciate your friends. do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.”
Sending YOU rainbows today
the sage is goin up
all there is
a wish for each of YOU
Walk In BEauty

5 comments on “See how it’s happening?

  1. Safe travels this week–and what a joy to get to spend some time with family! ENJOY! And what a miracle for EE. I am so filled with thankfulness. And my MIL has recovered from her near kidney failure. Much happy news the last two days. I am happy the troops are coming home and hope, too, they get all the help they need to recover fully from their experiences. Blessings and love on the wind to you, my friend! ♥ STOMP ♥ Guin

  2. Greetings on the wind Doc and friends here.oh yes I am home in my bed..typing on my tummy as I lay here but oh so glad to be home. Thank you for all the prayers. I am so glad to have that part over and Know that the great Creator had his hand on me.Hope you all are warm and happy this holiday season and big wishes to doc and family for a happy holiday.hugs and love on the windEE

  3. Love the picture of Magic! We miss him so much~ I remember the day that picture was taking! We are so excited that Cuzzie is coming for a visit! May b brief but atleast we get to see her 🙂 Kam has been balling everyday and sometimes twice a day! He gets better and better everyday~ I want to say thank you for all the postcards we have been getting. The residents love looking at them and hearing the stories you write. Keep them coming! The door is almost full 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful Blessed day. Keep us in your prayers as we will keep you in ours~ God Bless you all! Love you cuzzie can't wait to see you tomorrow 🙂 Love and Blessings~

  4. Hello Dr. Sherry – Thank you for your words and you are off on another trip. So happy that you can be with family this weekend. I know your will surely enjoy every second you have with them making memories that will last a life time and taking pictures. Those boys I know are so excited and waiting for you. Your Mom COB waiting to fill you up with some of her good Mom's Love cooking from her hands. Then off again to spend time with those who are waiting for your uplifting words of wisdom and caring. I know you will do so much for them by just being there and speaking. Have a terrific and joyous week and I look forward to hearing all about the good times when you return. Prayers for EE and her son and hope all will continue to go well. Praying that the upcoming surgery will be done quickly and they will be back home as she recuperates during Christmas. Wishing each of you who stop by here, those that stop to chat and those who just stop and read the words, a very Blessed and Happy Day – Yeah!!!! It's Friday ☺ It's Friday and I am half way through my work day. Week went by fast. Brrrr – it is cold here in SE Michigan today with snow flurries and 32 degrees. Forcast says 30s for the next 5 days. Hope it is nice where you are and the weather is good. Take care of yourselves – Sandy♥

  5. Soak up that sun as it is 29deg. this morning in Virginia. It will surely warm up for you to come our way. I hear you have at least 3 maybe 4 basketball games to attend on Saturday. Fun day it is gonna be, we cant wait to have you home with us. It has been a long time coming. Gonna have to put the little pot in the big pot and have some good vittles going on the stove. Have a safe journey, no healthy foods from the airport. Stay safe, watching for the soldiers and giving them a great big hello hand shake. Praying for their safe return. Loved the Magic picture. Blessings to all.

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