To The skies & INfo…

So much happens up in the skies
we remember to
The season of
hustle and bustle often finds folks
running and doing
often they forget to just
be still long enough to stretch
You’d be amazed at times all you can see if you just gaze a bit
at the clouds…
Often when flying, I’ll take a few pictures of clouds
for a
new angle or view
always looking for an old friend or two
on the wings of a cloud thinking I’ll glimpse an old soul
or little cherub playin on the poofy clouds from above!
Sometimes I am just thrilled with all the
and the light
openings that are there to view
and glimpse
34 thousand feet
or so,
the above taken on my way to Baltimore last year!
I must remind all out there across our globe
we are nearing the
This year
Folks will gather across the globe at local places for ceremony
and such
in time zones across the world
the world
for all the children
who have died *any age/any cause*
all can join
as we
24 hours
the children
and those who love them
*Call your local chapter of Compassionate Friends
for details and to see if you still have time to send a photo
of your child or grandchild for the program in your area*
Mark your calanders
join us
DEC 11, 2011
whether in formal candle gatherings in groups
in the privacy of your home
we are
we are
the children
it is really important for siblings/Grandmothers/Parents
extended family to know this:
WE are also
lighting the path
in knowing
those children
live within each of us who live on
and burn brightly
to light the ways for us to choose to embrace the light
“there is no distance”
Hearts connected in life
will stay connected
Walk in Beauty

15 comments on “To The skies & INfo…

  1. helloooooooo.wee hours here, cold and starry night,I made it through friday too !time for some R&R on saturday, maybe a all day jammie day here too.Great idea ! Have a blast in the parade Irene,you go !Wishing all a wonderful weekend.Prayers for EE… hang tough, it can only getbetter from here.. angel power headed your way !hugging my angels, ♥ sign me,A.

  2. Great, Good and Happy Friday Morning to all our friends here. Yes!! we made it through another work week. It was cold and tiring and I am determined to not do anything tomorrow but sleep in and promise myself a down time day. I may leave my jammies on all day. Especially if it is cold. Haven't had a "Me Day" in a very long time and am ready. If I could figure out how to make breakfast and bring it to me in bed I would do that. Hmm, going to think this one through and come up with a solution. Oh yeah, have to feed my 3 cats then also – LOLIrene, glad you are giving thanks and I hope the long awaited news was good news for you. The Holiday Parade sounds like it will be a fun day. I would love to see your Ice Scream routine, sounds fun! Hope you have a grand time. "A", It was good to read your words. I hope you had a plesant day off yesterday. It is always good to see your encouraging words. Thinking about EE this morning and keeping you in my morning prayers. Thinking about Dr. Sherry and holding her in prayers also. Looking forward to hearing about her time spent with family and in conference and see some great pictures soon. Brrr, 29 degrees and snowy this morning Eeeks! Rough drive into work with slick roads. Okay – I am ready for summer!!Well, got to run. Wishing each of you and Fantabulous Friday – enjoy the day and the Blessings. Fluff/Sandy♥

  3. We all made it to Friday. Yesterday was quite a day. 31st Anniversary of the tragic death of Beatle John Lennon, 2 friends had their birthday, I received long-awaited news in the snail mail, just a day to give thanks, reflect, be glad to be alive, healthy, happy & home (warm & fed). Fortunate to live my life, as so many are not blessed with days of ease.Wishing everyone here a Friday that SHINES on.Holiday parade tomorrow, I am IN IT, driving a golf cart, doing my best ICE SCREAM routine, waving, cheering & staying FIRM……

  4. hellooooooooo.BRRRRRRR !!!!Bless all of you who have the gumption to live in cold climates.. me, I am wimpy !!Day off,lots to get done… gotta pull myself out of my warm cozy bed and STOMP !! Sure hope all is well in Doc's world and she is enjoying her free time with her family !!Thanks Sandy for your kind words and Irene too.Keep up the great attitude EE, we are all with you in spirit.Have a fantastic day everyone !hugging my angels,♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  5. Well, Good Morning friend and a Happy Thursday to each of you. sign me ♥ ♥ A – God Bless you and it is always good to read your uplifting words. I know the holidays are difficult times but there is always something to lift us up even if it is just stopping by here and knowing we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings helps. Those falling stars were meant just for you last night you know♥. They were sent from someone who loves you unconditionaly and forever.EE, so good to hear from you and holding you in my morning prayers. Be well my friend.Ahh Irene, always an encourager and always good to read your words. That is some chilly weather there in Florida. It is only 23 degrees this morning in SE Michigan and snow flurries for this afternoon and tonight. Sure not looking for that snow though. Well, got to run – lots to do. Wishing each of you who stop by a very Blessed day with lots of smiles. Missing Dr. Sherry and hope her day is terrific and lots of new faces who will be lifted up by her words and presence. Take care and stay warm – Fluff/Sandy♥

  6. Whoa, it's Thursday and what a blast of cold air from the NORTH wind ! 42 at my place in Florida. Just read the comments above. "Sign me, A." hang in there, I feel the same about having a place to visit daily. EE: thumbs upprayers for future success and health improvement. Dr. SES: miss your everything tied to this page……… Keepin' it real (warm) in my world, staying FIRM

  7. Thank you all for the prayers. EE is hanging in there and soon, hopefully will have the kidney surgery behind me. Hoping all are having a great day…that all are doing well and doc is enjoying that family. Nothing more important than family. Prayers for all from EEhugs on the windEE

  8. hellooooooo.I have missed you all. My days and eves have been so very busy , booming busuness at the burger joint and have found myslef too tired to get on here… aside from feeling and fighting the holiday blues, I have felt an emptiness which has put me into introspective mode…tonight as I was gazing at the chilly , bright sky, so full of sparkling stars… I saw a spectacular shower of falling stars.. I realized how small I am in our hge and wonderous universe and I felt a warmness in my heart that made me smile…in this season of Christmas, I want to say how much appreciate all of my blessings, and all of you are amoung them. I actually think I heard the sweet voices of angels, reassuring me that life is good and happiness abounds… thanks , to all the memories and life events that make me who I am.. I am wishing the best to all, EE, in your awesome energy to keep the fight alive, and each of you gentle warriors who give so much of yourselves each day to reach out and help others.. "Firm", love the outlook and energy you share.. and all of you who speak here,, I feel blessed to know you… just saying, DRSES, you have given us such a gift by providing us the connection and I thank you most graciously..Peace and good will to all…Thanks for listening, hugging my angels…kissing the wind.. sign me ♥ ♥ A.

  9. Good Morning Irene, so nice to read your words this morning. Yes, 70 years is a long time. Wishing everyone here a Wonderful Wednesday filled with joy and Blessings for your day. Prayers this morning for EE and son and others who are mentioned here from time to time. Be well friends who stop by here and Dr. Sherry, have a terrific day in your meeting with those who attend. Sandy/Fluff♥

  10. Good morning to all on this Wednesday, 70 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor.Just stopping by to add a few words, thoughts and prayers to our comment section on Dr. SES' page, hoping everything is smooth and safe for all that visit here. Till we read again, I stay FIRM on everything !

  11. Hello – Just stopped by to say hi during my lunch and looks like nobody is home. Happy Tuesday to you and hope your day is good and all is well. Thinking about Dr. Sherry and wonding how things are going in the meetings. I know they are loving you being there teaching and sharing with them. Holding you in my prayers. Prayers for our EE and son and hope you are feeling good today. Wishing all our friends who stop by here a wonderful rest of the day and you are enjoying the Blessing for your day and feeling good. Sending warm hugs from chilly SE Michigan. Sandy/Fluff♥

  12. Hello and Happy Monday to you. Hope everyone is having a good day and all is well with you. Been a busy Monday for me here at work but working down to 1 hour left Yeah!!! Hope your weekend was great. How is the weather where you are. Brrr – cold here in SE Michigan, rain this morning and snow flurries for this evening. As long as it doesn't stick I am good. It is down to 30 degrees now so have to get those extra covers out. Prayers for EE and your son and hope you are feeling well today. Prayers for Dr. Sherrie as she brings uplifting encouregement to those in the meetings this weeking. Wishing each of you a fantastic evening – I will be at the shelter tonight. Supposed to have a few adoptions so that is exciting for us. Take care friends and enjoy those Blessings of the day. Sandy/Fluff♥

  13. Beautiful clouds. Enjoy always your words of advice, and suggestions. Be safe doc. Enjoy your trip, then head back to the warm weather down south for Christmas.

  14. Happy Saturday Dr. Sherry and friends. Irene, so good to see you here bright and early this morning. I hope you are enjoying your day. Dr. Sherry, thank you for your beautiful picture and words. Wonder who was there playing in the clouds? Dear EE, you are in my prayers this morning that you are feeling so much better and that you gain strength and wellness as you move along to the next step and next procedure. God Bless you this day. Wishing all my friends here a very Happy and restful Saturday. Whatever you are doing and wherever you go know that so many care about you and be uplifted and be well. I am off for a busy day at the shelter. We had 3 cats adopted last night and one dog and no drop off, strays or owner surrenders Yeah!! We have a few planned pet adoptions to day so we are praying we see some empty cages when we leave this afternoon. Take care my friend, Dr. Sherry, enjoy the day with you family and have fun. I know they have your day planned out for you. Hugs Sandy♥

  15. Good morning everyone, happy to read Fri & Sat blog from our dear Doc SES. Up, up & away again…….. good for you, working a family visit into another talk. You deserve cherished moments with loved ones.EE: keep up the strength and good healing for the next chapter of your care. December is surely chugging right along, closer and closer to the years' END. "Be happy, don't worry "I remain FIRM IceScream

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