They Came and The World Lit UP in Memories

We Raised our Candles
the Children
dear friends
Jean Limongello, Patty, Diane and Rowena and Chris
of the local chapter of
The Compassionate Friends
once again
hosted many into the warmth of the evening
Compassionate Friends
here in Florida
with open arms
The room was filled
an old friend named
played that sax and sang his songs
as the room filled
folks brought photographs
wore t-shirts with their childs faces
the food was ample to feed their pain
and provide comfort
as the
annual event reflected events held across our world.
I imagine our globe LIT with candles
all around the world
folks were attending
The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle Lighting
also knowing
that people were lighting candles
in their homes
across the globe
as they
lit the paths
for those who are here
facing life without their children
“Precious Child”
all gone too soon.
We sat together
a woman named Diane
had once again put together a DVD that showed the pictures of those children
that were being remembered at the local Chapter
the photographs were so beautifully shown there
with their names
the music of
“Precious Child”
played in the background.
Diane’s son Joe
was one of the photograhs.
The room was full
so many new faces this year
new photos added to the carefully put together
the littlest to the grown
the fun filled faces to the serious as well
each with a story to tell
“gone to soon”
but living on in the hearts of those there
to remember, to honor
to share during this holiday season
of their grief.
HOPE was in the air
it is the hope
that the flicker of light from those candles
will light the path
of each
as they left a little stronger
and as they felt the support of others
in knowing
grief shared can be halved at times
those precious children
are now in the
next place
life is indeed for the living
is only a heart beat away
I had the pleasure of talking with some there
I heard some of the wonderful stories of their lives
of their children
of the truly amazing gifts they have received along the way.
Some had remembered some things
that gave them peace during the evening together
that reminded them that there is
No distance
Some had profound losses
inlcuding their children, their parents,
their beloved 4 leggeds that were like children to them
in the last year.
are healing
with each breath they take.
I pray they will hold the light of the candles
that were lit
last evening
that they will hold tight to the
feeling that was theirs
when looking around that room
when seeing those
precious children’s faces on that screen
the feelings of being together
power of connections that were made.
We are so much stronger when together
in presence
in knowing
Hearts connected stay connected always!
“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. i’ll always be with you.” Winnie the Pooh
I hope they will say those children’s names
include them in the holidays
that they will remember
we are never stronger than when we ask for support or a hand from others
to embrace the light
to live fully
would be the best way to honor the memory of our children
after all
life is uncertain
we are here but for a short time
It was an honor to be with all last evening
at one point in the night
you could sure feel the spirits of those
that we saw in the photos
I sure hope the ones that were there felt them as well.
It’s Monday friends
time to get your tinsel on
dance on the desks of your day
as I am sure our warrior
Joey is doing out there in the MidWest!
Walk In Beauty

4 comments on “They Came and The World Lit UP in Memories

  1. Good Morning Irene and friend – Happy Thursday to you. Been pretty quiet here lately. Hope all is well. I know the holidays are busy and most difficult. Wishing Dr. Sherry and friend a very happy day. Prayers for EE and son and others mentioned here. Fluff/Sandy♥

  2. Hello ? E T phone home……

  3. hellooooo.the visual in my mind of our world bright andglowing with the love of all the children…goosebumps and a tight knot in my throat…tears trickling down my cheeks as I read yourwords… sadness hides in my heart, in a safe place where there was once a huge hole… the gap has bbecome smaller and is mostly filled now with sweet memories of great days, laughter and precious moments which will never be lost as time passes… Thank you for sharing and being an important part of all that has helped us heal some of the pain… I remember very poignantly, our first meeting… and again, I will always be grateful for you and your compassion…May all of the families who know my pain too well, find words of comfort in the darkest of times… Spirits were surely surrounding everyone, that must have been awesome…just saying… take it easy on yourself, the roads we have ventured have been tough and rocky..we have survived the worst that life could ever bring on…the rest will fall into place in it's own time.I wish you all happiness.hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  4. Thank you Dr. Sherry for sharing your mose touching and heart felt words today. Fluff/Sandy♥

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