Ohhhhhh Meeee the green men have invaded!

Little Green men

Well the holidays are fast approaching
those little green men
have invaded the body
are now
kicking my @#@
and laying a bit low
I recover from that little green man who has taken up residence
within here.
A jolly little one it is
who wrecks havoc on the system
interferes with all that is scheduled
laying down the best option of the day
kleeenex about
the only way to go
As Lily Tomlin once said
“For fast acting relief, try slowing down”
slowing down
I am
wherever you are
go slow friends
they are out there
they are lurking!!!
Walk in Beauty
Just a thought
to let you know I’m ok here


8 comments on “Ohhhhhh Meeee the green men have invaded!

  1. Hello Friends – Happy Wednesday – good to see the messages and hope that Dr. Sherry will be feeling better soon. I am counting down the hours, two more days and I am off for 11 straight days. Have not had that many days off since last Christmas. Wishing each of you a very happy and joyous day. Fluff/Sandy♥

  2. oh dear, we need the green men removal team for doc. sending prayers on the wind.hugsEE

  3. Greetings on the wind friend…so sorry you are sick. LIghting sage here and sending prayers and healing thoughts you way. Hang in there…and hopefully soon it will be better.love and hugs on the wind.EE

  4. Sorry isn't a strong enough word. I want to shake those greenies and make them leave you alone! You were wonderful Sunday, BTW. I tried to call you but the number I have went to a fax screech. Love you lady. Get well sooner than soon.Jean

  5. helloooooooooo.feeling your misery here too. zapped my energy too, not much we can do but rest and try to take it easy… Hot tea works for me, over the counter meds seem to make me feel worse..I am trying to muster some energy this early morn to wrap up my christmas wrapping and get to the post office to send gifts to New England, then back to bed for me… hopefullt the afternoon will bring lots of sunshine, hoping to hit the lounge chair poolside for a healthy dose of vitamin D…Sure hope you feel better quickly Doc..thinking of you and sending warrior energy in the breeze… Best to all who visit here, don't wear yourself out in all this holiday busyness.hugging my angels ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  6. Aww Gee Dr. Sherry, those little green men can be pretty tough. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Keeping you in my prayers. Fluff/Sandy♥

  7. Oh, no ! Dr. Sherry sick ??Say it's "SNOT" so…………….Get well soon, feel better, FIRM

  8. Dr. SES tell those little green men to go away it is Christmas Time and we need you. Take one of each of the pills in the picture and sleep it off. Well maybe you should not go that far, just drink plenty of fluids and take it easy with lots of sleep. It is a busy time and one should take care of the body and get all the rest needed. Welcome home Soldiers and their families. God Bless Them now and forever. Dont forget to shake their hands when you see them coming into the airport, the walmart or wherever. God Bless the USA. Blessings to all.

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