The Wrapping Paper is now In The Trash!

Christmas was GRand
just tickled us to
the day after
was spent in the
Oh what I won’t do for my boys
who got some
for Christmas that was just burning a hole in their pockets!
we spent the whole day
at the MALL
as they searched for deals to beat the band
I just wandered
where in the world did all these people come from!
They were
and most didn’t look really thrilled to be there
I might just add!
Oh but the ice rink was filled with kids of all ages
as they just went
round and round
many a fall!
all were consistent as they returned to an upright position
all looked amazed at their palms
and then
“blew on them”
as if they were on fire!
Ah what a grand time we had,
I would meet up with
D’Vante and Kamryn
from time to time
COB, D’Vante, Kamryn and I met
for lunch
Ruby Tuesday for lunch…
Gotta eat
to be able to continue
for the shop marathon I guess!
It was after watching in sheer delight as
Kamryn just enjoyed
chicken wings
like I’ve never seen enjoyment!
COB was bold enough to ask for one of them
only to see a little boy
assert himself
as he looked rather incredulous
before saying
Later he did say
“Dot, do you really want one? If you do, you can have one?”
But the look on his face let us all know that it would have indeed broken his heart had she taken it!
but he let us all know
that they were awesome, they were lovely wings
they best he had ever eaten
as those bones were picked clean as a whistle!
I sat and just watched
with amazement
at one who could enjoy with such tremendous delight!
Such pleasure made the
so much fun
even for one who had no plans of shopping
on the 3rd busiest day of shop history in the year
a day
they call
“boxing day”
round the world
and I now know why!
It looked like the merchants were indeed ready for a fight
along with those who were out there buying
returning gifts they didn’t want
taking advantage of the gift cards
that green stuff they received for the holidays!
After Kamryn went to wash up after eating his “wings”
he returned to the table
noticed the little bowl sitting on the table
(his big brother had left a couple of jalepeonos)
without giving much thought to it,
little Kamryn popped a jalepeono pepper in his mouth
as he sat down!
Well the rest was enough for a quick picture
or two
and there went my coke
we erupted in hysteria!
can I have your

Needless to say
at this point
we are using
I am saying so long
to my coke
as the rest of us
realize this boy is on fire

sURE hope you are making great memories
wherever you are
whatever you are doing!
We are still
sniffling here,
definately feeling better than the last weeks
i can’t help but believe
that the
New Year
will come in with
great promise!
Hoping you are having a fantastic day
holding tightly to the magic of the season
be careful
jalepeonos as Kamryn would tell ya!!!
Walk in Beauty


5 comments on “The Wrapping Paper is now In The Trash!

  1. Greetings on the wind. Oh poor Kam but what an expression. Glad you have made so many good holiday memories. Kelly2wolves…hope the crud does not last long for you. Glad to see doc up and moving…move that crud out.We are all hanging in here in CO waiting on the word from those doctors is wisdom on the date for Denver. Thought it would be over by now. Take care…enjoy family..nothing like it.hugs on the wind.EE

  2. F R I D A Y ! Who knew how fast time flies ?Stellar, gorgeous weather here in Florida.Tourists are lovin' these days & nights.Theme parks jam packed to capacity, closing to new arrivals. Manatees flocking to warm waters of TECO @ Apollo Beach, life is GOOD.Wishing everyone good health, smiles, STOMPinto 2012. I am here and FIRM

  3. helloooooooo.wow, those beautiful boys are truly grown, "DO NOT BLINK " comes to mind here…gotta give you kudos for enduring the mall the day after Christmas,, the things we do for love !!This week the news will be filled of random reviews of the events of the past year, some good and certainly a lot of tradgedy… may we all look forward to 2012 with our perspective of gratitude, knowing from experience that each on eif os can make a positive difference.. STOMP !we are powerful, gentle warriors here..Already it is hump day, flying by daily, not enough hours in the day.Stay on the getting healthy track Doc, those little mean green men have a way of sneaking back in when you least expect it.Off to the burger joint I go !!Have a great day everyone… thanks for being here.. hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  4. About time was getting worried that you were down for the long count Sissy girl , Ah the jalapeno fire , LOL Yes I know it well! Fabulous you caught it on film LOL what fun!, Hope you Holiday was wonderful , I unfortunately have now just come down with the crud! Oh noo !!! I am hoping it will not last that long , Seems everyone is getting hit pretty bad. Looking forward to the end of Jan Girl ! zhope your new years is great ! Love to all!

  5. Dr. Sherry – So good to read your words and happy you are feeling better and out with the boys and COB to do some shopping during the busy time. Pictures were great! Kamryn's expressions are so cute. Have a terrific time making family memories. Wishing everyone here a fantastic day. Fluff/Sandy♥

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