Rains and Early Morning Darkness

Sultry morning
and oh so dark
with the rains beating down to freshen the earth this morning.
these dark months sure do have a way of
getting to folks I think,
it’s always darkest before dawn!
I’m wondering how the New Year is for all out there
as we now have made it through the first
few days!
It is amazing to me how quickly the days seem to fly by
I keep recalling the Elders saying how
“time just flies”
but these days
I find that people of all ages seem to echo the same
sentiment across the country.
“There is never enough time”
is the line I hear when travelling across the country!
I hear it from those who are young and those who are grown
as they move through their days and nights
living their lives in different ways and strides
with the same thoughts!
I seem to remember when I was younger that time
was abundent
at times seemed to linger
those days seem long ago
now one turns around and the year has ended
and another begins!
After being sick I now look up and still see
Christmas tree standing
wonder what happened to the holidays!
It seems so long ago
I feel I wasn’t present for it
I was so sick during most of it…
It flew by
as did the time with the family here.
Now we’ve entered 2012
a New Year
a year
of new challenges
new excitement
A year that will see Godson D’Vante graduate from
High School
Where was I when he got so big and the years passed so quickly?
A year where we are all a year older?
How did that happen so quickly?
And now
we are in the time of year
where we will be barraged with all the
“politick-ing” of those who want us to trust them,
who want our votes,
who want us to believe they are good people
they set about to make others look as bad as possible
talk “smak” about their opponents.
It is that time of the year
where our televisions will be filled of
“negatives” in the arena of wondering who we want to
be our President, our this and our that.
It is the time of the year
to get our
taxes done, our end of year business completed,
to make ourselves ready for the upcoming year
thoughts, promises, hopes and
to propel us into the next 11 months
desire, passion, drive,
mindful purpose!
It is a time
when we think about all those things
that we hear about,
that we witness
that we see
out in the world.
A time when perhaps we realize that
life is uncertain.
That those we love can be taken from us
in a
hot second,
so maybe
we will love easier and be more forgiving
more forthcoming of genuine caring of each other,
while accepting the unique differences of each other.
It is a time also
to recognize
there comes a time
when you have to
change that which you can
accept that which you cannot change
that may require you stepping out of your comfort zone!
stepping out of your comfort zone
change your reaction
and to adjust to the reality
that some things or people cannot be changed!
that there are just some things and people
that will be how they are
no matter what!
Folks come in and out of our lives for a reason, a season,
a lifetime at times
each and all teaching and giving us tools/lessons/reminders
of how we want or do not want to live or to be!
That being said,
we each have a responsibility to ourselves
first and foremost
then to pick our battles carefully!
Truth be told?
Life is a beautiful gift;
each day that gift is filled with glorious surprises
for each of us to unwrap carefully
to decide what to keep and what to gift to others.
This New Year
is one that will be filled with challenges, with opportunities
probably with a fair share of
we have this moment
to stop
to take the time
to look around us
just for the moment
embrace the
of this day
It is always darkest before dawn
in that darkness
there is
the wonderful anticipation
great light.
Good Morning World
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Wishing all who gather here a remarkable day,
hoping the light warms you wherever you are
we move into January differently than any year before.
Thoughts going out for
FIRM, Sandy, EE, and our warriors here facing challenges…
My condolences to Bill Simpson in Southwest VA
and family who are grieving the sudden death of his
Many blessings and thoughts surround you and your family.
Walk in Beauty,

4 comments on “Rains and Early Morning Darkness

  1. Greetings on the wind friend,nice to see you posting and with such strength. Good words to live by. Life moves on whether we do or not and so do people. One of my favorite sayings/prayers is the serenity prayer…for whether you read it as a poem, a prayer or just a quote…the part about "accepting what you cannot change" is the most important part. And is important for us to realize that not all change is necessarily good and we do have a choice about it..either to be part of it or not.Great words doc. and glad you are feeling some better. Keep on healing. hugs and love on the windEE

  2. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your uplifting words or peace and encouragement. Thank you also for all you do. I hope that as days are going by you are feeling stronger and healthier. The weather is still nice here in SE Michigan but supposed to have a some cold and snow the next few days. Hope it passes quickly and looking forward to Springtime. Wishing Dr. Sherry and all who stop by here today a kind and peaceful Wednesday. Sending thoughts and prayers to those mentioned -Andrea and EE and others out there with difficulties that you will be lifted up. Take care friends /Sandy♥

  3. Warmed my soul to see you on my Facebook page this morning. Hope you are back in good health. Missed you !!!Namaste

  4. Whoa, beautiful and powerful words this morning on Wednesday's blog. SHERRY IS BACK!I missed you during the bad bout of ill healthThanks for the reminders regarding the nature of our behavior, the thinking process and resistence to change, etc. Today is the FIRST day of the rest of my life.Just be happy for me, everyone on this site.I have turned a huge corner, standing tall, keeping FIRM………. always, Irene

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