A day of
Great Possibilities
Here we are
the end of another week
it happens to fall on
Friday the 13th!
What are you doing today to kick off the weekend
on this magical day?
A day for many who call it
a day for many who call it
a day for many
“love it”
I’ve always enjoyed Friday the 13th and love that number 13
but when put together it is interesting to listen to the feelings of people surrounding
Friday the 13th!
Are you going to watch the movie
Friday the 13th tonight?

If the thought of merely leaving the house this Friday the 13th has you spooked, you’re not alone. The Stress Management Centre and Phobia Institute, based in Asheville, N.C., estimates that $800 million to $900 million US is lost every time the 13th of the month falls on a Friday, as people avoid doing business or flying.
The official names for fear of Friday the 13th are friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia [now that is a mouthful indeed].
Sufferers of this day can have symptoms as severe as panic attacks.
Stuart Vyse, professor of psychology at Connecticut College, said the superstition that associates Friday the 13th with bad luck is one of the most widespread in Western culture.
Add to that a black cat and you might have real troubles on today I’m thinking!

An article on the National Geographic website reports that between 17 million and 21 million people in the U.S. suffer from some degree of fear related to the day.

And many today are posting all over social media about this day, and yet they still wish each other “HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH” in the process of it!
Go figure…

I still think most folks will enjoy the day
as it marks the beginning of the week-end
we do love the weekends!
So how do you feel about
Friday the 13th?
I hope you are out there
making yourself
a great day
just a little something to make you giggle for the day!
‎1st of a few friday the 13th we will have this year ~ Silly info for you 🙂 ~ Important things to remember on Friday the 13th:
Never trust a rabbit that tries to sell you his foot.
Never walk under a mirror or break a black cat.
4-leaf clovers are lucky today — but not if you smoke them.
The number “13” is very unlucky–especially if it’s the only one you can get on the drugstore blood pressure machine.
It is very unlucky today if a black cat crosses your path or gets flushed down your toilet.
Walking under a ladder can be very unlucky today — especially if it’s at the drugstore the 16-year-old with zits is climbing down with a barbecue grill.
Stepping on a cricket can very extremely unlucky today — especially for the cricket.
Wearing garlic around your neck today will ward off evil spirits. It will also ward off good spirits, indifferent spirits, and any other spirits with noses.
A rabbit’s foot is not lucky. If you don’t believe me, ask the rabbit.
Wearing a lucky penny between your toes means good luck and blisters.
For good luck, hang a horseshoe over your front door. For really good luck, hang the entire horse over your front door.
Step on a crack, break your mother’s back. But don’t worry about it. After rearing you, mom probably would enjoy traction.
Horseshoes usually bring good luck today, but never trust a horse that wears high heels.
If you think walking under a step-ladder is unlucky, try walking under your step-mother.
A rabbit’s foot can be lucky, unless the rabbit sets foot in your garden, in which case he’ll probably eat your stringbeans…
So there you have it
Happy Friday the 13th!


Walk in Beauty

2 comments on “FRIDAY THE 13TH

  1. Greetings on the wind friends. Hope all are well today. Friday the 13th…hmmm must be ok cause we are all hanging in there. Hope you continue to get well doc. Sending prayers on the wind.EE

  2. Happy Friday the 13th. Funny I have been out to water aerobatics where 18 showed up for exercise with 22deg. temp., wind blowing and some snow flakes. No one mentioned Friday 13th. and I thought it was on Mon.. as I am eagerly awaiting the Joyful Noise movie to come to my hometown. It is a must see with sweet, bautiful Dolly Partin and Queen Latifa. Cant wait. Happy Friday 13th to all. Thanks Dr. SES for your many words of wisdom. Awesome weekend we wish for you. God Bless our Soldiers in this time of the disgraceful acts from the Marines uriniating on the dead enemy. Jessica Lynch was on Piers Morgan, you probably remember the girl who was critically injured about a year ago in Afgastain. She wants America to investigate and dont come to a harsh judgement until this is done. She won the purple heart, bronze medal and another I cant rem. right now, she was 18yr. old. God Bless USA

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