When you sit out and Stand UP

#15 Kamryn
and his BF on the floor there is JW
at a AAU Basketball game!
Sometimes you play hard
and then you have to sit it out
then there are times you just get down and have trouble
getting back in the game!

You sit>>> you wait>>> YOu work it… and YOU wait!

YOU are intense
IN thinking and IN knowing
that once
YOU are up and moving
it will all work out
for the good!
But for right now
the waiting is just rough, there’s no other word for it.
There are no words to “pump you up”
no magic pills to make you get where you want to be any quicker than you will get there.
It happens when it happens,
and you are oblivious to everything around you,
it is just what it is
there is not a lot you can do to change where you are feeling and what is happening in that moment in time!
But then
something shifts
you get back in the game…

There’s forward motion, there’s movement, there’s action and adrenalin again coursing through your body, mind and spirit is taking you to new heights! Oh it’s wonderful to be moving again… But you forget to pace yourself and to watch out for things that go bump when you move to quickly…

Hello ground
everything stops
for a hot second and we wonder where the movement went!
Some look away, while others look with concern
wonder how to help
others tie their shoes and wonder how to get out of the line of fire as quickly as possible!
Still others just want the game to go on and pretend nothing ever happend
the game goes on
sometimes it’s hard to sit it out for long
it’s important not to beat yourself up
when you have to take a break!

Cos’ once you’ve sat out, once you’ve gotten your second wind…
you’ll come back with strength and determination to make your move! You’ll be fast in your thoughts and able to face the challenges of your game with new found wisdom knowing how to make your moves!

You have to readjust your vision
from time to time
especially after you’ve hit the ground
had to sit out awhile!
things seem to go by in a whirl
days and weeks can get ahead of you
it seems!
The dark months have their way of making us all feel
like time is spinning like the picture above,
it seems we don’t have enough sun
to help with the clarity of our world!
It helps to try to regain focus
I think
It may be we need to get a clear view of what we are “shooting at”, focus well and practice our “dribble” if you will!
From there?
Get a firm grip on the ball of life
cocentrate hard
focus focus focus
practice deeds of kindness
take steps based in
take your best shot
keep moving
just keep moving on
into the game!
It’s all about
seeing it,
believing it
receiving it!
Play friends, play in your mind and your heart always
no matter your age, no matter your condition
play as if this is the biggest game of your life.
For life is play, play is work
it is balance in all things
that make
come together in this wonderful thing we know as
a life well lived.
In a world that is full
without time for judgment of our friends, our families
our world condition.
If we learn from the children
we will notice their intensity when they play,
their worlds of acceptance as they are too busy in their doings
to be bothered about what others are doing
to give it a seconds thought!
We would be wise to learn from the Elders and from the littles
and the four leggeds.
Remember when you were not all grown up and so civilized
and so busy wondering and thinking of what others were doing?
be free to explore the world around you…
Walk in Beauty
with your order of Healing Heartaches
we are sending out a thank you gift with each order!

2 comments on “When you sit out and Stand UP

  1. Greetings on the wind to Doc and Irene and others who may come. Loved the blog doc…super DRSES words. Sometimes after being sick or down, it is hard to get going again. I fine I just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep pushing and it will all start flowing.Hugs on the windEE

  2. Morning Saturday ! May I say that yesterday's photo was stunningly gorgeous, popping with color and detail. Friday the 13th was a good day for me. Ah ! but TODAY is better, sun shining, cool start, beauty everywhere. I try to make the best of these " dark" months, always doing good deeds, hard not to, residing in a senior community. I seem to be the youngest one, always called upon. Oh, well, glad to be of service. Hope to see more activity and comments on this page. Let's get back in the swing of Dr. SES world. Get up NOW ! Stomp, BREATHE and join in, keepin' itFIRM

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