How Much For the Wings?

Good Morning Monday!
Time to
dance on the desks,
dance on the day
into a new week of
Dance on as Joey Graff would tell ya,
Having listened to someone talk this weekend
I thought reflecting the conversation a good way to start the week!
Nothing like a story to get the week goin,
as I stopped by a yard sale and pulled up a chair
after seeing all the many treasures
that await just the right buyer
I had the opportunity
to hear from one
decided to let me know
how things were in their life ~
It seems that the view from another
is interesting and although a stranger
the story rang familiar
odd to me that it was shared.
I learned that the reason for this sale
was to raise funds
to cover bad choices of a family member.
and then the story came:
“You know, I’ve tried all my life and worked so hard to help others.
I just am amazed at my family and the bad choices they make, while my life is not perfect I sure do live better than THEY DO, and just look at how I am now raising money to try and help them!
You see, I have some who make just ridiculous choices, they let their kids get away with anything, they don’t have any responsibility in their life, they don’t study, hell they don’t even have to clean their rooms!
I have to go and clean their house, and it is a pig pen I just tell you. And the mother is always late paying her bills, causing me to have to help them, and they always are eating out, you would think they are made of money!
Well, I’m about tired of doing it,
what can you do?
So my sister and I we have these yard sales like this,
that gives us more money to do things for the kids with
for Christmas we got them these nice
video games and a new PSP for their rooms
so they can be like all the others I guess.
I’m about tired of all the giving
for all
see that lady over there shopping now?
Well her kids are just as bad! They have everything you can imagine
it’s all the best of the best, but she never spends any time with them, just buys their love I think.
that is just not so good.
And that man next to her?
Do you see him?
Well he is just useless in the community, he’s one of those that thinks he knows everything about everyone and talks trash about everyone too.
I told him what I think last month
when he was bad mouthing someone
now he just doesn’t talk too much to me anymore.
I’ve lived in this community for 56 years
I know everyone here
he can just look all he wants to!
where was I?
Oh yes,
I was telling you about these sales
and the kids
you see
I try to tell the kids and their Mom how to do things in their house to make things better,
they just won’t listen
I do know how to do things.
I get so mad at them
it just irks the crap out of me
to think of all the things that they throw out
can you even imagine?
I do so much for them, and I can’t remember the last time they did anything for me.”
I have never heard so much negativity from one mouth
in so long a time,
finally after
hearing all I could stand,
I just couldn’t stand anymore
I couldn’t help myself…
and with a grin,
I ended the conversation
So, how much for the wings?”
The woman looked really perplexed as she stammered and said,
“uh, what wings?”
I kept grinning and said,
“the wings that are behind you?”
They of course belonged to the church that the yard sale was being held at!
I wondered if anyone could possibly
miss the point
that we each walk this earth,
each with our own flaws
to seek out and find a complete stranger
dump such trash out loud and about a family member
to that stranger while offering yourself as such an angel
something that
was just remarkable in itself!
if I could I would like to buy those wings
Well I amused myself
in the end of it
learning another lesson during it.
Some will do anything
to hear themselves talk
talk they will
about others
but for the life of me
I cannot understand
how they can possibly think that will make them feel or look good to others.
Judge not lest ye be judged I’m thinking.
I can only imagine that folks out there give to their families and friends and those that they love,
sometimes at the point of it hurting themselves
at times to the point of doing without at times.
those things I would think are done out of love
than done to hold over another
to later be thrown back as
“look at me and what I’ve done”
then again
I suppose many
have their own agendas.
I am reminded why I don’t do yard sales now!
Dance into MOndays dear ones
on the wings of the angels
I prepare to leave for Danville PA this week
to meet the folks at
Geisinger Medical Center!
Be well warriors.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
a book filled of stories of those who have loved and grieved
walked into healing

7 comments on “How Much For the Wings?

  1. Well Irene, I've been waiting for you comments… and that's IT??? LOLSo happy to see folks are now able to comment even though it's a weird new format!!!YAY, let's get our readers back now!Stange and new but change is change, and at least we now have our readers here,I"M GRATEFUL I AM!!!Blessings to all of you, and I thank you for being hereDR Sherry

  2. FIRM, IceScream here, comment for the day, is : ___________________________________________Let's see if this posts.

  3. Yea, yes I am on trying to get er done. Quite a wing story I tell ya. I bet a lot of us relate to that one. Love it, love it. I could almost be that person in the story at times. Some times the patience and the money runs out. Then I ask where are my wings? Glad you are on the mend and hoping your trip will again be successful. Remember you are going to cold country. God Bless USA

  4. Laughing here on the wind doc. Great blog as always and hilarious. Seems to be a lot of those "saints" around LOL. Can't believe you will soon be flying out again. Sending prayers and sage your way for complete healing by then.Greetings to all. Hope you are having a great weekend.Hugs on the windEE

  5. Did ya get the wings Doc? hahahaha, great story, and I'd bet my money that you are travelig with your own =set of hard earned wings from hearing many a story just like that or even worse! At least we know that yours are the "real deal" and well worn Doc, but great story and with great meaning, it is really quite something when you think of all the people that love a negative no matter what and at whose cost, especially those who have to hear it! have a great week warriors, still thinkings and sending prayers to all mentioned here. best to all.

  6. So, How Much for the wings? I'd trade my halo in on that set!!!! Great story. Thanks for the lauhgs going into yet another week. Travel safe, enjoy the crowd that gather in person to enjoy your seminar. they are very lucky ducks, with or without wings.

  7. WOW, great blog today Doc! I laughed til I cried, "how much for the wings" I love love it! I've met some like that myslef. am amazed how many get off on putting judgments on others and think they have no blemishes in their lives. great way to start the week and thanks for the story telling of the real deal. wassup with the internet these days, havent been able to post here in a week… thanks doc for the message and the power of the truth in words, think that woman should invest the money made in her own happiness factor or buy the wings from the church? haha geez some people poor kids and their mom i'm thinkin!

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