I can only IMAGINE

I can only IMAGINE
what that Godson D’Vante of mine
was talking to the policeman about!
Yep my heart skipped a beat when I saw this
picture on facebook!
I did a double take
only to realize
that’s my Godson
in the glasses
*he does NOT wear glasses*
yet there he was
holding court on the bleachers
had that
“sly” grin on
I could only imagine
what he was talking to the nice policeman about!
Oh how I wish that boy would apply himself
we’ve always told him he should be a great debater
a lawyer!
He does have a lotta junk with him
loves a great debaTE
not of course to be confused with
“stirring in it”
just to get a rise out of others!!!
ohhhh what a character
he has grown into!
I have yet to figure out
the new
“Clark Kent” look with the glasses
I am assuming
new “chick magnet” thought on his part!
Ah youth,
I remember it well
how bout YOU?
Do you remember?
When it was grand to talk to policemen?
And to let them all know of your brilliance?
to talk to parents and aunts and Elders
razzle them with your
brilliance and your bull
latest takes on the world and events?
Since having pneumonia
I’ve been thinking
it would be good to go back a few years
for a
you know
just a few years…
Like perhaps 30?
And have a “do-OVER”
I’m wondering where they do keep that little machine
that you can sit in
just push the button
to take you to another place and time
you can just start over
1. health, 2. decisions, 3. feeling invincible 4. wealth building
5. feeling great with energy that little ones demonstrate
Nothing grand of course
just a regular ole’ do it over again
it’s just so much fun
this wonderful
roller coaster
Speaking of rollercoasters
our blog sure has been going through
some unpredictable
with folks so frustrated
that they cannot post comments
many cannot even access the page.
I’m wondering which moon or mercury ruling I can blame that little event on.
So now
when you click on the comments
you can go to another page
to write those comments and wonderful thoughts of yours
see what others have to say as well!
Hopefully this will work
google un-googles itself
we can all wonder
what that Godson of mine
was talking about to the
“nice policeman”
until then!
Between now and then,
I have to find my
cuddle duds
get ready to “put them ON”
as I am headed to the cold lands of Pennyslvania
to meet some outstanding nurses and healthcare professionals
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville PA
tomorrow and Thursday!
I’m figuring I will be practicing for my trip
on the 23rd when I fly to MN
then to LIncoln NE for the week there
really experience the
of this great
country of ours!
for today
the sun is shining in Florida
and folks have on their flip flops today
many are walking our beautiful beaches!
I’m loving that sun,
it just doesn’t say out long enough to suit me!!!
How are all of you
doing with the
New Year resolves you have made?
I sure hope you’re keeping up
we are seeing this month
fly by!
Blessings on the wind dear ones,
treat yourselves well
at least as well
as you treat those you love!
Walk in Beauty
Let me know and others here
question of the week:

4 comments on “I can only IMAGINE

  1. Hello friends – Dr. Sherry, Well, this is different but it is good to see our friends back. Also good to read those encouraging, uplifting and entertaining words trom you Dr. Sherry. Who knows what that handsome boy it talking about to the police office but it looks like they are having a good time. I have been holding all our friends here in prayers and hope this is a better week. Have a terrific day! Fluff/Sandy♥

  2. helloooooooooo.my day is ow truly blessed !! Thought I was going crazy here… missed you all very much and am happy to have you back !! I am wishing you well on your adventure to PA.. stay warm and well..I'll soak up some rays for you as I will trying to get to Honeymoon in the next day or two to breathe,visit with my dolphins, talk to all my loved ones and regroup…life has given me much to contemplate in this new year…sweet thoughts of happiness to all !hugging my angels, sign me, A. ♥ ♥

  3. I'm not sure if I like this lil page but I guess as long as I can read your blog and post a comment I better just suck it up LOL~ I'm not sure what the deal is w Ode and the glasses but now Kamryn wants a pair and said they make him look smarter….smh. cuz remember when Ode faked his bab eyesight cause he thought it would be cool.to wear glasses? Lil booger he was…he just didn't realize how much it cost to lie~I am so glad u r feeling betterr. Waking up to no blog was just plain depressing 🙂 I hope u have a nice time in PA and u will need more than Long Johns or cuddle duds! U may want to break out that fur u have in the closet! All is well here in SW VA…the move went great! Thanks to half of the boys Bobcat football team! It only cost me 7u pizzas, 4 2 Liiter drinks, a loaf of bread. 2 bags of chips and a half pack of bologna! I think a UHaul would have been cheaper! LolI love ya Cuzzie ~ Hope everyone has a blessed day~

  4. Well ok Dr.SES, it is about time something happened with YAHOO are whoever. I can just about tell you by looking at that sly young man with the $$$$ store glasses, notice the 2 chicks sitting beside him. That policeman is probably reading him the act on how to treat the young ladies. Notice the kid sitting behind him laughing and the look on his face tells you he is debating just enough for the policeman to take out his stick and teach him a few tricks. hahaha. The great debater. Good luck on your trip, stay warm. Irene we nee more than what you wrote. Happy day to all may your day be filled with rainbows and sun shine. Blessings

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