Nothin like the thought of
to put a smile on your face
song in your
Time to hit the road
Tampa International
and into the sky
bound for PA
this morning
got those
cuddle duds on and ready!
Gesinger here I come!
where 2 million have counted on those
professional caregivers
to provide expertise and caregiving
Boy I looked that place up on the internet
it is sure a vast campus
of health care technology and services!
They have a Ronald McDonald house on the property
along with
a Cancer Center and accommodations for families there
The Pine Barn Inn
where I will be staying!
Of course that is once I get to
Harrisonburg and get the rental car
drive the 1.5 hours to them that is!!!
is my mantra!
Oh I am just giddy to see comments once again here
as I have missed all!
the thoughts
are the words of others
I give you a marlelous poem from
Alex Posey, a 19th century Creek Native American Poet
to kick off your Wednesday!
“‘Tis min to be in love with life,
And mine to hear the robins sing;
‘Tis mine to live apart from strife,
And kneel to flowers blossoming.”
The daisies will give us warm thoughts here in the middle of
and we just might need some wARM thoughts
since we’ve yet to see the end of winter!
But we in our minds can hear the Robins’ sing
and live a life apart from strife
if only for a little while
if we choose to.
We can be in love with life
the life we create and nurture
and we can kneel when we are weary
and when we need to rest
when we need to ask for all that we need
to rise again
realize that we have all that we need
to move forward
with the lamps at our feet
illuminating our way
one step at a time
Be well
Laugh so much
you make your face hurt today
*even if its at yourself*
author of:
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
a book that all can relate to
put themselves into the stories at one time or another in life
Order yours and mention this page
to receive a free gift with your purchase

13 comments on “MIDDLE OF THE WEEK…

  1. Good Morning friends and Happy Friday to you – Brrrrr – we have fallen into the deep freeze this morning in SE Michigan. It is 2 degrees and expecting 4-6 inches of snow by tomorrow. It was a cold drive into work this morning. Hope it is warm where you are today. Irene – said your Dad's name Frank and thinking about you. I know he is very proud of his daughter for sure. Sounds like he was a very loving and caring gentleman and the best Father. Tomorrow, January 21, would have been my Mom Mary's 85th birthday. Gosh, I miss her so much. She has been gone now 10 months 7 days. She was the most caring, loving, beautiful and compassionate person I ever knew. Hardly seems that long since she died. I think about her every day and she is forever in my heart. Wishing everyone here a very Blessed and joyous day – Yea! It is almost the weekend 6-1/2 Hrs to go till work is over. Wishing Dr. Sherry a very good and safe trip back home to warm Florida. Don't eat any of those airport sandwiches – OK LOL☺ Take care Fluff/Sandy♥

  2. FRIDAY, y'all, greetings to us.January 20th. Today would have been my dad's 94th birthday.He was a GREAT man, son father,brother husband, neighbor, worker, veteran, survivor as a prisioner, etc. I miss his spirit and personality EVERY day, but carry on his extreme qualities & DNA by being ME. Frank, say his name….. He is the " F " in FIRM

  3. Greetings on the wind to all. So glad to see our Doc up and going. Your presence here is very important doc to all of us.Hope all are doing well. lighting sage and sending prayers and hugs on the wind.EE

  4. Hello friends and Happy Thursday to your all. It is good to once again come here and see familiar words. Hope it is not so cold where you all are. It is 21 degrees and windy here in SE Michigan but supposed to warm up by the weekend to the 40s. Yes Irene, it is cold there in PA with Dr. Sherry. Hope she took enough warm clothes. Wishing each of you happiness this day and a joyful evening. Still holding our friends in prayer who have been going through some tough times. Andrea, hope each days is brighter for you. EE- hope you are feeling good. Take care friends. Fluff/Sandy♥

  5. Greetings on THURSDAY.Welcome back, Andrea, my favorite"sign me A" friend. You go, girl, stay FIRM & STOMP always. We are right here for you.Hope this finds everyone A-Okay.Dr. SES in cold-land, soon to return to sunny Fla. Enjoy !Irene M

  6. helloooooooo.I was catching up on all of the blogs I had missed… I am grateful and honored for all of the love and support which has come to me in such a caring way…All of you are on the top of my list of "world's greatest people"I am humbled.My heartfelt wishes of best blessings on the wind to each of you !hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  7. Blessings to all you gentle warriors! Welcome back Sign Me "A", so happy you are home safely… Thoughts of love have been surrounding you in your time of needing warriors to surround you…. we are all here for you dear one!Made it safely to Danville PA… More to come, but keep talking will return to the warm soil of Florida tomorrow night! It's 32 degrees here in lovely PA, "brrRrrrr" oh I love "cuddle me duds" hahahaWalk in Beauty, DR SES

  8. This was a beautiful Irish Blessing tribute to your Dad "A". It is good to see you here again and surely been holding you in my prayers. I hope you find a bunch of daisys to bring the continued beauty to your days. Bless you Friend. Fluff/Sandy♥

  9. hellooooooo.What a pleasure to be here again, sure did miss all of you ♥ ..I would like to share an Irish blessing, in honor of my Dad, reunited in the heavens with my Mom, and surely hugging my angel for me…." May love and laughter light your days and warm your heart and home..May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam..May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures…May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours"Once again, I am reminded… death cannot seperate us from those we will always love and cherish, there is no distance…A very wise and compassionate womanhelped me learn this is true, so…Thanks Doc, have a safe and bountiful adventure.. you WERE MISSED by all … and may we all feel the warmth of the sun on our face and in our hearts today and each day..I heading out to pick me a bunch of daisies, love that visual,thanks and many blessings to all who visit here ! !hugging my angels ♥sign me, A.p.s. hey Irene , staying FIRM heretoo ! ")

  10. Mornin early bird! Fly on Dr. Showalter, fly on the wings of an eagle. Enjoy your trip. Be well, be safe, and I too am glad to see friends gathered here again.

  11. Happy Wednesday friends – good to see your words Dr. Sherry and wishing you a safe journey. Yes, going to need those warm clothes the next few days for your trip to PA and then to MN. That is a huge complex you are heading to in PA. I look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pictures. Some day, I hope to hear you will be heading to Detroit to the DMC for a speaking engagement. I'll be there. Love the Daisy – would love to see some Spring flowers popping up soon. We have been very fortunate here in SE Michigan. Been strange winter weather. Yesterday, it got to 55 degrees and this morning on 21 degrees. I am not complaining though because we have had very little snow so far and I am loving that. Can always put on warm clothes but don't like the snow and ice. Wishing each of you a very happy day filled with joy and blessings. Sandy/Fluff♥

  12. Hey, hey, hey there, daisy may….Safe travels to the state of PAGlad to be commenting once againLooking for " sign me A " to returnBreathe, stomp & love life.Yours truly, FIRM

  13. Good morning world filled full of daises. It is cold here in SW. Va. but we are up for the challenge of the day. Keep warm and keep those cuddle duds handy. Got me some from Santa Claus and am starting out the 32deg. weather with them wrapped around the body. Blessings for today and all days. Missed the blogs and glad they are back. Happy trails to you Dr. SES and hurry back home safe and with good health. God Bless our President. God be with our soldiers and their families. Blessings to all. Keep those smiles on your face.

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