Oh the sounds that are being Heard in the Heavens

Thank YOU
Etta James
Blues beyond Blue
We will Miss you
Dance on
Sing with the greats
who now
sing with the Angels!
For you are there…
and the world
will remember you
Blessings on the suns rays to all who gather here today,
to all those who are remembering with such love
their Wisdom Keepers who have died, who have transitioned to the other side,
those who now watch over their children
and guide them as they make their way
using the memories
the guidance
the voice
from long ago
as they set about their days
as they stop to remember days of long ago
the recent past.
Those Wisdom Keepers
that helped to shape and guide them to who they are today;
those hands that touched them
in ways unimagined
and whose presence is still there when called upon
as long
as we
they stay close beside us
as we live our lives
Right Way Relations
ways not mentioned here…
To our wisdom keepers
to each of you
we remember…
speaking of remembering,
Let’s remember the voice
the magnificent
Etta James
oh what a voice indeed!
Thank you
Etta James
thank you Nurses of
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville PA
for a most “awesome day”
you all filled my heart
take best care of YOU!
Walk in Beauty

6 comments on “Oh the sounds that are being Heard in the Heavens

  1. Hello Dr.Sherry and friends. So good to see all the uplifting words, kind wishes today. This is such a special place to come to and such Grand and understanding folks. Today was a good good day at the shelter. A sweet 10 year old stray dog that we had since mid December and had several health issues was adopted by a nice young man who had fallen in love with Cocoa. It was so good to see how happy they both were. Thinking about them tonight and wondering how old Cocoa is feeling being in a home tonight and not a cage at a noisy shelter. Two other stray dogs were returned to their owners and a stray cat that has been at the shelter for over a month was returned to his owner last night. Working with the shelter animals is such a great Blessing. I hope that each of you had a very nice Saturday and a warmer one. We had a few inches of snow last night but the sunshine melted some of it so that was also good and it is warmer today. Well, have a terrific evening my friends and wishing you all joy and Blessings with a peaceful night. Holding those in prayer who have been mentioned here. Take care friends – Fluff/Sandy♥

  2. helloooooooo.Another beautiful day here, not but a touch of crispness in the air and the sun out if all it's glory…I heard it is snowing like crazy in New England, as well as alot of the Northern states, Hats off to all of you who cheerily endure the cold weather… @ Sandy, I would say it's a safe bet that your dear Mom and all of our ancestors are basking in the wonders of the next place… Happy Birthday to all, what a great thought, happiness and peace surely fill the heavens.I also thank YOU for your words of care and encouragement to all of us.. it is awesome how the bond has formed here on this page, and for that I am grateful.Dr. Sherry has given to us so much more than a "blog" , thanking her each day for her presence is always a daily event for me…I cannot tell those of you who have not met her personally how valuable and loved she is… this page is onlly a small part of all she gives of herself..I have the day off.. YIPPEE !!nothing on my agenda except for thing that make me happy..Life is too short for dusting and cleaning today, and we all know that housework nevergoes away, it waits patiently for us..Laugh out loud today, enjoy all the wonderment of the world around us and take time to hear those sweet angel voices…hugging my angels and thinking of yours… ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  3. Yes AT LAST Dr. SES is at home and safely tucked in to a bright sun shine day. Here in SW VA. it is raining and I traveled to LA. snug as a bug listening to the rain beat down on the tin roof. The New River was flowing fast this morning. Raining very hard. Quiet and peaceful. Now off to the basketball game. Life is good. Etta James was a beauty and she will be missed. Another gone to soon. Blessings to all and a special Happy Birthday to Frank, Irene Dad and to all our Moms and Dads, gone too soon. blessings to all. Remember to Smile and make people wonder what are you smiling about. ha. Blessings

  4. Dear Dr. Sherry and friends. It is 2:00 a.m. and can't sleep so got up to see who might be around on facebook. Looks like everyone is sleeping. Came her to say hello and thank you Dr. Sherry, Irene and "A" for the touching words. Yes, perhaps the Dads are celebrating Frank's birthday and now it is Jan 21 so perhaps my precious Mom Mary is hearing that celebrating and started her birthday celebration also. Yes, Etta James – WOW That voice – RIP. We got a lot of snow tonight and it is cold Brrr. Dr. Sherry, I know you are happy to be back in Florida sunshine. Well, wishing you all a terrific weekend and wishing my Mom Mary a very Happy Birthday and I love you and miss you♥ Fluff/Sandy♥

  5. hellooooooo.for sure the heavens are abound, the angels have the voice of Etta James to sing with… and yes Irene, DYS, seems to me the sky was the brightest of all "blues" today and the sun's radiance was brilliant.Happy Birthday to your dear Dad, perhaps he has met with mine and they are toasting with a "crown royal" in celebration of life and love which never ends… only a gap in time….. signs abound here too, amazing and awesome angel power…Wishing the best to all of our cherished warrior friends..may we all hear the sweet voices…welcome home Sherry, thank you !!hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  6. D Y S re: today's blogThank you, I just know it was written for ME to read.R I P Etta James, " At Last" you are home, a wonderful voice & person. Today, Friday filled with sun, signs from above & a heart-felt birthday wish to my DAD, Frank. All is well in my world.Keepin' sane & FIRM

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