Weeds in The Flower Beds!

Monday Morning
Sending you
Tulips and Redbuds this morning
a morning
and the tables
wherever you might be!
Oh it’s a morning of fun here
now that I’m over the letter I opened after my latest trip to the cold of Nebraska and Iowa!
Of course while there I was told that 29 degrees is not really what one calls cold out there, as they are having a very mild time of January!!!
Love it!
One persons perception is not always the reality
of others…
Speaking of reality
speaking of letters
speaking of joyous
speaking of the title of todays
Bear with me
it will all come together I’m sure
maybe not
for all, after all
perception is often the lens in which we see things
I am convinced that some see things
just through a very strange lens!
I opened a letter from a place
once home from my trip this weekend.
They are the folks
who are in charge of writing the letters from the
home owners association
also known
as the folks that have nothing to do other than
get in the business of others here in our neighborhood.
You know the ones
the association that you pay enormous amount of money to each year to keep the neighborhood “nice”
whatever that means.
I suspect the huge check that gets written keeps the
grounds mowed
however you still need to mow your own yard
and powerwash your sidewalk and driveway
I still haven’t figured out what they do with the check that gets sent out each year.
Other than perhaps have a group of people walk through the neighborhood and then compile a useless letter of
the likes that I received
then promply
“went off” after reading it!
I receive this letter from a place called
which tells me
I am in “violation”
and tells me
*paint or clean your mailbox
*trash bags are in front of your house
Please take care of these things as you are in violation!!!
I re read it
then I felt cold chills go off in my brain.
oH HEAVENS not the mailbox?
They are concerned about the mailbox being cleaned or painted?
The very same mailbox that resembles so many within our community that have been the victims of punks that live in the neighborhood who get their thrills by beating them with baseball bats?
Surely they should have been sitting up little hideouts to catch these kids rather than walking the neighborhood on a sunny day writing notes on those of us who have been the victims of their teens who are the ones doing the deeds?
Maybe the money we shell out each year can go into a fund to replace the posts!!!
Now there is a plan whose time has come!
Weeds in the flower beds?
In January when the beautiful flowers are not in bloom?
Can you even imagine such a terrible thing?
And to put it in a letter of “violation”
Those suburbanites!!!
Go figure.
What if it is really a “weed garden” and a stray flower was put there by an over zealous bird?
The Creator doesn’t make us get rid of folks who are less than perfect, yet they are saying I have to exterminate my less than perfect growings of the Creator?
What in the world has the association now deemed itself able o do here?
Have they lost their ever lovin mind?
If it is so very offensive to them, perhaps they should not come onto MY property, up my sidewalk and gaze into my
flower/weed garden
then write their notes
Integrity a letter, only then to have
Integrity send me a letter of violation.
Ah, I think I am beginning to see where my yearly association monies are going to …
Trash bags in front of my house?
How bout’ being a good neighbor and taking them to the curb
after all the trash runs on Monday
those bags were filled with yard clippings from the over grown bushes and
freaking WEEDS
They were sitting there from the yard work of the weekend
waiting to go to the curb.
It may behoove you to take care of your OWN yards
your own business
stay out of those of your neighbors.
I understand fully why people do not like living in
deed restricted home own association neighborhoods.
Hell I didn’t know what one was
Of course
mine was not the only letter opened this week or over the weekend…
Sandy and Stu next door
the home of the fire?
Well they were raked over coals over their roof
still not repaired.
BUT no neighbor bothered to ask about the progress
the damages
that continue to be repaired.
The roof
“offended” them that it is not perfect.
They have been working their fingers and backs and spirits to the bone to restore within so that they can lay down at night in the idea of being back in their home safely.
I really doubt that they go outside at night and gaze up at the roof look to be reminded of what has been.
They are well aware of what has yet to be done!
I can only imagine that they joined me with a
“voice mail” message
I can imagine that they also had a good time
wadding that paper up
and throwing it in the trash when finished!
As for my
I plan on letting them be for now,
they are doing just fine where they are
it just might be that they are protecting some lovely things that are trying to grow
and for that matter they may just grow themselves
into what I think is lovely!
The mailbox holds mail
does it need cleaning?
Probably… it’s on the list.
I see no trash bags, and if the village who is filled with idiots would have thought before they lept,
they would have saved their ink
knowing the trash was running the next day!
they could have been a good neighbor
taken it to the curb.
then again,
the “patrol of those who want to judge”
probably do not reach out to care, nor to help
it’s not in their DNA.
The moral of the
Let weeds be weeds
let others do what they do
as long as it does not harm you!
If you see where you may lend a hand
imagine how good that will feel not only to you
to another!
Aren’t those tulips just lovely
what a great day to
Walk in Beauty
author of
HEALING HEARTACHES, Stories of Loss and Life
ohhh what a life it is!

4 comments on “Weeds in The Flower Beds!

  1. OHHHH I think i peed myself reading this …NOT WEEDS IN JANUARY? really a dirth mailbox? wonder how that happens? Can u imagine the terror and angst the mailman must suffer goin from house to house having to be subjected to such things?Gotta love this page, and the "sign me A" comment has me more hysterical i can only imagine parking 2 inches over the curb and playing "violation waste your paper on me"… I do love the idea of the color choices of the post for the mailbox Doc, it is rather jazzy don't u think?One man's weeds is another's flowers, so grow on and enjoy… But really now, they could have taken your trash bags filled with yard clippings to the curb if not so busy with their note pad writing you up for violations in my way of thinking!Hope you send them a copy of this for their next meeting!!! after all it is being read around the world by folks with INTEGRITY…have a great week, and if i dont' see a post for a couple of days, i'll guess you are watering the weeds or feeding them!be well friends STOMP

  2. Hey, isnt it great to have the nosy busy bodies telling you what you need to do to your property?? Hey why dont someone look up their address and go and find out what their mail box looks like, how many weeds in their garden and if they are cleaning their driveway? Wouldnt that be fun. I used to live in that area, ask them how many houses is up for sale and why? Do they know or do they care. I doubt it, they need to get a life. Probably want never has and never will. I love the saying nosebags, never heard it but think we should use it from now on. I think everyone should paint their mail box as was suggested in the blog. Funny, love it. Maybe some of these good people would come and pull the bags of trash down to the curb when it is time for the trash man to come. God Bless the USA and all of its ugly people on those committees. They need his help.

  3. hellooooooo,me again.. realized I made a few typos due to tears of laughter blocking my vision…hope I didn't compromise my'Integrity'.. please… no citations !!sign me, A.

  4. HELLOOOOOOO.heehee… I hav some special food which feeds the weeds and they will grow like crazy !! Really, some people need to get a life, feel you here.. I live in an over the hill association of very busybodies, or nosebags as I affectionately call them… when the snowbirds arrive it ALL hits the proverbial fan … I like to tick them off by doing silly violation tricks, it is amazing what some people get worked up over.. I am sure you got a good laugh once your blood stopped boiling.. I got in trouble for planting flowers and putting mulch around them .. red mulch, not in code … needless to say, spread as much mulch as I could find, brightest red … looks beautiful to me ! I have been in trouble for the nose of my car "protruding 2 inches over the sidewalk ".. I am not exxagerating, 2 @#!$ing inches!This gentle warrior sure had a STOMPing good time over that citation !! LOL, what a great Monday story , thanks for the chuckle.. Thank goodness we have a sense of humor is all I can say.Oh, by the way, need paint ?? I have some lovely flourescent chartreuse spray paint that needs to be used before it expires… let me know and I'll gladly paint your mailbox for you…STOMP ♥have a evening full of laughter and relaxation… my best thoughts to all our friends who visit here…hugging my angels ♥ ♥sign me, sill chuckling… A.

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