I Miss Back Then..

I miss back then…

As I prepare to head out for

Cleveland Ohio


wind my way to Livonia Michigan


I’m reflecting…


I’ve been reflecting all week-end

it seems,

finally deciding to share some thoughts that can best be described


“I sure do miss back then”.

I miss the days


folks spoke from their hearts

rather than their heads


when it seems that people were more genuine in their care of their fellow brothers and sisters of this world.

I miss the days

when we were more

human beings

rather than

civilized human “doings”

with clear intention


pure in purpose


unconditional care and concern.


the days when people


or paused

when someone dies

to remember

to mourn


take the time

to realize that a member of the community is no longer with us

here on this earth.

We have become so


We have become

so damn important

in our thinking

in our

going on through our lives

with catchy phrases

“oh they are resting”

“oh they are at peace”

“oh shalom friends”

“oh let’s keep going”


I miss the days


folks stopping on the side of the road

when a procession went by

and standing quietly by the side of the road

to be and show respect.
You know, regular folks, not just celebrites
but the folks like those who have made a lasting place in our hearts, souls, nervous systems…

I miss those black armbands

worn long ago

as a “sign” of mourning

that let others


a person is grieving, a sign that often demonstrated that mourning
rather than have someone out of the blue to stick their foot in their mouth with a comment like, “what’s wrong with you today, you look like you lost your best friend?”.
It may be that you had, it may be that with those armbands folks would just “get it”,
would offer support unsolicited
folks would find themselves not feeling so alone in their pain of loss.
We have gotten away from the depth of understanding of others and after a short time when we want and need to hear the stories of those that are loved

we end up hearing only the inside of our heads
and would be health to hear others acknowledge and honor

that someone they loved




I miss respect shown

for the living


the impact a death has on individuals and

the community and the world at large

when they die.

I miss










Have we become so used to not expressing genuine loss



that we no longer can pause

to care?

Have we forgotten

the great impact of each other

on the lives

in the Web of Life?


I miss back then…

We may act more sophisticated


when you really think about it…

We are still a

death denying society, even those who are in the business of caring, the professionals who others view as having all the answers and providing the standards of how folks are “supposed to cope and deal with death/loss/grief”.

We do not talk about it, we do not like it, we would rather sit silently, move on as if nothing significant has really happened,

offer lame comments of

“I’m sorry”, “life goes on”


let it drop from sight.

We read of

impersonal and lack of passion


to inform of deaths

with no mention


passion, of heartache


a result of a member of our lives

or their love of life

now gone.

We settle for that.

We now here that one has


Kubler-Ross loved to talk about

graduation when she spoke of her impending death… she looked forward to “dancing in and on the galaxies”.
She was given a grand send off
a book followed with lovely stories from those who were honored to know her
we reflected afterwards on a life of a woman who gave “death and dying” new meaning and shaped the world of
Hospice for pioneers
Mary Labyak and many others to then blaze trails and set standards of care
with passion, zest, and patient centered care to include all who loved them.
I miss back then.
We now attend funerals and memorials for young people at record number
attended by more people than can be counted;
they should not be dying at such young ages and from causes that could be prevented.
Prescription drug overdoses are killing people at numbers that boggle the mind
kids and adults are making choices
to party with prescription drugs
like they are M&M’s.
Parents are burying their children
we have to wonder how did this become
something that is happening in our
country in such record numbers
leaving so many in such
And yet…
I miss back then;
when folks lived
others enjoyed their lives
making their way
the best way they could
when they needed a hand
one was extended to them
when their time on this earth was done
others were deeply affected.
We need to get back
to feeling deeply
to loving deeply
to being moved
I guess the times have changed;
people have gotten used
to just going through their day
it’s just the way it is.
I remember once upon a time
when a person died
the whole community
stood still just for a little while
to honor
to support
to remember.
We are all a part of a Universal Connection
that is interconnected in the great web of life.
I wish people could remember
to not be so civilized
perhaps then
we could get to
back then and back WHEN.
Sitting a the kitchen table,
folks coming in with food,
gathering to share memories.I would prefer gathering with others and hearing life’s stories

rather than watching a “continual looped video of a speech” in an uncomfortable setting of those who show out and show up cos’ it is politically correct and ackward and impersonal but expected.
I miss back then
when folks
“kept it real”
back then
when expressions of love, life, real stories and shared grief
all were a part of one’s life
we “felt” with all our senses.
Do you remember
Oh yes,
I miss back then and back when.
I bet those on the other side
just watch all of this
Have a blessed day
in life and beyond to me…
Final note: when those you love and those who matter to your life “get where they are going, and this life is over?”Just remember this: YES, you can cry, YOU can wail hoop and holler when the one you love gets where they are going… It’s alright, no matter what anyone says… and yes, you will survive, you will find a time when it is time to make a choice to get back in the dance of life, and those you love “want YOU to dance” in this life every beat of the drum and every step you are blessed to dance.
Just so you know…
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life
Mary Labyak, Trip The Lights Fantastic in spirit land beautiful one, you were a fierce warrior and a grand dame. 63 years old, gone too soon.



29 comments on “I Miss Back Then..

  1. Hello Friends. Glad you got home okay Dr. Sherry. You know you got out of SE Michigan just in time. It started snowing late afternoon and snowed all night, was windy and very cold. When I left this morning it was 5°, a good 4 inches of snow and very cold and windy. It is now a high 14° with wind chill -1° It is cccold… I am happy you had a good meeting. Good day for our shelter open house. We adopted out 3 cats and 1 dog and raised some funds and had a good time. We showed the residents what a great shelter we have. Was a long day but a good one. I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday. Take care friends and enjoy the Blessings of the day./Sandy♥

  2. Welcome HOME, doc….. on this blustery, WINDY, Florida day.Saturday brings evening temps in the 30's for us. Time to snuggle up to whoever or whatever is near.My car nearly blew off the road on the drive home from Tampa just now.Wishing everyone a great Saturday and hoping anyone interested will watch the GRAMMY's tomorrow.Music r o c k s !!!!! Luv ya all,Irene

  3. Home sweet home!!! Thank you Michigan for a remarkable day! How fitting I was in the home state of hospice pioneer Mary Labyak so soon after her death talking about the important work professionals do … And there are some fantastic folks up there!!!!Best to all here …Dr Sherry

  4. hellooooo.Hi everyone, and thanks to all of you for the beautiful birthday wishes for Jaren…I am grateful every moment for that cold evening in New England in 1983 when we were blessed with the birth of our second daughter Jaren. I created her name, as I knew she was destined to be unique in every way. I remember when I first saw her face, I was amazed to realize I recognized her, she was exactly as I had dreamt of her while I was carrying… we were forver bonded in love at that moment, the bond which will never be broken, and we will meet again one day… We will be having our "ritual" of balloons to the heavens, quiet spirit conversation and the dolphins will dance as I sprinkle ashhes into the beautiful gulf waters… each one of you will be in my thoughts and in my heart as I thank the Creator for all good things in my life.Wishes for a safer trip for you Doc, and best of blessing to all…sweet angel voices will be singing happy songs today…hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  5. Just wanted to stop by on this chilly Friday morning and say hello and Happy Friday to all who stop by today. Dr. Sherry, prayers for you that as you begin the morning here in Michigan in your meeting. I know that already people are Blessed and inspired by just being there and hearing your words and meeting your in person. I wish I could be there but I will someday. May this entire day be joyous for you and seeing old friends and meeting new friends. Be safe on your trip back home. Hope you get on the way before the snow falls this afternoon and it gets colder. God Bless you this day.Andrea – thinking of you as soon as I woke up this morning and know that sweet Jaren is surely celebrating her birthday with the Angels. What a blessing to have a child such as Jaren and remember, she is with you always. I wish for you uplifting thoughts and memories and know that many care and think of you this day. Irene, you are a Blessing and your words touched my heart this morning. May you be lifted up and have a joyous day todayKeeping EE in my thoughts and prayers as the rough days you are going through at this time. Wishing all those new friends who stop by this amazing place a happy day and know it is a great place to be to share your thoughts and cares. Happy Friday friends and may this be a Fantabuloustic Friday for you!I have a busy evening and all day tomorrow as we have a Valentine's open house for the public at the shelter Saturday. We hope for many great adoptions of our many furry friends. /Sandy♥

  6. Friday for all, no matter where you are. My candle is lit for Jaren, daughter of Andrea, who sign me A end line, gets me everytime I see it. Jaren 7-7-7I did not know you, but your mom is a great person and I know you thru her words & love. RIPThanks for the comments about me, I appreciate knowing I am seen and read. Dr. SES wrote Healing Heartaches, lately I have been"Hiding Heartaches". Yeah, I put up a good front, one foot, then the other, get up, stay positive, strong & alive. Have my weak moments, but Dr. SES, this page and the warriors support HELP ME very much. Be safe, doc on the trip home, watch your back, Andrea, chin up friend, angels are everywhere. Big cake & party in heaven. Date: 2-10, add it up, makes 12 ( the year we are in ) Make it count, stay FIRM, no EYESCREAMING !

  7. Good mornin warriors from a cold did I mention draggone blustery Michigan ! The weatherman just said its a "get your heart rate going wintertime morning " and snow is coming… I wanted to take a moment to sayThank you to "sign me A" today for giving birth to Jaren a bright and wonder one who filled so many lives on this earth while she was on this earth. Funny bright and beautiful child …. Gone tooo soon, but still with us but a whisper or shout a way , we celebrate her beautiful spirit today and say her name as we hold you close… sTOMP!DrSherryLet's all say her name as we hold sign me AUp todayJAREN

  8. Hello from MICHIGAN warriors! Oh it's good to be back in Michigan and so interesting to me, to be in Michigan in just days after Hospice Pioneer Mary Labyak has died… Mary hailed from a little town in the state of Michigan, and here I am now speaking to those here on compassion fatigue…I must tell you, I am overwhelmed at all of the comments here … I am thrilled to see so many here, and deeply moved to read all of the thoughts and community that is keeping it so real.Thank YOU all.Thank you to those of Cleveland for dropping in to share your thoughts, I appreciate all, and yes "I knew" and yes it was indeed rage personified and could have been a different ending, but I am standing in amazing grace that we had a fantastic day… I thank you all, and enjoyed our time and our day together… Many blessings to you for your thoughts, your wonderful comments, and thank you for all that you are!Be well gentle warriors, and again, my heart is full as I think of each of you from here in Michigan… I too hold you each UP in prayer, in thought and in gratitude… your care and your words are like balm for the soul on this page and in the web of life that each has touched through this page… We together are some powerful warriors guided by even more awesome angels… STOMP!@Sandy, so sorry you are not bringing Detroit Trauma to see me tomorrow, sure you can't call in "coming to compassion fatigue?"!!!Tomorrow I will spend the day with some of Michigan's healthcare and mental health professionals and then head to the airport and hope to have an uneventful flight HOME… Take best care!DRSherry

  9. Dr Showalter,I came to your blog site to say "thank you for yesterday and to tell you that your aura, your professionalism, and your mastery was remarkable".However, once arriving here and reading the words I found myself captured again by your voice, your passion and your "authenticity" that moved me so yesterday… as you weaved stories with facts and pioneers and fired the brains and hearts of strangers who engaged in ways I have rarely seen as we joined together with such enthusiasm of each other and couldn't get enough of you and marveled at the gifts within ourselves that we have managed to forget… as Ellen reminded us of dancing, and Tom of writing…But I read here and am moved almost to tears, which is diffiult after being a psychologist of over 39 years, hearing more than most would ever want, and attending more conferences than one can imagine… But passion? You have more than any speaker I have ever seen or heard, and you give it to others as you remind us of our own lights… and reading here is like once again being with you and then I read the words of the community here you seem to have built, and I am deeply touched and honored to witness it. Koudos Dr Showalter… It was a brilliant day..But the real reason of my comment initailly was one of gratitude, as I first stated;having attended this seminar was a great gift, I look forward to continuing to grow the relationships of true support that was started with the others that you had us exchanging those business cards and hand made emails/numbers with *great idea* as we really get it now, the functions and importances of the network of support>YOU really are a traumatologist, and for the record: thank you for taking control of what surely could have become a tragedy with one on the edge there yesterday… and for the record , HE HAD A GUN… but I know that YOU KNOW THAT , and you handled it beautifully … I could not have done it , but I will forever be grateful for you…..I believe that most start out their days thinking they are safe, they go to school and work, and school and conferences, and therapy sessions, and never ever dream, that in a flash, it could turn out to be another "Columbine" another "9/11", another "Gabbie Gifford", another "Oklahoma City Bombing" "Postal Rage" … or a "Compassion Fatigue Seminar" where one with mental instability and job dissatistisfaction goes horribly wrong.Dr Showalter, you are a gift to many, I hope that many will be recipients of all you give…May God Bless you always,PhD in Cleveland! ((I'll be reading your book on my Kindle in the days ahead))

  10. Such uplifting messages of strength and love come from this place. At times, when one is down others hold them up with love, care, prayers and adknowledgement that the compassion is so strong. It brings joy to know that even though we don't know one another face-to-face we know and care about one another in spirit. Andrea, my prayers continue to be uplifted for you this day. It ia always a pleasure to read your words. As Jaren's birthday nears tomorrow keep those good times in your mind and heart and know thse she is very close by – just a breath away she is and just around the corner. Be comforted knowing so many care and lift you up in throughts of you and Jaren and in prayer. If the tears flow know that it is okay and that we all shed those tears to clean out the hurt in our heart for the time. I have shed many tears this last year for my Mom Mary but I know it is okay and she is just a breath away and just around the corner. She is encouraging me to keep on moving knowing we will meet again someday and hold on to each other and it will be forever then♥ EE – I pray that you are able to find comfort at this time knowing so many care and hold you up in our prayers. Irene-Sweet Irene, such strength and concern with humor and love comes from your messages. So many others and those who have had the opportunity to sit under Dr. Sherry's message is very uplifting. What a Blessing it is to come here daily knowing that it is a safe and loving place to be yourself and feel comfort from those who really care. Thank you Dr. Sherry – you are a true Blessing to so many lives. Have safe travels and I hope today is good and tomorrow is even better. Sure wish I could have gotten off work to join you. Someday it will happen – I know it will. Be well friends and enjoy the day that we have been given and may it be joyous for you. / Sandy♥

  11. helloooooo.good morning to all, and despite the gray morning skies here in FL. , sunshine and warmth just jump off this page… hmmm, hoping all is well with your speaking sessions Doc, perhaps a band of our "gentle warriors" may provide security ?? I am sure your words soothed the troubles and provided comfort and all that was needed to handle the situation.. as always, you keep it real and truthful…Many thanks from my heart to all my friends here for your kind words and understanding. @ Fluff/Sandy, you hit the nail on the head, feels just like yesterday, and the wounds of loss are fresh and they still inflict that pain in our hearts. I am trying today to realize the love which I dearly miss is the same awesome love that brought me sheer joy for so many years, some days are just tougher than others, you are in my heart's daily prayers. I love to hear about your clown persona, surely speaks volumes of your compassion and caring for others.And to our friend Irene, you are FIRM in your positive outlook , I admire your perseverance of strentgh and ability to find sunshine in dark times, and also thank you for your kindness.. @ EE, you will be blessed with all the same love and support which you freely dole out to others, prayers for peace and healing from me to you, though we have never met "face to face", the bond of our page is one to be treasured for sure. I am very grateful to be a part of this vitual family of choice. Special thanks to "dolphin love " comment too.. I must admit, the song ffrom Brad Paisley, hit my heart Wide open" , as it was the song Jaren had loved and was played at her memorial service.. tears are cleansing and healing and today's tears will be only those "Happy tears", as I am happy to be alive, able to feel real emotions, share kindness and caring with all of you.I wish for all a most blessed day, may our burdens be light and sweet voices of angels sing in our hearts. Dr. Sherry, your grace and compassion means the world to us, I am sure those you will meet will come away uplifted and renewed…Thank you once more for all you share with us ~STOMP with genuine feeling and love,hugging my angels.. ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  12. Wow! There's some thought provoking words, and hearts torn here! So sorry EE for your loss, and hope your surgery can be soon and successful and you get well mind, body, and spirit. Time and space will help, I'm sure, and with the help of our good Doc, be patient with yourself and know support is here always. A- Dear girl, I am so very sorry this cut has reopened so deeply. You have been through so much, and you have always shown so much strength and resilience. Please know my heart goes out to you, and prayers and love being lifted to you for strength, and precious peace. Please be patient with yourself, count on yourself, your friends, dig deep, dolphin love. Your love of life and being will see you through.Fluff, no clownin' your missing an inspirational speaker!Irene, you rock!Doc, you…well…you are real, and I am ever grateful!I wish Mary's family and true friends peace, she was one terrific pioneer, and many lives have been touched by her devotion to the Hospice movement…I remember when, I'll miss when I knew her best, at her best. Peace to Mary, dance freely on the gentle breezes, in the light. We'll remember… in so many ways, each and every day. Because as you always so eloquently reminded us…It is a gift. Open the present people, embrace it… Be present, ever grateful for all we had, and have each and every day.Safe travels Doc…Do we need to get security up there in Cleveland? Peace, & safe home!

  13. Dr Sherry, thank you for a day of compassion fatigue and Passion in Cleveland it was the best seminar I think I've ever attended and your passion is infectious! I was worried at first when John showed his rage and felt the fear of so many and truthfully didn't know how it would turn out! To be honest, I felt we were all in harms way and it was surreal for awhile I truly admire your expertise under fire during what appeared to be real threat as you de-escalated rage… The seminar has me now thInking and feeling new excitement and I am gladdened hope you will return soon. Thank you I'm "joyous "

  14. THANK-YOU Cleveland for a day of "authenticity" ! Even thru the tension we made it together and I think u are AWEsome… Blessings! DrSherry

  15. THANK-YOU Cleveland for a day of "authenticity" ! Even thru the tension we made it together and I think u are AWEsome… Blessings! DrSherry

  16. So much comfort is found from this place from so many who know, have been there and really care. "A", my prayers are with you as your sweet Jaren's birthday will be in a few days. I know it is so difficult to face those reminders or birthday and holliday when that one we loved so much is no longer here in person but forever in our hearts. My Mom's birthday was 2 weeks ago and it was most difficult. She will be gone 1 year next month and it is so hard to believe it has been that long. When I think of the day it seems like yesterday and the actions of that day are so fresh and so real and etched forever in my mind. Even though she is no longer present in body she is surely in my heart as Jaren is always with you. My prayers go our for you this day "A" and will continue. EE- I am so sorry for the difficult days and my prayers for you as wellat this time. Also, for the surgery that has been put off so long. I pray for your strength and health.Irene, you made me chuckle and you really touch my heart. It is always a blessing to read your words. Yes, a "real clown" for 8 years now. I have entertained with a hospice group, nursing homes, with many special needs children and many places and events and always love seeing those sweet smiles from the heart and hear the laughter when that person can step away from their pain or heartache for just a minute and laugh at a silly clown. It is a wonderful experience!Dr. Sherry, I am very disappointed that I will probably not be able to see you Friday. I could not get off work at such short notice -as of today. Unless, things change before Friday. I called PESI to see if I could still register and yes – but have to get the day off first if that happens. So close but yet so far. One day it will happen – I just know it!I wish for you safe travels and a wonderful experience as you bring joy, comfort and blessings to those who hear your words. Be well my friends and have a joyous and wonderful Wednesday!Fluff/Sandy♥

  17. Hello on this Wednesday.I visit the site & comments at different intervals during each day, to read others thoughts & feelings. I feel for you, EE, sign me A and Dr. SES's friend MaryI will lite a candle on Friday for Jaren. She would be so proud of her mom, Andrea who keeps her close and spirit alive. Went for fasting blood work this morning, left house at 6 am. Glad that is only twice a year ! Have a good one. Keepin' it real & FIRM

  18. Wow I can't remember ever reading more powerful words and such strong truths and one thing I can tell all here first hand it is really powerful and a refreshing oddity to get it from the mouth of an esteemed professional ! Thank you Dr Showalter for validating all of us … I hopeamy more will continue to share this and although yes it is online and virtual it is more real than many face to face therapeutic conversations I have ever held… And how sad is that. But I take great comfort knowing it is real!

  19. Good morning from a chilly Cleveland to all and I can tell "I MissBack Then" has and is something many feel amd NOW have a place to TALK about! Yes anonymous technology is a great connect but wil never replace touch or taste or sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and a krumpled Kleenex sharing a story. Sign me A thank you for your words, thank you for being here…. We too remember JAREN …I MISS BACK then… We need to bring back then to now and to honor to remember and to be genuine in all things or just walk away quietly.Blessings to all who gather here, DRSES

  20. hellooooooo.wow, I am almost at a loss for words here,My heartfelt sympathies to EE and your family for the loss of your beloved "Pops".. I know your pain and wish I could take some from you to lighten your heart.. also Doc, your friend Mary, her passing saddens me as I know it saddens you and many others.. I also miss "back then".. true support , hugs and tears that are OKAY to share..I try to be strong.. mostly I crumble inside and have learned to keep my feelings to myself so that I am not viewed as the 'gloomy gus' in the room.. but hell, losing your loved one really sucks, it hurts so deeply and the pain takes a very long time to subside..our lives are forever changed and it takes alot of hard work and strentgh to learn to live again and feel happiness… I am sad for all of you who are grieving,my Jaren should be turning 28 on friday, 2/ 10… and I feel as if I am falling apart.. Please know that my prayers for all of you are sincere, I care about your loss, and I will hold you all close as I cry my tears and pray for all of us to find the strentgh to move on , hugging our memories and life's stories forever in our hearts…such a powerful blog today, truer words rarely spoken..blessings to all, wishing sweet angel voices to sing sweet songs for us…hugging my angels ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  21. Everybody has depersonalized their life by connecting online. Great tool, but not the only one. We are becoming tweets and clicks, and utubes instead touching, feeling , face to face interacting human beings. Guess the wave of the future will be a virtual casserole with a facebook sympathy card uploaded. Sucks! What about a hug and a shared face to face tear shed?Sorry Dr SES for your loss, and sorry EE for yours. Feel you pain, take time to acknowledge your loss. Know you are loved.

  22. Irene, lovely to know that you remain here to read absorb and feel deeply! I am honored by your words and I remember along with holding your journey as sacred… Thank you! DrSherry

  23. thank you doc. your words mean a lot. Sometimes life is full of monkey wrenches. thanks for the prayers and thoughts. they lifted my day.hugs on the wind friend.EE

  24. Fluff / Sandy: I got the biggest kick out of your truth RE: "real clown". If you can make it to SEE Dr. Sherry in person, please try your best to make it happen You will never be the same. Go-Go-Go to Livonia. Just do it.

  25. Dearest EE,Blessings to you and yours in your time of great sorrow.We will be holding you up in prayer and thoughts for the difficult times of grief ahead… yes it is true, we are never really "prepared", and once again it is a sad reality, Hospice arrives late in the lives of so many when if they were called in earlier to make relationships and to be there early it could make such a difference in the life of a patient and those who love them… We have still so much work to do in education that "hospice is about enhancing the quality of life in living each day better" for those who would benefit from extended arms and ears and expertise" in caring for loved ones … Be well dearest one, and know we are also holding YOU up in the surgery that seems to be continually held at bay due to illness for you… We are with you.Doc!

  26. greetings on the wind friends. Thank you doc for the beautiful comments and flowers for Pops. Even when you know it is coming, it makes it no easier. They had brought hospice in just this week. Safe travels friend and know you and all here will be in my prayers.hugs on the windEE

  27. Sandy, thank you for your story of "back when" and I too have been in the car when folks did the same… Oh if only we could see and be the recipients of such caring again…Please visit http://www.pesi.com and type in compassion fatigue and Livonia for details on my speaking there this week. Would love to see you there and perhaps your company will invest in you and send you and colleagues to a day of "compassion fatigue restoring personal buoyancy"… Be well and again thank you for your comments today!Dr Sherry

  28. Dear Dr. Sherry, your words touched my heart and I also miss "then". When the days were brighter, people were nicer and respectful of each other even if they didn't know you. We don't see that much any more. When my brother died 2 years ago. He was pretty well known in the city as he owned a business. As we drove to the cemetary there were a few clusters of people on the way that knew he would be passing by for the last time. They had pulled over in their cars and in a groups they stopped and bowed their heads as we passed. A company he worked with often was on that road we were passing on. They knew we would travel by them. The entire business employees came out to their parking lot, all the cars had their lights on facing the road, some had flags and some just waved and bowed their heads. We were so touched to see this we wept. That was so unusual. You just don't see that any longer as it was when we were younger back then. I am praying for you in your loss of your friend. So, you are heading to Livonia! That is 15 minutes from my house. It would be so nice to see you. I have worked in Livonia often in one of my volunteer jobs I love. I don't think I ever mentioned it as that why I sign "Fluff"/Sandy" When I am at home I sign in my Google account which is where the Fluff comes in and at work I have to sign in Anonymous and that is where the "Sandy" comes in. The Fluff is short for "Fluffee the Clown" – yes, I am a real clown. I went to clown school in Livonia and I entertain in Livonia often. Boy, would it be nice to catch up with you sometime. Wishing each of you a terrific Tuesday with joy in your day. Fluff/Sandy♥

  29. Wow, Sherry, what a true & powerful statement. You said what we are FEELING (at least I am )I miss back then and I DO remember when times & death were different.Thank you for bringing this subject to the surface for us to read, realize and remember. Tonite is the Feb. FULL MOON, called the " snow" moon. Most will re-name it the " no-snow" moon. We are certainly in a weird weather pattern all over the world. Cherish each day we have my friends, smile, love, live, cause today is what we have RIGHT NOW.Safe travels to you Dr. SES, go get 'em, knock them out with your words……….. I am FIRM

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